Teamfight Tactics base items - Sparring Gloves


Today we will be taking a look at the last of the base items currently released and that is the Sparring Gloves. Do not be disheartened though as the developers have already announced that we can soon expect more items to be implemented in the game.

Overall we can expect quite a lot of new and interesting stuff to be released in the upcoming months. But now let us get into the important part and that is the Sparring Gloves themselves. We will be taking a look at how they are shown in League of Legends and then compare them to what we have access to in Teamfight Tactics.

Now let us first look at the items in League of Legends

The first difference that we can see is the naming itself. In the base game they are called Brawler’s Gloves and they provide the champion with +10% Critical Strike Chance. A lot of us players are probably familiar with them as they have been around quite a bit of time.

While they are quite useful for any champion that might want to add a bit of Critical Strike Chance, you can make only two items with them. They are Phantom Dancer and the more important one called Zeal. From Zeal you are able to make quite a bit more items, that is why we count it as quite important as well.

Now Teamfight Tactics they have the same ability but they added another one as well

Once equipped to a champion they will receive +10% Crit Chance and +10% Dodge Chance. This is quite an amazing item that you should always strive to acquire as it is always worth it. The items that can be created from it are quite amazing and can often find use in any composition. But enough talking generally let us dive deeper into it and see what can be created with them.

1.       Sparring Gloves  + B.F. Sword = Infinity Edge: Your champion will get +150% Critical Strike Damage. This is very good, especially if you have more of an assassin based build and need to deal tons of damage as quick as possible. Because of that reason, the two champions that are the best suited for this are Zed and Rengar. While it may not be something that does true damage like Last Whisper, this bonus crit chance is definitely worth it.

2.       Sparring Gloves + Chain Vest = Iceborn Gauntlet: When you Champion dodges an attack, they create a Zone of Ice which will lower the Attack Speed of enemies within it by 35%. With this item you can make your front line units even better at controlling the enemy and getting the upper hand. Basically you should try equipping it to Champions that are thick in the fight, like Garen, Rek’Sai or even Volibear.

3.       Sparring Gloves + Giant’s Belt = Trap Claw: Your champion will get a shield that blocks the first enemy spell that hits them, and also the champion that breaks said shield will be stunned for 5 seconds. Now this is very powerful if you are playing against a Sorcerer team as the bonus health and also the +10% dodge chance and +10% Critical Strike chance are a blessing.
This interesting and recently implemented item will always be good for a front line fighter. Imagine a Braum that is already tanky as it is equipped with this. The survivability will be raised to the roof!

4.       Sparring Gloves + Negatron Cloak = Quicksilver: Your champion gets a shield that will prevent the next crowd control effect from applying and this shield recharges every 5 seconds. This is quite useful if you are against a Glacial build as their crowd control can sometimes drive you crazy. This is a really nice item to counter that. It works well with a lot of champion but we would recommend attaching it to assassins like Pyke, Evelynn or Katarina.

5.       Sparring Gloves + Spatula = Mittens: Your equipped champion also becomes a Yordle as well as gaining +10% Critical Strike Chance and +10% Dodge Chance. This item is absolutely amazing if you manage to gather a dragon and yordle team for example. If you equip Shyvanna with this item and she manages to gain the yordle buff, she will absolutely dominate the field. Some others that also gain a lot from this item are Pantheon and Aurelion Sol! Overall as always the Spatula item brings interesting things to the mix!

6.       Sparring Gloves + Sparring Gloves = Thief’s Gloves: Your champion equips 2 semi-random temporary items every round which are based on your player’s level. Keep in mind though that this items takes up 3 item slots so you will only be able to have it equipped. Overall this is quite the interesting item as it brings to the table even more RNG than what is already in the game.

A lot of champions can make use of it as you never know what exactly you will receive. If you do not have a specific item in mind that you want to make for your team, feel free to add it to any champion you deem not that important to have a proper build

7.       Sparring Gloves + Tear of The Goddess = Hand of Justice: Your equipped champion will get either of two bonuses at the start of each planning phase. They will either have their attack and spell dealing damage increased or their basic attacks will heal them 40 life on hit. Keep in mind that this is also a little bit of an RNG item but it is still worth making it if you like that idea. This can turn around any game and also it works quite well with fast attacking damage type champions. This bonus to either damage of 40 life on hit is quite the interesting implementation overall.

8.       Sparring Gloves + Recurve Bow = Repeating Crossbow: When you equip this item during the planning phase the wearer will get additional attack speed and critical strike chance. The interesting thing about it though is that once your champion dies, the item will jump to another one and they will get increased bonuses and it is stackable. You should try equipping to a champion that you see getting killed quickly in any game, so that once it gets to your back line, it will dominate.

9.       Sparring Gloves + Needlessly Large Rod = Jeweled Gauntlet: Once a champion is equipped with this item, it makes it so that they spells can critically strike. This is absolutely amazing for champions like Veigar, especially if you build them in a way so that they get Mana quickly. If he spams as many as he can, he will definitely annihilate the enemy team and get you that coveted first place.


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