Teamfight Tactics Galaxies information


Teamfight Tactics Galaxies information



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Teamfight Tactics is an incredibly interesting take on the genre by Riot Games. They constantly update it, change up formulas and revamp the game itself. This is a very costly but still dedicated and amazing method to get it just right. Exactly as we would expect from the developers at Riot Games, their commitment to making a great game is on point. They will stop at nothing until the formula is perfected and everyone can enjoy it. This is exactly what we can expect with the release of Galaxies, a lot of things will be going away but some new stuff will be introduced as well.

In the current set they introduced the Elemental Hex System. It was implemented in order to increase replayability and make every game different than the last. The variety made players adapt depending on the type of game they entered. They intended for this mechanic to freshen up positioning of heroes and depending on where the hex was located to make it so players would be able to sacrifice a perfect composition in order to get other bonuses. Also Qiyana integrated quite well with this mechanic as it allowed her to be utilized in new and different builds each game. Depending on the type of the hex a lot of builds were more powerful compared to what they would typically be. Overall the developers were quite satisfied with how the system itself worked out but that does not mean it will stay in Galaxies.

While the games always felt a little bit different, that was the main issue. It was not impactful enough and at times it would show. The mechanic was satisfactory but not perfect which is why they want to leave it in this set and not carry it over. Often players would not even use the hexes at higher levels of play as the positioning itself was much more important to them. They admit that the hexes did not provide enough of an incentive in order to have a build around them. They would often ignore them completely and build a specific composition that works in every situation if positioned correctly.

Now let us talk about a new mechanic that will be introduced in the upcoming set, Galaxies. Interestingly enough it is named after the set itself so the new mechanic is also Galaxies. Not very original but still why not. There we will always be transferred to a different galaxy with different game rules. For example the Neekoverse is one of them and we will always start the game with two Neeko’s Help items ready for use. With them we can change the game itself as they can be used for an early start where we would get an advantage by gaining a win streak. Another way to use it is to wait for the late game and get the harder heroes in order to level them up. There are many ways to use these items and the mechanic itself and we will definitely experience different games each time. This is why the developers are trying to introduce new systems all the time. They want us to be able to enjoy the game for long periods of time without it becoming boring or us just getting too used to the game.

Another type of Galaxy which we can visit is one where we have a 4 cost carousel. The first carousel of the game will consists only of four cost champions. This will bring us to a game where we have to decide if we want to build around that champion or just sell them for an early gold advantage. With the Galaxy mechanic we will have to be able to think on our feet. Adaptability is incredibly important as we will not know the type of game until it starts. Also they will open the door to constant updates with this new set. The developers plan on continuously implementing new Galaxies during the duration of the set itself. This exact freedom to test out new mechanics and changes is what will make this game great.

Overall their decisions with the upcoming Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies are made with the idea of making the game more adaptable and fresh. They will try to make it so there is no need to wait for a new set to be released in order to test out new stuff. With this one they can continuously surprise us with new interesting implementations and hopefully continue polishing the game. The end goal is to have something unique and familiar at the same time. Something which everyone will be able to sit down and play right away but also not get too boring after a couple of days.