Teamfight Tactics interesting builds to try out


Teamfight Tactics interesting builds to try out

Today we will be taking a look at tome of the most interesting and useful builds that are currently viable in the Teamfight Tactics Meta. Keep in mind though as the developers at Riot often release new patches and implement new heroes, these compositions might change but that won’t stop us from trying them out right now. 

We have complied a couple of lists that you might find interesting and might hopefully improve your overall skills in-game and get you a couple more wins than you would typically get. Enough talking about what we will be showing you so let us get into it!

Berserker builds are cheap to get and not many people like gathering them but they are quite decent and if gathered and upgraded properly they can win you a game without an issue! It is recommended to start off with an Ornn and Volibear due to their Electric Synergy and proceed by adding a Sion and Renekton. By doing that you will have 3 Berserkers and 2 Electric units on the field! Next up try and get your hands on Sivir and Olaf as they introduce even more buffs to the composition.

Keep in mind though that your Olaf is the most important one out there

You should try and equip him with items in order to keep him longer in the fight. At this point you should start gathering for a Mundo or Master Yi as you will have to replace Ornn and add these two to the composition. With this you should have a pretty solid team but if you wish get a Lux as she will give you four Glacials or Four Shadows.

Next up is an interesting Desert Blademaster build which we recommend trying if you want a late game build. If you have decided proceeding with this build you should try beginning the game with a solid Druid synergy to keep you in the fight until you manage to get the champions you want. When you can, try to start adding Renekton, Sivir and Yasue so that you can get the two Desert and the two Blademaster buffs.  

Try equipping Sivir first with items like Runaan’s Hurricane so that she can do the required damage

Afterwards how you proceed depends on your situation at the time. Getting Janna will make the team harder to kill while Master Yi will bring the Mystic buff. Azir and Kha’Zix are champions that will finish up the required four Desert buff and afterwards you can finish up with Aatrox to complete the Blademaster synergy.

We will now be taking at quite the interesting one which you would typically not expect to work well together. That being the Glacial Berserker Poison composition! We know that it might sound a tad strange but it is definitely worth the try. 

With this tanky build we can expect decent crowd control and good sustained damage. The preferred way to start is up is with an Ornn and Braum for the amazing tankiness they will provide early game. 

Afterwards try to get your hands on a Volibear as that will unlock the Electric and Glacial bonuses for you

Now that you have gotten to this point, the next Champion you should aim for is Ezreal and pair him up with Twitch. These two will bring the needed damage for your team. Now you can proceed with adding an Olaf for the Glacial Synergy and as always, try to give him a lot of survivability items.  The next Berserker you should add to your team is Dr Mundo and finally the last one on the composition is Singed for the strong Poison trait.

Lastly for today we will be taking a look at quite the powerful composition that some of you might find familiar, especially if in the past you used to play mainly glacial builds. With this one top 4 in most matches will be a given, if you manage to pull out though. 

The starters you should aim for here are Vayne and Varus

They will bring the Ranger buff and kill most of the early game enemies so that you don’t take too much damage. 

Now there is an issue where you have no front line though and that is why you should add Braum. He is amazing but in the early game you might want to add another tank just in case so that you don’t get dominated. Next up are two other Rangers, one of which will also provide the Glacial buff. Those being Ezreal and Kindred, they can be quite the game changers if used correctly. 

After you manage to get passed the mid-game section you will want to remove Vayne and Varus as they have to be replaced by the real damage dealers, Ashe and Twitch

For twitch on-hit effect items are amazing and also a Frozen Mallet is quite needed to give him the Glacial bonus. For Ashe you should also aim for the same items as twitch but a Bloodthirster for added survivability will also be of benefit. With them providing the needed damage, you will now have to finish up the Glacial build with an Olaf. Here you might notice the front line struggling a bit but there is no need to worry as a Taric will fix that in no time.

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