Teamfight Tactics Malphite Brand Combo



Teamfight Tactics Malphite Brand Combo

Today we will be taking a look at an interesting build that has been circling the Meta ever since the last update in the game. It may not be something you can always get your hands on but still it is wort trying. 

While it may not always be the best idea to blindly follow Meta builds at the same time for people starting off the game it is an easy way to get used to the builds and mechanics. Also for those people out there that are experienced in the game already it will be valuable information so that you are able to counter it properly. 

After all knowing your enemy is half the battle the other part is left to you in order to counter them accordingly

With this build landing at the top 4 is not an impossible task as it is quite powerful itself and if you manage to get it, not many people will be able to handle you. The idea for this one is to have one major DPS that handles destroying the enemies as well as a tank that can take the pressure off him.

The idea here is focused around a single DPS who is Brand. He is an incredibly powerful Inferno Mage that can handle quite a bit of enemies at a time. His ability Pyroclasm bounces off the enemy champions and deals damage with every bounce. Especially as most of the time the AI tends to group up all the champions at once place, this ability can deal a serious amount of hurt to the enemies. 

The idea here is to get the late game and build up and level up your Brand

All synergies that can be done with this build ultimately power up Brand while your other champions are there to take the damage off as well as dish some out in return. Here the MVP though is one champion compared to many others builds where the bonuses are distributed accordingly between everyone.

The other important champion here is Malphite due to him being a Warden and having the ability to soak up quite a bit of damage because of them. His job is to keep the main man safe as well as the other Mages so that they are able to do their job accordingly.  Here you should try to have 3 Mages instead of the typically seen 6 Mages on a team. While you may not always dual cast your abilities, you will have much more defense and it is a more steady and safe build. 

Here the idea is to have the basic buffs but at the same time add additional synergies in order to help out with surviving and dealing damage. The most important part is for you to be able to survive as in the late game there are always teams that are well fed and can swiftly deal with a whole team of Mages

The problem is that it is risky if you do not have survivability as it becomes a race of who will nuke the other first. While this may not be a bad strategy it is not a safe one. While you may feel confident that in the beginning of the fight you will be able to destroy everyone, that is not always the case and those people out there that have a team to handle your initial burst will most of the time destroy pure DPS orientated teams.

The items and builds are incredibly important and the ultimate combination of characters is the following:

1.       Brand

2.       Malphite

3.       Thresh

4.       Vladimir

5.       Annie

6.       Nautilus

7.       Amumu

8.       Syndra

With this composition you will be able to achieve four different synergies for your team

They are Ocean which will provide additional Mana, Warden which will increase the Warden’s armor and will help out with tanking, Mage for our MVP Brand and he will have a 50% chance to double cast and lastly Inferno which will deal burning damage to the enemies that are caught in the Hex that is affected by it. Overall these synergies will definitely be of assistance to the main DPS as well as those Wardens that will help with protecting your other champions.

Now in regards to items you should focus only on giving those to Brand and Malphite as the other champions are mostly irrelevant. For Brand you should try rushing Rabadon’s Deathacap, Spear of Shojin and Morellonomicon as they will make melting the enemy all that faster and easier. For your other key champion Malphite, try to get a Guardian Angel to keep him in the fight for longer as well as Warmog’s Armor to improve his tanking capabilities.

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