Teamfight tactics patch 10.2


Teamfight tactics patch 10.2

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With the latest update released on January 21st there were quite a bit of changes and improvements made to the game. We have compiled them for you and will shed some light on what has changed in this ever evolving game. The patch itself is intended to lower the game time so that the matches last a bit less time. This is really good news as a lot of players have been mentioning that the games sometimes take a bit longer that they should. There are quite a few changes implemented so that this idea bears to fruition.

A change which you might immediately notice is that the planning phase rounds now last only 20 seconds compared to the 30 seconds timer on them previously. This is intended to make the game a bit faster paced and less time consuming. The small and medium loot boxes have also been tweaked so that they no longer drop four or seven gold respectively. In regards to full item drops there have also been some changes made. The drop rate has been reduced and also the developers made it so you will only be able to receive one full item drop per game. Force of Nature, which is an all-time favourite for players now is less likely to appear on the carousel. Zephyr’s banish ability has also been changed so that it can no longer take away minions or monsters during Creep Rounds. From now on you will only be able to use it against enemy champions during player fighting rounds.

In regards to the even sought after three-star champions there have also been some changes done. They are especially important as the mid to late game phase is quite dependant on them. Vladimir and Renekton got a nice buff to their ability damage. This will change their usefulness quite a bit and make them even more important. The other tweaked champion is Ashe and her ability attack damage ration was increased, however the ability attack speed has been decreased quite substantially. The other changes to champions were not as major but still quite important.  There were improvements made on Ezreal’s ability power and health, Karma’s attack speed bonus, Sion’s mana, Veigar’s spell damage and Malzahar’s minion health. On the other hand though Sivir’s bounces, Olaf’s attack speed and Leona’s damage reduction have been decreased.

Changes were implemented as well for some items and traits. As we know in Teamfight Tactics items are randomly generated and players have to make do with what they get. It does not always lead to the best results but that is one of the most important parts of this game. Thinking on your feet and adapting is something that the game considers incredibly important. This is why not all matches are the same and that is the charm of TFT. The RNG aspect has been lowered and there have been seven items with positive changes implemented for them. Hextech Gunblade’s omnisteal, Iceborn Gauntlet’s freeze duration, Luden’s Echo damage, Bloodthirster’s lifesteal, Bramble Vest’s damage,  Guinsoo’s Rageblade speed per stack and Locket of the Iron Solari’s shield value have been increased. These changes will definitely make players much more interested in some of the items mentioned as they have been often overlooked.

Traits have also received some tweaks by the developers. They are one of the most important aspects in TFT and this is why any changes made to them affect the META in many ways. The Assassin’s critical strike bonus damage, Desert’s armour reduction, Inferno’s damage, Shadow’s bonus damage and duration and Warden’s armour have received buffs. The Blademaster trait was not so lucky as the previously mentioned ones. It received a reduction in the chance for extra auto attacks and also they are no longer able to store extra attacks. And lastly there were some changes made to the Woodland trait. From now on it will clone all of your champions if you manage to gather all six of them. We hope that this information was helpful to keep you up to date on the progress of Teamfight Tactics.