Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.16 explained



Greetings folks, with the latest 9.16 patch, Riot Games introduced us to the newest origin in the Teamfight Tactics game mode, the Hextech composition. Four new champions were added to the roster, Piltover’s Finest Vi with the cost of 3 gold, classed as a Brawler, the Hero of Tomorrow Jayce in the Shapeshifter class, costing 2 gold, the Blademaster in the Hextech crew is Camille the Steel Shadow with a cost of 1 gold and the gunslinger Jinx, The Loose Cannon with a price of 4 gold.

Vi is equipped with her ultimate ability, Assault and Battery, so if you need someone to get to the enemy backline, she is the champ to go with. When she ults her target, she knocks aside and damages every enemy champion in her way, dealing damage to them. Once she gets to her target she knocks up and slams it back to the ground, dealing damage as well. She is quite good for going into that backline and dealing with pesky ranged damage dealers.

Jayce is shapeshifter and can be used for tearing down the enemy frontline with Thundering Blow, when he stores enough mana, he transform his hammer into the Mercury Cannon, granting him range attacks and increased attack speed.

Camille is an incredible single target champion that can deal out massive damage

Equipped with her ult, The Hextech Ultimatum, she roots an enemy champion, making her allies attack the trapped. She needs to be positioned wisely, in order to get the most of her fighting style. She can be a round changer as if you have more ranged units when she roots someone they will become a sitting duck for your damage delers.

The last in the Hextech pool is the ever crazy and always fun Jinx. The adc starts with her mini-gun and gets exited after killing her fist target gaining her attack speed increased. Once she takes down her second target BOOM, she grabs her grenade launcher Fishbones, causing her to deal splash damage to enemy champions. If she is well equipped and protected, she can easily carry out a game.

The Hextech bonus starts when you place 2 Hextechs on the field and gets stronger when there are 4 hextech champions. They spawn a random bomb, starting on an enemy champion with equipped item and any enemy hit by it will get their item gets disabled for 5 seconds when 2 Hextech champions are in play and 15 seconds when fully stacked. TFT rounds usually last for 30 seconds tops, so it’s quite a powerful bonus and can be played with a good synergy with most of the team comps.

The Demon buff was kind of problematic, so Riot has reworked it

Demons can now steal portion of the target’s mana, instead of just draining mana. They can still slow down enemy spells, but can no longer prevent them completely. The item Hush has also been reworked. Until now, Hush was silencing enemy champions, preventing them from using any abilities. It was frustrating and Riot decided to rework it and now Hush has a 33% on hit to prevent the enemy from gaining mana for four seconds. New drop mechanic were added as well. Now in some occasions it’s possible to get a full item drop, instead of two different items. Changes were made to other items like Infinity Edge, Ionic Spark, Morello, Redemption, Warmog’s Armor and Statikk Shiv.

Ninja class was buffed, now dealing a whopping 50 to 70 damage, instead of the previous 40 to 60. The Nobles armor and magic resist is buffed from 60 to 70. The attack speed of wild class is being buffed by 2% from 10% per stack to 12%.

Riot has added an Urf Overtime Mode, preventing most of the draw matches. When the 30th second of the match kicks in the URF bonus will activate giving 300% attack speed, 200% ability damage, 66% reduced crowd control duration and 66% reduced healing. Draws are still possible, but that way they would be a lot less.

Player damage now scales with the current stage. During stage 1 to 2, players take 1 damage from enemies. From stage 3 to 4 players will take 2 damage. In stage 5 they take 3 damage accordingly when the round is lost. Stage 6 the losing players will take 4 damage and in the 7th stage and above they will take 5 damage for a loss.

Some Ranked changes were made. Now when a player loses at 0 LP, they will get demoted. Grandmaster and Challenger players who are being demoted will now skip Master and go directly to Diamond 1. This is now also true for League of Legends as well.

With the 9.16 patch of TFT, Riot released the second Beta Pass of the mode and it will end when patch 9.20 comes. Every week players will get six missions to complete to earn XP like the first Beta Pass. There will be six icons, four emotes and three chromas for your map that can be earned. To unlock all rewards, players will need 6800XP and the Beta Pass contains 9280XP for the whole eight weeks. Hopefully this was interesting for you and helpful as well!

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