Teamfight Tactics patch 9.17



TFT patch 9.17


Today we will be taking a look at the interesting new update that brings with it various new things and tweaks for existing ones. Especially the highlight for this patch is the inclusion of the ever so familiar Pantheon. This has been a champion that almost everyone has been familiar with for quite some time and his inclusion is definitely most welcome. There is also a small rework of the assassin kit, Rangers will receive a higher chance to proc their attack speed, Shapeshifters will be able to transform faster and the Yordles will be able to dodge more. While some of these changes are a welcome update, others will stir up the playerbase.

Now let us first start off with Pantheon and what he is overall

His price is 5 Gold with an origin of a Dragon and his class is Guardian. The ability he will use is his iconic ultimate called Grand Starfall. His skill allows him to jump in the air and crash down on the farthest enemy, which will stun them for a couple of seconds, which is incredibly good for getting into that backline and destroying the squishier DPS champs. 

The enemies in Pantheon’s path will take a percentage of their max health as magic damage and will additionally burn 20% of their max health as true damage over 10 seconds. We can expect this champion to be used in numerous of compositions and he will definitely have a bright future in TFT.

A change that we will see in the first carousel is that every champion there will be a 2 gold cost. This is an interesting way to change up the starting balance and we hope that it will be a nice change down the road. The attack speed cap was doubled from 2.5 to 5 in order to have even faster combat. The tooltips have also been updated in order to be clearer and the numbers will scale with Ability Power as well.

Assassins have received an increase in the delay before jumping so that they are able to have better access to the backline and the traits have been changes so that instead of pure bonus to crit damage, now they have lower crit damage but an increased crit chance as well. 

The Hextech kit is now nerfed a little bit as the duration of the item disable has been lowered by one second, which might not seem much but in this mode one second is often all it takes to turn the fight around. Nobles have also received a small nerf in their armor and magic resist as well as their healing! The Rangers have received an interesting little buff where the doubled attack speed chance has been raised by 5%

Shapeshifters will now be able to transform faster as the total mana pool of Nidalee, Shyvana and Gnar has been reduced so that they can show their actual teeth much quicker. And also there is a change to the Yordles which many have voiced concerns over and that is the increased dodge chance. It has been increased by 5% while that might seem like a small buff it will make this comp even tougher to handle.

Now regarding changes to already implemented champions we can look at Warwick who had his health slightly increased which will make him a bit tankier. Lissandra had her health increased as well and there was a change to her mana which now stars her off at 0 with a max of 85 instead of 50 to a max of 125. This means that in longer fights she will be able to use her skill more often. 

Also her ability damage has been increased to make her a bit more of a damage dealer that what she is at the moment. Lucian’s skill cooldown will now stack with his attack speed. Gangplank’s ability damage was nerfed a bit as well as Leona’s stun duration was lowered by 1-2 seconds.

Lastly we will take a look at some changes to the visuals and other options of the game

The Dragon’s and the Elder Dragon’s Firaball was visually improved. We were also given the option to mute player’s emotes and pings in the scoreboard and also a new visual was implemented to show off your winstreak on the scoreboard.

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