Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.24B



Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.24B

Today we will be taking a look at the most recent patch in the game we all love and continue playing even now Teamfight Tactics. The most recent patch introduced quite a bit of interesting changes which we will be talking about and give some of our opinions here or there. 

While it may be the last patch for 2019 they did not pull their reigns here and continue providing fresh changes as much as possible! Enough general talk then, let us dive deeper into what has been introduced by the kind developers at Riot.

3 Star scaling has been changed quite a bit from what we have gotten used to up until now

Before this change when you upgrade a champion to a 3 Star level they would get the health and base damage doubled. Now after this implementation the focus turns towards more of the ability of the champion itself. This means that the health and damage bonus has been reduced to 1.8 and Nasus was even given an example of this change.

Another change was the balancing of Inferno, Electric and Shadow damage so that it has more of a natural and competitive feel for them and all other damage types. With the Inferno they have increased the damage overall when you have a six stack from 120% to 140% and also with a nine stack from 180% to 210%. While the Inferno does get a buff the Electric and Shadow types get a slight nerf. While talking about nerfs let us take a look at the assassins. 

Because of their bonus from the assassin ability they were a bit too strong in the current Meta

That is why the developers at Riot decided to also implement some nerfs for them. The assassin crit damage has been reduced from 75% crit damage and 10% crit chance to 50% crit damage and 10% crit chance. Nocturne also had his healing lowered while Zed received an armor nerf as well as an attack damage nerf.

In regards to champions let us proceed and wrap up with them by discussing the last changes that were announced. The main ones here are the newly implemented champions Amumu and Sena. Amumu had his starting mana pool increased as it was not up to snuff compared to other champion and was not always picked compared to other champions for specific builds. 

Now they aim to improve the champion in order to add him hopefully to the META. Senna though did not receive a buff but the exact opposite a small nerf in regards to her ability damage. Zyra, Rek’Sai and Brand also received some slight balancing changes but nothing worth mentioning as they were quite small.

Now in regards to items, there were also some changes implemented in order to balance them a bit as the community was quite vocal about some of them. There was a lot of talk and speculation when the following ones would be touched but now they were and let us see how. Hush and Swordbreaker are two of the most dangerous items in the game currently and can turn everything around if your opponents manages to utilize them accordingly. 

That is why they were nerfed quite a bit from 33% chance to activate to 25%. This will definitely lower their use which for some of us is quite the welcome news as a lot of players are quite dissatisfied with them as it is.

Overall these were the most important changes implemented to the game at the end of this year

This may be the last patch they will release for Teamfight Tactics but still it was not bad it terms of content and balancing. We are sure to expect quite a bit of new changes in the upcoming 2020 as Riot Games is forming up to have a really strong upcoming year. There were lots of new games announcements and other content like animated series for the next year. 

The plan of Riot games is to finally become a “Games” studio but that is good news for us Teamfight Tactics fans. The dedication and money the developers are planning in investing will definitely bring us quite a bit of good stuff. 

The awesome thing is that we never know what to expect in terms of updates and future content as they try to keep the game fresh at all times. The future is something to be highly expected and hopefully we will witness a lot of positive changes in the game. Hopefully you found this information quite helpful and informative, as we will also be quite happy to hear any feedback from you.

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