Teamfight Tactics Two New Champions and a new Class


Teamfight Tactics Two New Champions and a new Class

There are quite a lot of interesting changes that are constantly implemented into Teamfight Tactics. Overall the developers at Riot Games constantly try to improve the game and freshen it up. Their long time experience with the League of Legends game definitely shows as they often take risks that actually pay out in the long run. It was thought to be madness the fact that they introduced almost every character in the game all at once but exactly that brought fresh life to the game.

We can confidently say that Riot Games are evidently a different development studio as they do not give up. Teamfight Tactics started getting stale and repetitive at a time but now the game is even more enjoyable than it used to be. It is true that some players need a bit more time to get used to such differences but hopefully they will come around as well.

This time they will be implementing the Soulbound Couple that is Senna and Lucian

They will have quite the interesting ability where one continues fighting while the other is alive even if they get killed. Both of them are bound past life and death which is romantic in a certain life expectancy defying way.

In regards to the skill itself, if you have both of them, the champion that is supposed to die will go to the “Spirit Realm” and proceed with attacking the enemies.  Once they go to the spirit realm they will be fully restored with their maximum health and everything else. If they have been built with a lot of critical strike change in mind, it will definitely hurt the critically struck enemy. That is while the other is alive of course, as if they both die then there is no staying afterwards. The rise of the elements is sure to always bring fun origin and classes to the table. Not let us take a look at Senna which is a new implementation and afterwards Lucian whom we know quite well.

1.     Senna She is a two cost champion that has the Shadow Origin and the Soulbound Class. Her ability is Piercing Darkness which fires a beam through the furthest ally located from her which will deal certain damage to enemies, while buffing the damage of your allies. This is quite the awesome ability that will definitely be helpful to you.
Just make sure to keep her in the back line as she is more of ranged damage/support champion. The amazing thing about this ability is that the bonus damage allies receive is counted as on-hit magic damage applied from Senna. This means that her Shadow Trait will be quite an amazing bonus to all your allies.

2.     Lucian – He has been here since the beginning so a lot of players will already be familiar with him but we shall talk about him in more detail for those of you that are not. Overall he is currently a 4 Cost champion with the Light Origin and the Soulbound Class. His ability is called the Culling and it fires 4 times his Attack Speed in a specific location for a duration of 4 seconds.
The attacks also apply on hit effect so the synergy with Piercing Darkness is amazing. You should always try to have both the Soulbound Class representatives as they work together extremely well and are quite a force to be reckoned with. 
He is also quite the amazing Light Representative as they were sorely lacking in a proper Single Target DPS Champion that can melt the enemy. That is why Lucian will always stay a favorite for many Teamfight Tactics Players.

This is the information we have about the Soulbond Class and the champions that will represent it. It is quite an interesting implementation for sure and we cannot wait to try out all the possible variations it could work with. Now that we have that out of the way, there is another champion that will be implemented as well and that is Amumu.

Not many of us were expecting to see him so soon but we are happy it is him as the Inferno Origin was severely lacking a proper tank. Amumu is a 5 Cost Champion with an Inferno Origin and a Warden Class. He is going to be quite the tough cookie to crack and will be a perfect front line.

His ability is called Curse of The Sad Mummy and he will deal a certain amount of damage to all enemies within a couple of hexes around him, while also stunning enemies for 1,5 seconds. This is quite the powerful ability and including the Warden and Inferno Bonuses you can get, the ability itself can be devastating to the whole enemy team. With this combination of abilities, any additional champion that does damage and knocking up enemies will dominate a whole team. The possibilities are endless and also building with dodge chance and being supported by nearby allies will make any start of the combat amazing for you.


We have quite a lot of interesting stuff that we can expect really soon. These champions will fit right into the current game and we just can’t wait to experiment with them.

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