Tear of the Goddess Team Fight Tactics




Tear of the Goddess Team Fight Tactics 

Today we will be taking a look at the next base item in our list of TFT items and what it offers as well. The item is called “Tear of the Goddess”. It is quite a familiar item to those of us that player a lot of Ezreal or Karthus in the game we all know, which is League of Legends by Riot Games.  The functionality though, slightly differs, compared to the one we encounter in Teamfight Tactics. Now let us make a little comparison between the items in LoL and TFT.

This item in the base game gives is +250 mana as well as two unique passives. The first one is AWE, which refunds 10% of mana spent. The other one is called Mana Charge and it gives your champion a charge every 4 seconds, up to 3 charges and every time you spend mana you get +4 Mana which goes up to a max of 750 Mana. Overall this is an incredibly useful item which you will be able to often see ingame.

Now it is finally time to see how it is implemented in Teamfight Tactics and what its usefulness’s are 

Overall this item is quite useful for every champion in the roster. The bonus +20 starting mana is amazing if you want your chosen champion to start the round, closer to using his skill compared to other. Also the items you can craft later on make it even more useful to use in Teamfight Tactics. 

For example if you have a champion like Veigar, who does amazing damage but he only needs to spam his skill this item is a must have!

Not let us take a look at the combinations that are possible with this outstanding base item. They are the following:

  1. Tear of the Goddess + Recurve Bow = Statikk Shiv: Your champion will get +20% attack speed and +20 mana with every 3rd attack dealing 100 splash magical damage as well as bouncing to 3 extra targets. This item is quite good with Tristana, Jayce, Volibear and Lucian, so you should always try your best to equip it to them.

  2. Tear of the Goddess + Needlessly Large Rod = Luden’s Echo:  Your champion’s special abilities, when dealing damage will deal an additional 180 Magic Damage to the first enemy and the 3 other’s the orbs fall on.  When equipped Luden’s Echo also provides a bonus of +20 AP and +20 starting Mana. The ones that gain the most are Anivia, Ahri, Brand and Katarina.  They deal AoE spell damage as it is but with this item equipped they are further empowered and can devastate a couple of enemies at once.

  3. Tear of the Goddess + B.F. Sword = Spear of Shojin: Your champion’s basic attacks will restore 15% of their max Mana, as well as receiving the bonuses from the base items which are +20 starting mana and +15 Attack Damage. The champions that get the most benefit from this one are Lulu, Ahri and Akali. With their basic attacks, the charge rate of their mana becomes amazing.

  4. Tear of The Goddess + Tear of the Goddess = Seraph’s Embrace: Once your champion casts a spell, this item will restore 20 of their mana. As well as them starting with +40 Mana which is incredible for the Sorcerers as they will be able to spam their abilities quite fast, as long as they don’t get singled out by the Assassins. Some of the champions that benefit greatly from this are Lulu, Akali, Ahri, Sejuani and Aurelion Sol.

  5. Tear of the Goddess + Chain Vest = Frozen Heart: Your champion will reduce the Attack Speed of adjacent enemies by 25%. Also he will receive +20 Mana and + 20 Armor, this item is great for Tanks, who will have to handle your front line and at the same time spam a bit of skills.
    The best champions to equip this on are Leona, Braum, Poppy and Cho’Gath. The idea with this one is to have extra defense as well as these tanks, having the chance to spam their amazing abilities, which are awesome for crowd control!

  6. Tear of the Goddess + Negatron Cloak = Hush: Your champion’s basic attacks have a 33% chance to silence the enemy on hit, which will prevent them from gaining mana for 4 Seconds. The extra 20 mana and 20 Magic Resist are quite valuable as well. Hush is very powerful when fighting ability based build and will definitely help you out in tough situations and it basically gives you a chance to disarm enemies of their skills.

    The champions that you should focus on equipping this are primarily fast attacking ones. Good choices for this item are Lucian, Tristana, Yasuo and Jinx. Because of their high attack speed the power of this item definitely stands out the most in their hands.

  7. Tear of the Goddess + Giant’s Belt = Redemption: When your champion falls below 25% Health, all nearby allies are healed for 1200 Health after a 2.5 second cooldown. Now this item can make quite a big difference in a match as it has the power to restore the health of your champions to maximum. 
    You should try equipping it on front line champions as they will be focused first and even if they die, as long as the heal activates, it is not all that bad. Some of the best ones out there are Braum, Leona, Poppy and Cho’Gath which especially benefit from the bonus maximum health.

  8. Tear of the Goddess + Spatula = Darkin: Your champion gets a boost of +20 starting Mana as well as them becoming a Demon. Overall this item is amazing if you are lacking just one Demon for your build or if you want to get the strong Demon buffs as soon as possible in the early game. It has many uses as all other Spatula items but still you should be careful when combining items, so that you don’t waste the two base ones.

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