TFT base Items Chain Vest


TFT base Items Chain Vest

Today we will be taking a look at the next part of our Base Items review list and that is the Chain Vest. As some of you might be familiar already we will be taking a look at both versions, the League of Legends and the Teamfight Tactics ones. 

First let us start out with the one that most of us League of Legends players are quite familiar with, the version in the original game. There is not a base item like the one in Teamfight Tactics, it is an advanced one, which can be created from Cloth Armor. The price for it is 800 Gold and it provides players with a bonus of +40armor, which is quite useful for tankier champions in the game! 

From this amazingly useful and old school item there are five others that can be created. You are able to make Dead Man’s Plate, Gargoyle Stoneplate, Guardian Angel, Knight’s Vow and lastly Sunfire Cape. All of these are amazing for players that prefer to play in a way that they can take a lot of damage from the carry for example and still deal some back. Overall a simple but effective item that will not leave you disappointed for its price. 

Up next is for us to look at how it transfers over to Teamfight Tactics and what we can do with it

There it has a bonus similar to the one in League of Legends but it is understandably nerfed. With this item equipped your Champion will get a bonus of +20 Armor, which is not bad for front liners and support type units. 

Now let us take a look at the possible combination that can be done with this item:

  1. Chain Vest + Tear of the Goddess = Frozen Heart: Your champion will reduce the Attack Speed of adjacent enemies by 25%. Also he will receive +20 Mana and + 20 Armor, this item is great for Tanks, who will have to handle your front line and at the same time spam a bit of skills. The best champions to equip this on are Leona, Braum, Poppy and Cho’Gath. The idea with this one is to have extra defense as well as these tanks, having the chance to spam their amazing abilities, which are awesome for crowd control!

  2. Chain Vest + Needlessly Large Rod = Locket of the Iron Solari: At the start of combat the champion equipped with this item and all other allies within 2 hexes of the same row on either side, gain a 300 HP shield for 7 seconds, when the round starts. Also the wearer receives +20 bonus AP and +20 Armor. The champions that find this item the most useful are the tankier or the more support based ones like Leona, Braum or Lulu, for example. This is quite a useful item as the early game is often heavily influenced by it.

  3. Chain Vest + B.F. Sword = Guardian Angel: Your champion will revive with up to 500 health after a two second delay, but it can be triggered only once per round. Overall this can be used on any number of champions and it all depends on who you prefer to equip it. Most of the time players tend to give it to their most powerful one in order to do as much damage as possible.

  4. Chain Vest + Recurve Bow = Phantom Dancer: Your champion will get +20% attack speed and +20 armor as well as the ability to dodge all critical strikes, including those from abilities. If you want to use this item to the best of its capabilities it will be best to attach it to Garen, Shen, Shyvana, Camille or Volibear. Overall this is best used for the front line which will soak up all the damage and will also be able to deal some in return with their ultimates.

  5. Chain Vest + Giant’s Belt = Red Buff: Your champion’s basic attacks will burn the target on hit, which will deal 20% of their maximum HP as over time true damage over 10 seconds. Also their healing will be reduced by 80% for the duration of the burn effect. While not an item per say, the Red Buff is amazing for fast hitters especially Lucian, Tristana and Volibear.Those three champions gain a lot from this effect and  also receive quite a defensive boost with the bonus HP and Armor as well.

  6. Chain Vest + Chain Vest = Thornmail: You champion will reflect 100% of the mitigated Basic Attack Damage back to the enemy as Magic Damage. This item offers a lot in regards to defense and the amazing bonus to Armor is quite the useful thing. Some of the champions that vibe the most with this are tankier one that have to hold the front line, like Volibear, Cho’Gath and Warwick. They are the ones that get the most out of it.

  7. Chain Vest + Negatron Cloak = Sword Breaker: Your Champion’s basic attacks have a 33% chance to disarm the target for 3 seconds which prevents them from doing Basic Attacks. Now this bad boy is amazingly powerful and useful, as the lack of basic attacks will also lower the mana gains and can annihilate a champion that has been harassing your team. You should try to give it to ranged units and pair it with attack speed items. The best ones to add it to are Lucian, Grave or Tristana.

  8. Chain Vest + Sparring Gloves = Iceborn Gauntlet: When you Champion dodges an attack, they create a Zone of Ice which will lower the Attack Speed of enemies within it by 35%. With this item you can make your front line units even better at controlling the enemy and getting the upper hand. Basically you should try equipping it to Champions that are thick in the fight, like Garen, Rek’Sai or even Volibear.

  9. Chain Vest + Spatula: Knight’s Vow: With this item equipped to your champion, they get a bonus of +20 armor and also makes them a knight. As always the spatula is useful if you want to give your team an extra bonus, but you should always be careful, so that you do not waste it. Every champion that you decide can get uses from this.


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