Tips and Tricks for TFT


Tips and tricks for TFT

Today we will be taking a look at the immensely popular Auto Battler from the developers at Riot that every person who is interested in games is familiar with, because of their extremely popular game League of Legends. Well Teamfight Tactics is the next step they have taken in regards to the gaming world. And we will try our best to give you some tips and tricks in order to get better at the game.

Let us start off with the always important Gold, in this game there are a couple of ways to accumulate it faster than others. The best way to do that is to accumulate interest that is done depending on how much gold you finish the round with. For every 10 gold that you have you will receive one extra in accumulated interest. This can be stacked up to five times which means that when you reach the 50 gold mark there is no point to further stack it. 

Also another way is through win streaks and loss streaks. Some players loose on purpose during the early stages in order to accumulate a loss streak and interest as well. The other reason they do that is to get first pick in the champion rotation. But also keep in mind that this is a high risk high reward strategy.

Selling the first champion you pick is something that might not sound good to most people but on the contrary it is viable strategy. Always try to pick a champion with a good item or if you can’t get one that is tier two so that you can get the early game gold lead with him. The faster you accumulate interest the stronger you will be in the late game.  Always aim for late game as if you manage to set yourself up with a powerful comp then even if you are left with 1 HP against an enemy with significantly more health you can turn the tables on them. 

An easy way to turn the tables during a fight is with items

While you may not directly control your units during the battle part of the round, there is a way you can interact with the champions through the items at your disposal. For example if your front line is close to getting killed you will be able to give them an item and it will give him some bonuses right away, be it damage or replenishing their health. Or another example is if your back line does not do enough damage during the battle with one quick drag and drop things will change and you will reverse the result of the combat.

Moving around your champions during the preparation phase is also quite a good thing to do. If the enemy is building assassins mainly, for example if you put a tankier unit in the back it will throw a wrench in their plans. But be careful when doing this as this is an extremely situational example. The reason for that is champions take time to reach the enemies and during that movement they do not gather mana or attack. So always be careful when placing your units as you can mess yourself up because the placement was not good.

Don’t always try to get full teams that get bonuses from one buff. While it may be nice to have a full Noble team, sometimes you might not get lucky with the drops as you will require some of the rarer units to complete it. While the payoff might be worth it in some situations most of the time it isn’t. That is why you should always try to gather two good teams that you can change depending on what champions you get. Don’t waste all your gold only to gather a specific composition. Always have a backup, this is one of the most important tips that we can give you!

There is a function in the game that surprisingly people often forget and that is the lock in option of the shop. The little padlock shaped button next to the champion selection part of the screen. The function of this lock is to keep in place for one round the current selection of units. This is very helpful especially if you find a unit that you have been searching for a long time but don’t have the required gold to purchase it. It is a small thing to notice but can come quite in handy.

Leveling is something extremely important that should you should do carefully. Each level will give you another slot to use on the field for champions and the more you have the stronger you will be. Don’t necessarily rush to level up in order to get the higher tier units as you will miss out on all the early game champions which can be quite bad. Also always keep count of how much gold it will cost you to level up. The reason for that is if you waste all your accumulated gold and still didn’t level up you will lose the accumulated interest and overall it will be a major waste for you!

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