What is a good Warden Build?




What is a good Warden Build?

Today we will be taking a look at an incredibly interesting build that has become viable in the current Meta due to it making Wardens a powerhouse to build. As the game constantly changes and tweaks are made we cannot always be sure what will be useful tomorrow but right now there is a really solid player base focusing on Wardens. 

They have surprisingly enough become something that should be built as they received some buffs and are now quite powerful and useful for players to build. While it is not always the best idea to build around the Meta as some players might notice this and counter you, for new players it is quite an easy way to get started. Older and more experienced players may also get some insight into this quite popular build and learn how it works in order to counter it.

With the build we will be talking about there are quite bit of different types of champions include

 The composition is quite rounded out and it does not lean too heavily on only synergies that enhance the survivability of the Wardens themselves. Mostly the champions here assist each other with nice combinations and the Wardens top it off in order to make it much more competitive due to the survivability and at the same time damage capacity which you will have. 

The champions here will also help cover the mostly evident weaknesses of the Warden Class so that you will not only take punishment but give some back. While the build itself is not really hard to gather up, some characters are a tad expensive but that should not worry you due to the fact that either way you will definitely reach the end game if you manage to pull everything off.

First there are very important champions which you should try to get as quickly as possible

One of them is Zed as he is an Electic Summoner Assassin that will be the main DPS of your build. He will be responsible for the most part of doing as much damage as he can. Due to the Wardens getting additional armor from their build, Zed’s job here is to jump to the back line and take care of those pesky mages that can counter your champions. 

Since there is also an Electric synergy for this build he will be able to take them out quite quickly and this is a great bonus as your front line will definitely soak up a lot of physical damage without an issue.

Now in regards to the most important part and that being the Wardens, you should try getting your hands on Amumu and build him up primarily. This little mummy is quite powerful currently in the game and can take quite a bit of damage as well as his ability being extremely useful for engagements. While he may be a five gold champion and will show up a bit late in the game if you do not have luck, he is definitely worth the wait. 

The build itself can be tweaked by players without a problem but still make sure to have these two and try to keep up the composition we will mention in a little bit. It is a forgiving build if you cannot get the exact champions and that is why it is so good. The most important part is sticking to the synergy and getting Amumu and Zed, the others while not recommended are interchangeable.

For the perfect build you should try to acquire the following champions:

1.       Zed

2.       Amumu

3.       Soraka

4.       Nami

5.       Nautilus

6.       Ornn

7.       Volibear

8.       Malphite

They work incredibly well together due to the synergy between them

You should always try to have the Warden, Electric, Ocean and Mystic buffs. The Warden one will provide you with the increased armor which is needed in order to soak up the front line damage, the Electric is needed due to the need of Zed to take out all Mages as quickly as possible once he is in the back line, the Ocean will as always provide you with additional mana every three seconds so that you can spam out abilities faster and the Mystic will provide you with that extra Magic Resist just in case.

Now in regards to items that should be built, there are a couple of champions to be taken care of:

  • For Zed a Guardian Angel is needed in case he gets sniped out too quickly as well as Redemption to also keep him in the fight

  • For Amumu you should try to get Dragon’s Claw, Morellonomicon and Thornmail so that he can also deal damage as well as just survive

  • For Soraka Hush is quite powerful and for Ornn try to get a Dragon’s Claw for him

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