How Valorant Ranking System Works


How the Valorant Ranking System Works



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Today we will be taking a look at the long-awaited Ranked System in Valorant. It was released while the game is still in closed beta and we can expect it to possibly change depending on the feedback gathered from the players. It is an interesting system which might even be familiar to a lot of you as it has quite a bit in common with others in the FPS competitive genre. In order for you to be able to participate in the competitive mode, there is a requirement that has to be completed. You will have to play 20 unrated games before getting the right to play placement games. The placement games are all quite important and consist of 5 separate matches. The good thing about the system is that it is quite forgiving and rewards personal skill. This means that you will not lose as much points if a game is lost as long as your performance was good. The placement games are quite important for the ranking system as they can be big time savers. The reason for that is because you will be able to skip the tedious grind from the bottom. It is at times quite difficult even to pass through bottlenecks as in lower divisions the team play and communication isn’t as important to others.

Now after you manage to complete the placement games you will be ranked in one of the 22 possible skill badges. They all represent the different ranks in Valorant. Each rank has three tiers except the last one, which is called Valorant. That is the highest ranking that can be reached by players. The names of each of them is something quite similar to others as well, they are the following:

1.     Iron 1

  1. Iron 2
  2. Iron 3
  3. Bronze 1
  4. Bronze 2
  5. Bronze 3
  6. Silver 1
  7. Silver 2
  8. Silver 3
  9. Gold 1
  10. Gold 2
  11. Gold 3
  12. Platinum 1
  13. Platinum 2
  14. Platinum 3
  15. Diamond 1
  16. Diamond 2
  17. Diamond 3
  18. Immortal 1
  19. Immortal 2
  20. Immortal 3
  21. Valorant

Now let us also talk a bit about how the whole ranking system works and how it rewards you. The developers have stated that winning games is the most important factor in gaining ranks. But that does not mean that your personal performance does not matter. It is in fact quite important as if you are doing well, then you will receive more points. That also works for losses as well, they are also influenced by your personal performance and if it was good, you will lose less points. Overall, the better you play and the more skilled you are, then the grind to the top will be much faster. Also in regards to games, you will always be matched with players within two ranks of your current position. This is to be expected but still it is good that we know the exact rules.

Another interesting thing about this system is that there is absolutely no decay in ranking implemented. If you have been inactive for 14 days, then the ranking will temporarily be hidden and in order to get it back, you will have to play one game. This does not mean that you are losing ranks or that you won’t be placed at the spot you left it at the end of the season. This is quite a nice decision as we will not have to worry as much if we are unable to play. As long as you reach a rank which suits you, then you can stop playing ranked for the whole season and still end up where you were.

A lot of you might be wondering if the competitive progress will carry over after the beta. The answer to that question is no. The developers have confirmed that after the beta finishes, everything will be reset. This was expected as the beta is currently intended to check out how the game works and remove any mistakes or issues that come up. The competitive aspect that was released is also just a test to see how their idea holds up. Hopefully they will manage to get enough feedback during the progress of the beta so that when it finally releases, the game can be amazing. Keep in mind once again that everything might change when the game officially comes out.

Lastly let us talk a little bit more about ranked itself and the difference compared to normal games. The communication is quite a bit more important as you are playing the game at a competitive level especially in higher divisions. You can still the same maps and same number of players and you can still solo queue or with a full five-person team. The difference is just who you will be matched against and how your team will handle themselves under pressure. Ranked games can get pretty heated at times so you will have to keep that in mind.