Importance of Valorant Placement Games


Importance of Valorant Placement Games



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Now let us get into the importance of Placement Games in Valorant. Now that the competitive aspect has been released, we can talk a little bit more about it and the ever-important placement games. Firstly, in order to be eligible to participate in the competitive mode of the game, you will have to first play 20 unrated games. These 20 games can be quite useful for you, especially if you are just starting the game. With them you will be able to get used to the mechanics and understand how everything feels. This is incredibly important as accuracy and sound are tremendously important and definitely have to be learned.

After you have managed to complete the required unrated games, you will have to jump into 5 placement matches in order to get into one of the 8 ranks. Where you get placed depends on your overall performance during these five games. The ranking system here is quite forgiving and smart. We can see this from the fact that it takes into consideration your personal performance even if the result of the game is a loss. They will still bring you down some points but it will be quite a bit less hurtful and you won’t get punished as much for having an unlucky game. This is a very nice system which can make each loss less frustrating than typically, especially for a game that has quite the long matches. Another thing that it takes in consideration is by how much you win. For example, you will receive a much better score if you defeat the enemy team with a big lead. If the results of the games are 13-1 it will be much more rewarding compared to 13-10. This is something that you should keep in mind and give your best at all times.

Now let us talk a little bit about the importance of placement games. They might not seem that important but imagine them like a time saving option for you. This means that you will not have to climb all the way from the bottom and experience the bad things about such games but directly jump into the vicinity of your actual skill division. This will definitely save you quite a bit of time during the season grind and you will be able to enjoy the competitive aspect of the game much more if you are in your desired division.

Playing in the rank you deserve is something quite important as it will change the feel of the game overall. Most commonly in lower ranks the team play and communication can be a bit lacking. This can definitely impact the enjoyment you receive from the game and the competitive feeling can be lost. Especially if you are placed there because of unlucky placement games, the grind to get out can be quite tedious. A lot of players have lost interest in playing competitively because of such occurrences in the past. It is always better to get placed higher and then fall to your desired rank instead of playing up from the bottom.

Placement games can actually impact your overall experience of the game itself. This is because you can miss out on very fun and engaging gameplay which comes at higher divisions. The communication and teamwork are key for gaining victories in this game. If you are unable to communicate with your teammates or they themselves refuse to do so you will not get the intended feeling of the game. This is why getting into the higher divisions is quite important and the placement games will directly make an impact on that. We are here to help you with this if needed as we also offer Placement Games Boosting can be ordered 24/7. The professional player that will complete this order will always strive to do so with as much skill as possible so that you can get placed higher than typically. Our boosters are all exceptionally skilled players that have tons of FPS experienced gained through constantly playing FPS genre games at competitive levels. They are all capable of getting the best results possible. Also, if you want the games to be played at a specific time, we can accommodate that as well. We are here to help you with everything you might need in Valorant. If you find something that you are struggling with, we will be there for you and figure out how to help you get the desired result.