Valorant Beta Information


When does the Valorant beta start and what we should expect from it?


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Valorant is the up and coming game from Riot Games which has taken the gaming industry by storm. A lot of hype has been built up for this game which we hope will be justified in the end. The developers at Riot Games have always been known as people who can make a great game. While the FPS genre is new for them, by what we have seen of the game, it is definitely worth the wait. It has combined various of aspects from other popular FPS games. While not the most original of ideas, the combination of them is what makes the game so interesting. Having the choice of various heroes to play with as well as the quick paced gameplay is combined in such a way that it makes it feel original.

The style of play is also incredibly interesting as it is fast paced and skill is a big factor in it. It is evident that the developers are aiming to create the next big eSports game on the market. Knowing Riot and their other incredibly famous game which is also a big part of eSports we can be sure that it will definitely be a part of that world. Especially as the team compositions are made in a five versus five manner which has become a staple in the competitive industry. Overall a game will have 10 players that are split between two teams. The main objective for now is to plant a bomb and use your selected “Agent” and their unique skill to achieve this. It is a fast-paced game so it is expected to have a large number of rounds during each mach. The matches are currently set as a best of 25 round experience which may even change in the future. In regards to agents as well there are currently 10 available but there will definitely be more during release. Also, the game is developed in a way so that most machines can run it and a lot of people will be able to hop on and enjoy the experience.

The official release date has not been announced yet but we at least know that it will be during the summer of 2020. Keep in mind though that you will be able to get your hands on the game even sooner than that. The closed beta has already started and there are even rumors of an open beta soonish. The way to get into the closed beta is quite interesting as it is done in such a manner that it will create even more hype for the game.

Currently there is only one way for someone to get into the closed beta and that is through watching streams on Twitch. This is a very interesting way to give out beta keys as it moves away from the typical one where you have to just wait for a random email with a code. By giving out keys to stream viewers it increases the already existing hype and helps the streamers as well. This is a genius way to promote the game and at the same time test it out. Now in regards to getting a key it is still random but at least you are watching interesting content in the process of waiting. There are 4 steps you need to do in order to possibly get a key:

1.       Sign up for a Riot Games account if you haven’t already.

2.       Sign up for a Twitch account as well.

3.       Link up your Riot Games and Twitch accounts together.

4.       Watch a specific stream and wait for a random drop

While it is still an RNG system at least by doing it this way, you will be able to take a look at the game before even playing it. If you check out the Twitch streams currently, Valorant is leading all of the games by a big margin. This means that even before the game itself is out millions of people are already familiar with it and have various thoughts and feedback. This is an incredible way for the developers to gather on hands feedback as well as the one from the viewers. By doing this they can see if the game is fun to watch as well as play. These two things are incredibly important for any competitive game as it has to keep viewers engaged at all times when watching an official match.

Another interesting bit of information which we can end on is the cosmetics part of the game. The developers have announced that there will be a Battle Pass but loot boxes will not be included into the game. Sprays, weapon skins can all be purchased from the in-game store or acquired through the Battle Pass. Also, there has been a little bit of information given about skin progression and how you will be able to have a semi-unique customization for your gun. That is all just pre-release information so it all may change but for not it sounds quite good.