Valorant Release Date


Valorant Release Date


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There is a lot of hype surrounding the up and coming release of Valorant. Before we talk about the expected release date, let us first take a look at the game itself. As we all know Riot Games is famous for their main title in the MOBA genre which everyone knows about. For quite a long time this was their only major game which fans of the developers understood but of course we all want more. This is why during the 10 year Event we were shown quite a bit of games that are currently in development. Riot Games shared their desires to branch out a bit from the known genre and make new and interesting games.

This was an incredible announcement and got people into the hype train for them. One of the games announced there is the one we will be taking a look at today. The free-to-play first person shooter called Valorant which was previously only known as Project A. This is a game expected to take over the FPS market as it has the backing of Riot and has taken a lot of popular mechanics from other shooters. Just by taking a look at the gameplay videos you can see quite a bit of similarities. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it seems to have taken most of the more popular features. It is evident that the developers have taken quite a good look at the current market and want to make something quite competitive. The interesting thing here is that this is something like a mix between every popular FPS game out there. The roots for something amazing are here but still we have to be patient and see it for ourselves.

With Valorant we have the beginning of a very good competitive game which will definitely take the eSports world by storm. The reason we are sure of this is precisely because of the people making the game. The developers at Riot Games have a lot of experience with this kind of work and as we have seen numerous of times are dedicated to providing a quality product. As always they are willing to test out everything and make ground breaking changes if need be. This dedication and passion to providing the best product in the genre is what has brought them fame and trust from the community. If they see that something doesn’t work, unlike others, they are prepared to remove whole gameplay aspects from the game itself and introduce new one. Most likely what we get on release date will be totally different than what we will have six months down the line. We are sure though that given enough time, they will make it just right and will not compromise on time or expense.

The eSports world has been looking for something fresh for people to watch and enjoy. Valorant might just be what was needed as it can combine several FPS audiences.  The look of the game is not necessarily ground breaking but that is intentional. The most important thing for such a free to play game is for it to reach as more people as possible. Even older machines can enjoy what the game offers and play it. This is amazing as it means that of course more people can play and it is another bonus for the eSports fans. The developers themselves have talked about this and have mentioned that the game should be able to work on most machines. Also Riot Games have said that in most major cities around the world there should not be any lag or delay. The netcode is something which they have been obsessing over for years and the anti-cheat system should be fully operational and fleshed out on day one. This is done so that the game can be competitive on release and that people should not worry about anyone ruining their gaming experience. Exactly this knowledge gained from being veterans in the industry is what gives us players hope that the game will be done soon and it will be a quality product. They learn from past mistakes and tend to avoid them, this is definitely a commendable aspect of Riot Games.

Now let us take a look at what the gameplay offers. Just as some other popular games in the genre at the start of a round, you can choose a character. Keep in mind though that currently you are unable to switch between characters during rounds. Once you select someone, they will be with you till the end of the game. Although it seems that the various skills are not the most important things. Here gunplay seems to be the main focus and the abilities as back up. This means that while the characters themselves are important, your skills will be the deciding factor. This is another thing they have most likely done with the idea of it being fun to watch as an eSport.

Finally the release date is not that far away. It is set to appear during the Summer of 2020, this year. This is much sooner that most would have expected. While there is no set date for the release as of yet, it is still not far off from being in our hands. Hopefully we will see each other during a game in Valorant quite soon.