Valorant Release Date and What will offer?


Valorant Release Date and What will offer?

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Today there was an official announcement made by Riot Games in regards to Valorant. We have enjoyed the beta for quite some time now but we didn’t have an exact release date for the game. We only knew that the release is set for the Summer of 2020. Well today the official announcement made by the developers gave us that long-awaited date. Valorant will be officially released for free on June 2nd 2020.

Valorant is a game that took the gaming world by storm. The brilliant marketing strategy and dedication from the studio was what brought millions of players to this game. Ever since its beta release on April 7th 2020, Valorant has now become a household name in the competitive shooter genre. With its combination of already proven and successful game designs it brings some freshness to the currently stale eSports world. The pure reliance on skill accompanied by various of abilities is quite fun and it showed as the game itself already has quite a lot of hype around it. According to one of the developers the game averaged three million players daily and that is quite the number to be honest. It is evident that this game is going to stay around for quite a bit and Riot Games are dedicated to supporting it all the way through the years.

Valorant almost even broke the twitch record for most concurrent viewers as during the Beta’s opening day it had around 1.7 million people watching the game on various of streams. Alongside some well-known streamers there were also quite a bit of lesser known ones that were given the chance to provide drops to the viewers. The way they marketed the game was quite brilliant as Twitch is a very powerful platform currently and its popularity hasn’t stopped rising. With the numerous of streamers dedicated to playing the game daily it was brought to the attention to millions of people and potential players. All of that definitely payed out as Valorant is currently one of the most popular games out there and it hasn’t even released. When the game releases on the 2nd of June 2020 we will be greeted with a new agent, map, game mode and various of new weapons skins and of course a battle pass system. Once the game is officially released, we can expect to see much more content releases and updates as they will be able to gather even more feedback than the one, they already have. Talking about feedback we should also mention that the developers at Riot Games have managed to gather quite a substantial amount of it during this Beta period. As we know this is the first time the studio has done an FPS game but it did not show that much. The feedback that was gathered during this time period will be seen quite soon as most likely once the release date arrives, there will be various of bug fixes and updates that the devs did not know about previously. Overall the game is shaping up to be something that will stay relevant for quite a bit of time.

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