What Kind of Game will Valorant be



What kind of game will Valorant be?


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Valorant is quite the interesting title which is being developed at Riot Games. The game was originally announced as Project A, during the 10 Year anniversary of LoL. There were quite a bit of other games announced as well but Valorant piqued our interest quite a bit. This game seems to be an interesting mix of everything currently popular in the FPS genre. Having the ability to choose a character and also the gunplay mechanics are not something completely original. Although it can also be said that having them in one place and creating a completely different experience is new and original.

While there are definitely two separate viewpoints, we can all agree that it is quite the interesting title. Valorant gains big trust points as it is developed by experienced veterans in the Multiplayer Free-to-Play industry. We can be certain that polish and fun is something we can expect from the game. The developers seem to have set out on creating a truly fun and very competitive shooter. The skill cap seems to be low and high at the same time. This means that everyone will be able to hop into the game and have fun, but you are also free to hone your skills at the same time. While there will be a lot of people enjoying it for the gameplay, a lot will also be there for the skillplay. The option of investing your time and improving your skills in the game is there. This is exactly what other headshot orientated FPS games offer as well. Getting good at the game will definitely take some time. We can expect this game to definitely appear on eSports competitions in the future.

Now let us talk a little bit more about the gameplay of Valorant. Here as most FPS games recently you will also have a choice of characters that match your playstyle. There is quite a variety that we know about currently with more to be announced as time goes. For example currently we know about Phoenix with the ability to rise back from the flames at full health and throw fireballs. This sound like quite the fun hero to try out and will definitely suit the more aggressive players out there. If this does not interest you there are a couple more we know about:

1.       Jett: This character revolves around having the ability to use wind and fog in order to evade enemies or make ambushes. By using these mechanics players will be able to quickly re-locate around the map and skip on fights that are not advantageous.

2.       Viper: This character is based on toxic clouds and deadly acids. By using these abilities you will be able to ruin the focus of enemies and take them out. She will be quite suited for strategic plays and keeping areas under control.

3.       Brimstone: This is a character that is made to ensure that the whole team will have numerous of favorable situations. He is something like a commander on the field that can deploy various air based abilities. He can call down smoke or even choose a location that will be bombarded with air support shots.

4.       Sova: This character is a tracker by nature and can eliminate enemies with amazing precision. With his bow he can fire an arrow that reveals enemies in an area. By using his ability you can always evade an ambush and even make one yourself. His Ultimate ability though is something that can seriously hurt an enemy team. He can fire up to three energy blasts that go through the whole map. By using this ability and his recon bolt in unison he can become a force to be reckoned with.

5.       Cypher: This character can be called the surveillance expert in the group. He is responsible for keeping an eye on enemy movements. By using his abilities you can set up traps for enemies and even reveal their positions on the map. An incredibly interesting ability of his is the Spycam, which can be placed on any location and even fires tracking darts. For example if you are defending a location, you can place it there and have your team attack the enemy when they feel safest. This will be a very powerful character if used wisely.

6.       Sage: An invaluable part of every team is the support. This character is responsible for assisting allies and even resurrecting them if need be. She can slow down enemies, create barriers and even heal. The support has always been a valuable role in any game of this type and she fills those shoes perfectly.

7.       Omen: Lastly we will take a look at the always popular shadow/assassin type of character. With his abilities, you will be able to have the mobility to cross the map quickly and disrupt your enemies. With his shadow based abilities, he will be able to get up close and personal with any enemy. His ultimate ability can even send his shadow to any location on the map and essentially by doing this he has two lives.

Overall Valorant is shaping up to be quite the interesting gaming experience. It is all things we are familiar with but never to this extent. Hopefully the developers at Riot Games give it the attention it needs in order to grow into something special.