What is Valorant



What is Valorant?


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Today we will be taking a look at what Valorant is and where did it come from. This is an incredibly interesting title that until recently we knew only as Project A. This is a Free-To-Play 5v5 FPS title that is being developed by the experienced veterans at Riot Games. The game was first announced during the 10 year anniversary of LoL. The flagship title of Riot Games is an incredibly famous and popular game and just stands to show the dedication of the development team. The same passion for gaming and innovation seems to appear in the videos and screenshots we have been shown.

The game itself is shown to blend some of the most famous aspects of modern FPS gaming. The various characters, amazing gunplay and headshot orientated shooting are just some of them. The developers claim that a lot of work was put into the game so that there is no lag and the hit detection is precise. This is absolutely important if they want to share the game on the Esports arena. This attention to detail and fluid gameplay is what makes all other games in the genre so competitive.  

Before we dive deeper into talking about all we know gameplay wise, we should also mention the release date. As of now we have no concrete date for the release of the game but we know that it will be in the Summer of 2020. The release date is quite soon which is welcome news. While that may seem far for some people there is a saving grace which will appear soon. There is going to be a beta test of the game, which should come out even sooner than the whole game. Once that is released and thoroughly tested, you can definitely expect more information regarding the game from us so keep an eye out.

Now let us talk a little bit more about the most important part, that being the gameplay. As we previously mentioned it will be a 5v5 character based shooter. The thing that differentiates it from most other games in the genre is that once you select a hero, you will only play with them to the end of the match. You are unable to change between rounds. Every character will have four distinct abilities, two of which have to be purchased between rounds. This means that you have to at times sacrifice a better weapon for one of your skills. Keep in mind that every round has sudden death so it is possible to lose everything you purchased. Money management will be very important in this game and you should always keep that in mind.

While you will have access to numerous of abilities, they are not the main focus of the game itself. Gunplay is much more important as your ultimate for example can have a cooldown of a couple rounds. You will not be able to spam it as frequently as you would in other games. Here you will have to use it sparingly and only in important situations. It can be a game turner but if it is wasted prematurely, the loss to the team is severe. It will always keep people on edge like this and especially as the guns are quite powerful themselves. They are made in a way so that headshots can be almost insta-kills and rifles can take you out with two or three bullets to the torso. It is quite a difficult game to master but these exact ideas make it easy to get into. You will be able to defeat even a highly skilled opponent if you use tactics. This is what makes the game very fun and competitive. Your personal abilities will be a very deciding factor as you cannot be carried by your character and their skills alone.

Now that we mentioned characters a couple of times, let us take a look at them and what they are exactly. Currently we have 8 announced with a guarantee that 10 will be available on release. We know about Sova, Phoenix, Cypher, Viper, Jett, Brimstone, Saga and Omen. They are all quite different from each other and bring different things to the table. Some are perfect for more strategic and defensive players as they can be used to create ambushes or defend points. Scouts are also included in the roster as they can locate enemies and keep your team informed at all times. They have even included a healer which is quite surprising as they can even resurrect you and your teammates. Lastly for those of you that like shadowy characters with high mobility and stealth the developers have also created Omen.

In regards to guns we have the ones typically expected in shooters like Pistols, Snipers, Melee, Shotguns, Rifles, SMGs and Heavies. The included weapons are quite familiar to most FPS players and will definitely help with getting into the game. The familiarity will make most players feel comfortable and keep them longer. This is always amazing as a success of a game is a success for everyone interested in gaming.

In regards to micro transactions we have not been told too much about them from Riot Games but we still have some knowledge. All characters can be unlocked just from playing the game which most likely means that the whole roster will not be free at launch. They have announced that micro transactions will be in-game but they will not give any sort of competitive edge. This is welcome news as we have seen many times how unfair micro transactions can ruin whole games.

Lastly let us take a look at another aspect of the game which will make it amazing for Esports. The anti-cheat system and the servers themselves are some of the most important things in a Multiplayer game. The software against hackers has been thoroughly developed so that every common hack will not be able to be used. They want a fair and fun experience for every player. Now regarding their servers as well, a lot of work has been put into it. They will be using server technology developed for LoL so that every shot hits where it is supposed to be and there are no delays. This is incredibly important in a game like this as getting killed is quite easy.

Overall the game itself is quite interesting and mixes up a lot of currently popular features. We are sure that the polish on it will be good and the developers will take care of it. The fact that Riot Games already knows a lot about the industry is a good thing and it means we will have a quality experience in the end.