Alliance Leveling Guide


WoW Classic Alliance Levelling Guide


First of all, keep in mind that in Vanilla, the available quests are not shown on your mini map. Therefore, you should always keep in mind that a quest hub may be lurking just around the corner. Therefore, we will help you with information about the order of the zones you should level your Alliance characters in and the quest hubs available in WoW Classic.  

Alliance leveling zones in Vanilla WoW


Depending on your race you will grind the first 10 levels in either Elwynn Forest, Teldrassil or Dun Morogh. Of course, if you fancy a long journey, you may go to e.g. Elwynn Forest as an elf or to Dun Morogh as a human. 

In Elwynn, after doing the first couple of quests in Northshire, go to Goldshire and do the available quests there. Then move on south and travel between the farms doing whatever quests you can find. After completing those, go east to Eastvale Logging Camp do the bidding of the local NPCs. Lastly, go west, at the border with Westfall and do the chain that culminates into dealing with Hogger and getting probably your first green item. 

In Teldrassil, you will start in Shadowglen. All the quests are given by a couple of NPCs, all close to each other. After completing your tasks, move south to Dolanaar. The majority of the quests are available in and around the town. Do them. Then while moving westwards towards Darnassus, turn north and you will find the Oracle Glade. Those are the last quests that will take you to level 10. 

In Dun Morogh, the first quests are in Coldridge Valley. The dwarves and gnomes there will ask various favors like getting rid of wolves and other pests. After finishing those, move eastwards towards Kharanos. Complete the quests there and move to Brewnall Village to the west. When done there, go eastwards and before venturing into Loch Modan turn to the south and complete the tasks at Gol’Bolar Quarry. 


Since this is an Alliance guide, we’d recommend Westfall as your next destination. This is so, because there you will get the quests for the Deadmines, the first instance available in the Alliance territory. However, it will most likely be overly populated due to this very fact. Therefore, if you prefer a calmer and not overcrowded zone, consider Loch Modan or Darkshore. 

You will find yourself in Westfall right after ridding Elwynn from the threat of Hogger. The first couple of quests are right at the fork of the road. After dealing with several farming problems, you will move to Sentinel Hill. There you’ll deal with the various thugs that threaten the wellbeing of the local population, eventually culminating in the lucrative Deadmines quests. 


Redridge mountains is the place to go when you are done in Westfall. Again, due to its popularity and the easy quests it will most likely be full of people. If you prefer a more isolated areas, consider for example the last quests in Darkshore and the first in Ashenvale. 

In Redridge Mountains, the quests start right after you enter the zone. After killing a couple of spiders and gnolls, you move forward towards the town of Lakeshire. This is the major quest hub in the area. There you will get long chain quests which will take you well beyond 23-24 level.


 As an Alliance player in Classic WoW you can get from 25 to 30 in a couple of zones. They are Ashenvale, Duskwood and Wetlands. If you play on a PvP server and you are actively looking for some open world PvP by all means go to Ashenvale. You will get some action there since the Horde also has quests there. Furthermore, in this zone you will get dungeon quests for Blackfathom Deeps. 

So, if you completed all the elven quests so far, you will find yourself in this zone.  The first quest hub is at the Maestra’s post. After finishing those, move to the southeast along the road and you will find yourself in Astranaar. Do all the quests there and then move westwards towards the sea at the Zoram’s Strand. Do what quests you can find there and then go back eastwards, past Astranaar, towards Raynewood Retreat. The friendly treants and other NPCs will provide you with more tasks and eventually experience. After doing those, move south towards Talondeep path and finish the Ashenvale quest line. 

If you don’t like elves or if you just finished the Redridge mountains quests, just move southwest into Duskwood. On the other hand, if you like swimming in marshes and venturing into caves infested with orcs, go to Wetlands. We don’t, so we are going to continue with the Duskwood guide. Furthermore, Duskwood is bordering the next zone, which is a must: Stranglethorn Vale.

So, when you enter Duskwood from Redridge Mountains, first you will enter Darkshire, the major quest hub in Duskwood. Complete the quests there then go all the way to the west at the Raven Hil Cemetery. Deal with what bothers the NPCs there and move on. 

Don’t forget to visit the quest givers at the camp on the very northwestern tip of Duskwood, at the border with Westfall and Elwynn Forest. Go back along the road towards Darkshire and stop at the fork of the road leading to Stranglethorn vale. Do the quests there and you will be ready for the ganking extravaganza of STV.


Stranglethorn Vale is probably the zone with the most open world PvP. This is so because a big portion of the quests are shared among the Horde and the Alliance. If you are on a PvE server, this is the place to hard grind and level up professions such as skinning and herbalism. 

With this said, after entering STV, take the path to your right and up the hill towards Rebel Camp. Do the quests there. Afterwards go to Nesingwary’s Expedition camp and start do the chain quests revolving around killing wildlife. Move towards the Lake Nazferity and help the goblins there. 


Go to Desolace on Kalimdor. The first quest hub is in Nijel’s Point in the northeast corner of the map. You’ll get plenty of quests there. Then, following the road south go either left or right. If you go right, there are two quest hubs: one at the shore of the sea and one at the Kodo Graveyard to the south. If you took the left turn, go to Kolkar village and do the quests there. 

Afterwards, go back to STV and finish all the quests available in Booty Bay and those you still have left from Hemet Nesingwary. 


Tanaris is the place to go at this point. There are a couple of quest hubs in there. The first one is Gadgetzan. There are some of the quests for the Zul Farrak instance too. Do what you can there and then move to the east. At the shore you will find the Steamwheedle port. Do the quests there. After completing those, go to Feralas. On the islands west of the shore you’ll find the Feathermoon Stronghold. Completing those quests will get you to ready to move on to the next zone. 


Enter Felwood from the south through Ashenvale. The first quests are available at the Emerald Sanctuary. After completing those, just move north and take every major fork of the main road. Those forks will often lead you to small villages offering a bunch of quests. When you are done with your tour northwards, you’ll be either 50 or very close to it. 


AT level 50, go to Un’goro crater, west of Tanaris. The quests there start right after you move in. When done with that short chain, go to the camp at the northernmost point of the zone, up the hill behind the Lakkari Tar Pits. The quests in this zone are similar to those Nesingwary offers and revolve around killing dinos and exploring. 

After touring the crater, it’s time to move again, this time towards the continent of Eastern Kingdoms, where you are going to ultimately reach level 60. The next zone is Searing Gorge, where the main quest hub is at Thorium Point, in the north part of the zone. The quests there are self-explanatory and will lead you towards unrolling the whole story of the zone. 


At this point, move southwards, through Blackrock Mountain into the Burning Steppes. The quests there are crucial, since you’ll get the attunement quest for Molten Core there, along with a couple of dungeon quests for Blackrock Depths. The main quest hub is at Morgan’s Vigil, in the south east part of the map. Just follow the torches along the path winding up the hill and you’ll find it. 

After completing those, you will probably be around 57-58 level and the time for the final grind comes. The last two zones that you’ll go to are the Western and the Eastern Plaguelands. The quests there are few, but some of them are for the instance of Scholomance. The first quest hub is located in the Chillwind Camp, right after you enter the zone. 

There are some more, if you take a right turn at the fork of the road and head towards Uther’s tomb. You’ll find other tasks in Andorhal, in the middle of the map and in the far northern part where Hearthglen is. To find Hearthglen, just follow the road north from the Mender’s point. 

The last zone you’ll want to go to is Eastern Plaguelands. The quests here are quite dispersed all around the zone. However, there is one major hub: Light’s Hope Chapel, home to the Argent Crusade. Complete whatever tasks they have available there and you’ll be very close to level 60. At this point, find a spot with lots of mobs and devoid of other players and grind your way up to 60.

Congratulations! You are now eligible to wipe in Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair!



After you’ve read our guide, you can see that the levelling process in WoW Classic is going to be a lengthy and tedious business. There are going to be a lot of zone hopping where the last couple of levels are very hard to come by. Therefore, we encourage you to not only look for the quest hubs, but also freely farm whatever mobs you can find, preferably in a place without many other players. 

Furthermore, if you are one of the classes that experience difficulties solo levelling, such as a warrior, by all means team up with a friend or two to make the leveling process in Classic Wow less painful. In fact, especially if you plan to just grind the last couple of levels without doing quests, we recommend teaming up with others and grinding your way u together.