Best Classes for PvP in WoW Classic



Best Classes for PvP in WoW Classic


If you have already checked our article about  Best Classes for PvE in Classic WoW, we will now take you to a journey concerning the other aspect of the game: PvP. 

PvP is usually fun. Usually, unless you are on the receiving end. To remedy that, and if you want to focus mainly on PvP, we’ll share with you our thoughts on the matter. 

Firstly, let’s discuss the Grand Marshal / High Warlord titles and what they offer except for bragging rights. They offer weapons. Those weapons are very good. However, the classes whose DPS depends on their weapon are mainly physical damage dealers, such as: warriors, rogues, retribution paladins, hunters, enhancement shamans. Feral druids do not benefit from the weapon itself, but rather from the stats that it offers. Here we imply that if you are a spellcaster, your damage or healing will not be so dependent on your weapon. 

Secondly, we are going to talk about battlegrounds, dueling and world PvP. 

The classes in Vanilla WoW and what they offer in PvP


Just like in PvE, mages excel in PvP too. They are good both in a 1v1 scenarios and in battlegrounds. The only downside of a mage in PvP is the lack of self healing. That is, if your opponents live long enough. The safest build you can use is deep frost. It offers amazing control potential both in 1v1 and in organized groups. With this build you’ll get powerful cooldowns such as Ice Block and Cold Snap. 

The improved slows will be a huge burden for your enemies too. On the other hand, you can be the 3 minutes mage. It is full arcane with Pyroblast. This build is very good for dueling, since it offers the most burst. For some sustained fights such as in battlegrounds, we recommend you to play frost.


If you see a warlock with the Soul Link talent active, just don’t bother. This is probably the most durable 1v1 opponent that you can find. Firstly, the warlocks have a very good self sustain. Secondly, their pets, even without the demonology talents can silence you or charm you on the top of the class’ own crowd control. If you add the 30% less damage from Soul Link and the possibility of sacrificing a voidwalker, it is almost impossible to 1v1 a warlock. In battlegrounds, however, they will most likely play destruction or affliction. 

The deep affliction offers MORE DOTS, meaning that such a warlock can singlehandedly turn you into an Onyxia in phase 2. The destruction spec is mainly used in organized groups and premade battlegrounds, due to its amazing burst potential. 


The hunter in WoW Classic is exceptional at world PvP and in dueling. The hunter’s pet will constantly be on you while the player himself will be away unloading onto your sorry arse. However, there is a trick. Hunters have the so called “dead zone”. This means that someone is too close for a hunter to shoot him and at the same time too far away to use melee abilities. 

A good example for this can be an affliction warlock: with curse of exhaustion, dots and life drain. However, if you, as a hunter, manage to keep your distance, you are a force to be reckoned with in 1v1 scenarios. In battlegrounds, hunters offer utility under the form of various slowing and freezing traps, stings, etc. However, most of the organized groups would prefer a mage for similar utility on a grander scale. 


Probably one of the most disgusting opponents. Apart from the exceptional damage and with certain builds, one-shot potential, this class has a decent crowd control too. However, we are talking here about 1v1 scenarios. Of course, if you can manage to kill someone while his pal is sapped, blinded and gouged, then you can 1v2. But that’s it. With this said, the rogue in PvP is very cooldown dependent. 

Of course, if you are with full Naxx gear and you are ganking newbies in blues, the cooldowns and build doesn’t matter. In battlegrounds, rogues usually crowd control and eventually kill the enemy healers. With their burst and crowd control, if the enemy does not respond quickly their healers and spellcasters will be crying on the Spirit Healer’s shoulder soon enough. 


Similar to the mage, the warrior is exceptional both in PvE and in PvP. A mage can singlehandedly wreck chaos in the midst of his opponents with slows, polymorphs and other crowd control tools. The warrior on the other hand, needs heavy support. Additionally, in PvP as a warrior you’ll need to most likely be Arms, due to the amazing mechanics that Mortal Strike has. 

Furthermore, if you play horde and have Windfury totem and Sword Specialization, with a bit of luck you can literally one-shot most of your opponents. But as we said the warrior needs heavy support. They don’t have self-sustain and are also prone to kiting. If, on the other hand, you find a friendly healer, as an Arms warrior you’ll be an unstoppable behemoth in battlegrounds. 

The fury specialization fits very well in PvE, but in PvP, without Mortal Strike a fury warrior cannot do very much. As a tank, you can singlehandedly defend a flag in Arathi Basin. Or if your premade group doesn’t have a druid for a flag carrier, you can fill the gap as a protection warrior. 


In Vanilla WoW shamans can be only Horde

In PvP as a shaman you bring amazing utility, rivaled only by the paladin’s. The almost infinite combinations of totems, combined with Purge and Bloodlust if needed, makes the shaman in PvP a formidable opponent. The class offers incredible burst to his friendly melees via Windfury Totem and is therefore sought after in almost all premades. Furthermore, a shaman with his Ghost Wolf can server as a flag carrier if there isn’t any druid in the battleground.

With your Restoration spec, similar to PvE, you’ll be a very useful addition to your group. The shaman offers quite acceptable single target healing and godlike AoE healing in large scale battlegrounds, such as Alterac Valley. Furthermore, with the Nature Swiftness talent, you can also add some burst damage or healing and help finishing off an enemy flag carrier or top off yours. 

The elemental shaman, if also talented with nature’s Swiftness from the resto tree offers similar one-shot potential like the 3 minutes mage. Since as elemental you’ll stack spell damage / healing, you can also serve as an off healer. Lastly, the spec’s mana problems are irrelevant in PvP, no matter if 1v1 or in battlegrounds. Therefore, if you like the cooldown dependent burst potential with some not so bad healing presence, by all means try the elemental shaman. 

The enhancement we are going to put into the meme category of classes. Don’t frown, just bear with us. Despite of the numerous YouTube montages of enhancements one-shotting people, it depends purely on luck. If you don’t get procs of your windfury, you are useless. If it procs, you can one-shot people when you get a bit of gear. Kind of like retribution paladin who can self-resurrect himself.  Not great, not terrible.


In WoW Classic as a priest you have different priest spells, depending on your race. Oftentimes those racials are the deal breaker when you are wondering what kind of priest to play. For full information about them, read our guide about Best PvE classes in Vanilla

Holy and Discipline are going to be under the common term “healers” in this guide. A priest is the most formidable and versatile healer that you can have. Apart from the class being exceptional at both single target and AoE healing, it also brings some utility. The priests bring AoE fear, stamina buff and most importantly an offensive dispel. Furthermore, as a healing priest you have instant healing and absorption spells such as Renew, Prayer of Mending and Power Word: Shield. Lastly, you can help with damaging your opponents with Smite, which has a very short casting time, as well as DoT-ting them. 

The shadow spec, similar to the elemental shaman is not concerned about the mana problems in PvP, making it viable in both 1v1 situations and in organized battlegrounds. The utility is exactly the same as with the healing priest. However, the shadow priest is known as the “face melter”. With high burst potential, Silence, the slow from Mind Fray, self-healing and damage reduction from SHadowform, the shadow priest is an incredibly formidable foe in 1v1. In battlegrounds, however, the shadow priest is usually taken if no other healing priest is available, which is almost never. 


Opposite to the Horde’s shaman, the Alliance have paladins. Similar to the shamans, the paladins offer tons of utility under the form of various blessings and auras. 

As a paladin at 60 level, you’ll most certainly be holy. The holy spec is somewhat controversial in PvP. As we said, it offers great utility, e.g. Blessing of Freedom, Blessing of Protection, etc. However, the spec’s only instant heal is Holy Shock, which most of the holy paladins will talent into. The rest are hard casts, which of course are prone to interruption by half of the classes in the game. And Divine Shield has a cooldown of course. 

If you are one of the lucky few who still play retribution at level 60, then by all means take the deep protection talent Reckoning and afterwards put the rest of your talents into the Retribution tree. How Reckoning works, is that after being a victim of a critical strike, you gain an extra attack. Versus a rapidly attacking opponent such as a rogue this is amazing. Combined with the proc of Seal of Command, it gives you a formidable burst potential. That is in 1v1 though and versus certain classes. In battlegrounds, however, people will almost always prefer a holy paladin, due to its healing output and similar utility.  As Protection, you’ll possibly get a spot as a flag carrier in battlegrounds if there aren’t any druids around. But just don’t. 


In Warsong Gulch every team will want a druid for a flag carrier. They are simply unstoppable, fast and tanky, if talented as a bear.  The restoration druid is very different in WoW Classic from its Retail counterpart. The only 2 instant heals are Rejuvenation and Swiftmend (if talented). Otherwise the druid has to hard cat healing touch. The Balance offers the same utility as the Restoration but with awkward damage and a bit of healing.

The Feral, however, brings the most into both open world PvP and in battlegrounds. The feral, especially if with bear talents is the most tanky and the most mobile flag carrier you can get in Warsong Gulch. Furthermore, while leveling the cat feral is basically a rogue who can heal himself and crowd control you. Good luck dealing with that. 


All the spellcasting classes are good in both 1v1 and in battlegrounds. It depends on what you are looking for and what your playstyle is. If you prefer control, then play mage. If you prefer a bit of immortality, then the warlock is your class. Of the melees, the rogue and ARMS warrior are kings, similar to the PvE potential of both of the classes. 

Of the healers, you’ll most likely want a shaman as Horde and a paladin as Alliance and as many priests as you can get in organized PvP scenarios. You’ll likely not do much of a world PvP on your healing spec. 

Also, druids! In Warsong Gulch always bring at least one, no matter the spec. offers exclusive PvP boosting services, provided by experienced players in reasonable time frames.