Do hunters in Vanilla WoW use mana/intellect?


Do hunters in Vanilla WoW use mana/intellect?



The hunters are sharp shooting, beast taming and solo farming machines. You will see a few in every raid group and in some of the five men groups. Although they truly shine on the fields and in the forests grinding materials and gold. When a hunter has better gear at 60 level he can solo dungeons and farm elites in Tyr’s Hand and Hearthglen and amass piles of gold.

However, in order to sustainably do that, he has to check the bar under his health bar. And in Vanilla WoW it is blue. 

Intelect and mana for hunters?

Yes. Most definitely.  In retail hunters started using focus in Cataclysm. Nowadays, it is still the primary resource for their damage.  You use it for most of your shots, skills and spells. However it wasn’t like that in WoW Classic.

In Vanilla, when an item with several (or for that matter all) stats on it dropped, everyone joked that it was a hunter’s weapon. But the joke wasn’t without some hard facts behind it. In WoW Classic, as a hunter, you are going to need most of the stats. 

Strength gives you 1 melee attack power for each point of strength. In retail a melee survival hunter is something that you can occasionally see here and there. In Vanilla the class has only a couple of melee strikes, which are not intended to deal massive amounts of damage. Also, on end game gear designed for hunters, you won’t find any strength, sue to its questionable usefulness.  


This, like in retail, is your primary stat. It gives not only ranged attack power, but also dodge and critical strike rating. The reason this will be your primary stat is that you’ll spend 99% of your time shooting from afar. Furthermore, 1 point of agility gives you 2 ranged attack power. Every 53 points of agility give you 1% critical chance and 1% dodge. 


Simple as it is stamina gives you HP. 1 point of stamina equals 10HP. This shouldn’t be something that you specifically aim towards, since most of the time either your pet or the party / raid tank will soak the damage for you. If, on the other hand you are more into PvP, then by all means, stack that stamina high until it reaches the sky.  


You most definitely need it. Ha-ha! Those who started playing from later expansions, are used to the infinite focus that you as a hunter can generate. It is much like a rogue’s energy, only it is orange. In Vanilla however, like all others except warriors and rogues, hunters use mana for all their skills, shots traps, etc. 

Some of them even scale with Spell Damage, like Arcane Shot and Volley. Like all the other mana users in the game, as a hunter you should pay close attention to your blue bar and manage it wisely. Because if you run out of mana, your DPS from white auto attacks will be very, very low. 

Some pieces of gear provide a bit of intellect. Some even have mana regen on them. But bear in mind, that albeit important, intellect should never be your priority stat that you aim for. Just watch your mana bar cautiously and use consumables. 


Since you aren’t a priest or a druid, priest should be the least desirable stat for you as a hunter. You don’t benefit from it in any other way apart from slowly regenerating small portions of health and mana when out of combat.  

Apart from the intellect and mana being weirdly present on the hunter’s character, we should also take a note about the pets in Vanilla WoW. Just like in retail, in Classic you are able to tame most of the wildlife across Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. However, your pets have talents. Yes. Talents! And they train skills, just like you. So once in a while you’ll have to visit a pet trainer, who is usually located next to the hunter trainer and teach your pet new skills. Also, depending on your pet’s type it will have different abilities. For example, boars will have charge, cats will have claw and so on. Lastly, just like your dog, cat, fish or whatever other pest you keep at home, the in-game pets also require love and attention mainly under the form of food. 

You have to keep your pet fed with food depending on the animal’s type but usually meat and fish will do the job for most of the pets out there. When fed, your trusty beast companion will increase its happiness and loyalty. This, in turn will increase its fighting capabilities: your pet will deal more damage, its abilities won’t get resisted and so on. If the pet is unhappy though, it will derail from the path you have taught him and eventually abandon you. 

Another fun fact is that as a hunter, you will need ammo, depending on your ranged weapon type. Bows shoot with arrows and guns with bullets. You will also need a quiver or an ammo pouch to store your projectiles in. The sad part is that the said ammo container will eat up one of your bag slots. However, the end game quivers and such provide you with attack speed, flat damage and the like. Also, as an engineer you can craft your own ammo, and the second to best one is crafted by engineers. Finally, you should always keep in mind that just like your mana, your ammunitions are not infinite and need replenishment in order for you to play your class. 

However, a lot of water have passed under the Azeroth bridge. With the arrival of Cataclysm, hunters no longer use mana. Ammo has also been removed from the game. When you tame a pet, its level is similar to yours and you will lose less time in levelling it and training it. And that’s about it. The core hunter mechanics haven’t been drastically changed since then. 

Well, the core hunter mechanics haven’t been changed at all: you have a pet and you shoot from afar. Apart from this, the hunters nowadays are tremendously different from their brethren in Vanilla WoW. And if you enjoy the class that is a master of all hard solo encounters and raid pulls, by all means, make one and start paying attention to your mana bar, just like a mage.  


So, do hunters need intellect in Vanilla WoW? Yes, they do. Do they have a mana bar? Yes, they do. 

You shouldn’t explicitly aim towards mail items with intellect, but instead use consumables and conserve mana when possible. Because a hunter without mana in WoW Classic is like a warrior without rage: not completely useless but very close to that. Also, note that you’ll need to literally take care of your pet while also manage your inventory and ammo. 

With all that said, normally you shouldn’t have mana problems if you pay attention to the pace that you deplete your blue bar. However, the mana potions will be your friends in raids and other long encounters. 

If you struggle with levelling your hunter or with acquiring of end game gear, you should always keep in mind that here at we can help you professionally and in time and solve those problems for you.