How long will it take to get to level 60 in WoW Classic?




How long indeed? It depends on what your aim is while experiencing Vanilla WoW. If you like exploring, levelling professions, etc., then it will not be the fastest journey. If you aim to be among the first to reach the maximum level in order to immediately start raiding, you can reach level 60 in a couple of days. 

It also vastly depends on your class’ abilities to farm and deal alone with the gaming content. Lastly, and most importantly, it depends on your commitment. Jokerd got to the level cap of 60 in just a bit over 3 days on his mage. However, the average player who can invest a bit more hours per day to play the game, can expect to reach the level cap in about a week of /played time.  

Getting to level 60

Before we start discussing, let’s take a look at the experience required for every 10th level:

  • 10 level: 35.200

  • 20 level: 190.400

  • 30 level: 546.400

  • 40 level: 1.340.900

  • 50 level: 2.453.600

  • 60 level: 4.084.700

As you can see, the amount of experience that you are going to need to get from level 50 to level 60 is a smidge lower than the total experience from level 1 to level 50. Also, in the beginning the completion of a single quest awards you with approximately 10% of the experience required to level up. In the late game though, a single quest will contribute with approximately 3%. 


Of course, there are quests of the type “kill these mobs” and get some bonus XP. There are those, of course, which require you to go to the other end of the world and talk to someone, who will then send you across the map again to talk with another NPC. The moral is: don’t just do quests, if you want to get to 60 faster. Farm whatever mobs you can, too. While doing so, there is a high chance that you may be ganked be the opposite faction members. If you are not a fan of open world PvP, think about abusing the layering system. Blizzard Entertainment started using layering in World of Warcraft Classic, as to make the levelling experience less frustrating. 

Best and Worst classes for solo Classic levelling

Probably the best class for solo levelling is the mage with a Frost specialization. At least this is how Jokerd achieved world first. The mage is overpowered when it comes to AoE farming. With tools such as Improved Blizzard, Cold Snap, Ice Block and Ice Barrier, you will not only be able to rapidly kill many mobs at the same time, but you will also have the survivability to do so. 

The other classes that are very good at solo farming are those with pets: hunter and warlock. As a hunter using the Beastmastery specialization you will easily kill very strong adversaries. At some point your pet will become so powerful, that it will mostly kill the mobs alone and in fact you will serve as your pet’s pet, helping it in the fights. 

The warlock, as a Demonologist, similar to the hunter will have his or her Voidwalker to effectively tank everything, while the player himself will just DoT the mobs and wand them down. As an Affliction lock, your pets will not be so powerful, but your self sustain will be so good, that you can just forget resting and drinking or eating. However, both the hunter and the warlock can kill one or two mobs at the time and while they will do it efficiently, they can never reach the amazing AoE potential of the mage. 

The worse class for levelling is, hands down, the warrior, no matter of the specialization

As a warrior you deal a ton of damage but dealing with more than a single mob without cooldowns is a futile endeavor. Furthermore, since the warrior has no self-sustain, killing a mob that is even your level can turn into a dangerous task if your gear is not the best for your level. And finally, again due to the lack of self-sustain, you’ll lose a lot of time eating or bandaging between the pulls. The slowest levelling class is perhaps the priest. Not that they cannot kill mobs easily, but because they do so veeeeeeery slowly. 

The Spirit Tap talent helps somewhat with their mana management between pulls, but for a priest to drink never or very rarely, you need to have nerves of steel. Basically, all you do is shield yourself, DoT the mob cast a Mindblast or Holy Fire and wand the mob down. And it takes ages. 

Druids and rogues are getting their honorable mention too. Not because they are amazing at levelling, but because they can complete certain quests by stealthing past the surrounding mobs and reaching their final destination faster. 


You can mostly skip the questing experience in Vanilla WoW’s game world. That is, you can just farm yourself to level 60. If you are playing some of the classes that fare well in solo farming, by all means find a remote spot full of mobs in a zone that is not very popular and make that zone your new home. Levelling in this manner provides not only a great amount of experience, but also lots of gold. 

Jokerd had 300 gold in his bags when he hit level 60, without the mats and other Auction House worthy items, and that is after he bought his 40 level mount. So, if you are OK with spending most of your screen time on mechanically killing the same monsters over and over again, by all means do so and get to 60 as fast as you can. 

However, if you are playing a class that has troubles levelling alone, make a group and start farming dungeons. It works in the same way as farming outside, but without the option of open world PvP. In our opinion, this method works best when conducted in a group of friends with whom you can talk over Discord or guildies, or some other social people, who disprove the term “nerd”. 

While talking about dungeons, be advised: do them. There are usually several quests to be completed in each and every dungeon. Of course, the Horde has the exclusive rights to Ragefire Chasm and the Alliance to The Stockades. However, those dungeon quests usually reward a fat amount of experience, so you should do your dungeons only after you have got all the quests. 


There are some people, stating that the addons only cripple their gaming experience. Those are probably the same people who drink extremely hoppy IPAs or sugarless coffee, explaining that they pay for the real thing. However, we at prefer things to be done efficiently, so we’ll give you some tips about the must-have addons while levelling. 

Questie: it shows the available quests all around the world, similar to the interface of the current retail WoW expansion, Battle for Azeroth. 

VendorPrice: it displays the price that a vendor will give you for an item. This is again a very useful addon, when it comes to deleting stuff and clearing your bags, especially early on when you don’t have much bagspace. 

What’s Training?: it shows you when you can train new abilities and new ranks without visiting a class trainer. 


It will be a slow process. Depending on the class you play it might also be a painful one. If you are an average player who enjoys farming, you’ll need approximately a week or 168 hours of played time to reach the game level cap. If you haven’t played the latest official expansion of World of Warcraft (BfA), let’s make something clear: Gingi from Method got from level 110 to 120 in less than 5 hours. And the world first in WoW Classic needed more than 3 days. This perspective can be daunting, but remember why you do it. Because of the 15 year old nostalgia that gnaws at you. Or because you are done with the brown colored and funny smelling customer support of the private servers. 

No matter why you are leveling your toon we at can help you if you get tired, bored or disgusted by the levelling experience that Blizzard Entertainment offers in Vanilla WoW. Our team is built of professional WoW players and offer levelling services, completed in time.