Molten Core Guide for WoW Classic


Molten Core Guide for WoW Classic



Molten Core (MC) is one of the first raid instances in WoW Classic. To enter it, you have to do a prequest, because if you don’t, you’ll have to clear the whole lot of BRD in order to enter the raid. The attunement quest and how to do it, together with similar quests for the rest of the raids in Vanilla, you can find on our Raid Attunement Page.

To be successful in MC you need a group of 40 men and some of the fights require multiple tanks. Generally, the drop consists of Tier 1, complete with all kinds of weapons, trinkets, rings, etc. There are however several noteworthy and important drops.

Firstly, the last boss Ragnaros drops Tier 2 pants. Secondly, from MC warriors, paladins and rogues can start their quest for the who said it? Thunderfury, one of the very few legendaries in WoW Classic. Thirdly, again from the Ragnaros loot warriors, paladins and enhancement shamans can start their quest for obtaining the 2 handed mace Sulfaras. Other noteworthy drops are the hunter only Ancient Leaf that starts the quest for Rhok’delar and the priest only trinket, The Eye of Divinity that starts the quest for Benediction / Anathema which is the BiS staff, good both for a healer and a shadow priest.  

Alongside with all the loot that you’ll get from the raid there is also a reputation to be grinded there. It is with the Hydraxian Waterlords. We at recommend that you first get honored with the faction before doing anything else. The raid consists of ten bosses and loads and loads of trash mobs, so getting honored shouldn’t be a problem. After getting honored, go to Azshara and speak to Duke Hydraxis. He is located at 79,73. If you do not have any coordinates addon, simply take a look at Azshara’s coastline. It is shaped like a big crescent. The Duke is located off the coast of the lower horn of the crescent.

Duke Hydraxis will give you a series of quests. The first one will send you to Eastern Plaguelands where you’ll acquire 12 bracers from Discordant Surges. Afterwards, you’ll need to go to UBRS and kill the mini boss named Emberseer and loot his eye. Then, Hydraxis will finally send you to MC. The first task for you will be to kill one of the following trash mobs: a Fire Lord, a Molten Giant, an Ancient Core Hound and a Lava Surger. After handing this quest in, the Duke will ask you to become honored with the Hydraxian Waterlords. This is why we recommended that you firstly become honored, since if you already are at this point, you can simply continue with his quests. If not, get honored. When done, you will once again return to the raid, kill four bosses in Molten Core, loot their hands and bring them back to Hydraxis in Azshara. After completing the last part of the chain, and when you talk with him again, you’ll get an Aqual Quintessence.

The above-mentioned quintessence is a vital part of the raid itself, since it is used to summon the second-to-last boss Majordomo. It works in the following way. All the bosses in MC apart from Lucifron and Baron Geddon have runes on the ground beside them. Those runes have to be extinguished by dousing them with water, a.k.a. with an Aqual Quintessence. Only when all the runes are doused out you can summon Majordomo. However, bear in mind that this item is unique and you can have only one in your bags. Therefore, several raid members should carry one in their inventory in order to douse all the runes and summon Majordomo.  

When you reach revered with the Hydraxian Waterlords, only the bosses in Molten Core will continue giving you reputation. But before that you can farm it both inside and outside the raid instance. Outside of MC you can go to Silithus and farm the Desert Rumblers and the Dust Stormers for 5 reputation each. Inside the raid, you will get reputation from various trash mobs, e.g. the Lava Elementals, Core Hounds, Lava Surgers, etc.    

Molten Core bosses strategy guide

1.     Lucifron

The boss himself is accompanied by 2 adds called Flamewalker Protectors. They Cleave and cast Dominate Mind. The main tank should take the boss to the end of the room and face him towards the wall. Two hunters with distracting shot should pull the adds away from the boss and wait for the off tanks to arrive. The off tanks will then pick the 2 adds and face them in a similar manner but facing away from the main tank, so the main tank does not get hit by Cleave. This way the raid, while nuking the adds, will be able to also deal damage to the boss.

Every once in a while, the 2 Flamewalker Protectors will cast Dominate mind, effectively mind controlling a raid member. This should be immediately dispelled because the said raid member can easily fall victim of his friendly DPS. The ranged DPS and the healers should stand at minimum 20 yards away from the adds in order for them not to be mind controlled.

Apart from the adds, Lucifron himself has 3 noteworthy abilities: Impeding Doom, Lucifron’s Curse and Shadow Shock. The first one deals shadow damage after 10 seconds and the second one increases the cost (energy, rage, mana) of all abilities by 100%. Both should be immediately dispelled. It is a good idea to have healers assigned to only dispelling the tanks so they don’t die by the debuffs. If you are a healer and not assigned to dispelling a given target, it is imperative to get the Decursive addon, which tremendously helps with dispelling in a raid setting. The third ability, Shadow Shock has 20 yards range and deals shadow damage to a random raid member. Make sure everyone is buffed with Shadow protection and that one of your paladins use Shadow Resistance Aura.  

Lucifron fight summary: Don’t get cleaved by the adds and don’t kill the mind-controlled raid member. Dispels, dispels and then some more dispels.

2.     Magmadar

The boss should be tanked where he stands. The ranged DPS and the healers should be at max range. Every so often, the boss will spit a patch of fire on the ground. This is one of the birth places of the classic meme: Don’t stand in the fire. If someone gets hit, the healers should immediately dispel him, since the applied DoT deals massive damage.

Furthermore, Magmadar will cast Panic. This is essentially an AoE fear in close to medium area around the boss. This is the reasons why the ranged DPS and the healers should stay at max range. When Panic is being cast, the warriors should use Berserker Rage and / or the dwarf priests should use their Fear Ward. If the tank gets feared, the boss will turn loose on the raid. Therefore, keeping the tank not feared is imperative. Panic is cast every 30 seconds and Deadly Boss Mods will warn you when it is coming.

Lastly, Magmadar will go into Frenzy, increasing his attack speed by 150%. The tank should use cooldowns and the healers should be prepared to use some cooldowns too the first time your guild kills Magmadar. The trick is, that hunters can dispel the Frenzy when they get access to Tranquilizing Shot, which is learned from a tome dropped from Magmadar. So, once your guild have a couple of hunters capable of using that ability, the fight will be far less intensive.

Magmadar fight summary: Don’t stand in the fire. As a ranged character stay at max range. Hunters dispel the boss’ Frenzy with Tranq Shots if possible.

3.     Gehennas

Similar to Lucifron, Gehennas has 2 adds with him. To be able to safely and effectively deal with the encounter, we recommend your raid having 3 tanks: one for the boss and one for each add.

The adds strike in melee and also use Sunder Armor and Fist of Ragnaros on each tank. The most important add mechanic is Fist of Ragnaros. When cast, it will stun everyone in 8 yards radius for 4 seconds. This is why the off tanks should keep the adds separated, as to avoid their stuns to overlap. Also, this is the reason for the ranged DPS and healers to stand at maximum range.

After killing the adds, your raid should focus and kill Gehennas himself. The boss has 3 noteworthy abilities, which he will use during the whole fight: Rain of Fire, Shadow Bolt and Gehennas’ Curse. The first one will target a random raid member and rain fire on that spot. Simply move away and reposition yourself. The second one deals shadow damage to a randomly selected raid member. Your healers should just outheal the damage.

The third ability will put a curse on the whole raid, reducing healing received by 75%. The tanks should be dispelled immediately, so it is a good idea to have assigned dispellers for the tanks. Also, all the mages and druids should get the Decursive addon, in order to be able to rapidly dispel everyone.

Gehennas fight summary: Kill the adds. Spot heal the tanks when stunned. Don’t stand in the fire. Immediately dispel the curse on the tanks and afterwards on everyone else.

4.     Garr

This fight is pretty straightforward if you have several warlocks in the raid. This is so, because the boss comes with several earth elemental adds (Firesworn). Those adds can and should be banished by the raid’s warlocks. The fight becomes exponentially easier the number of adds banished. If you have very few warlocks, the raid can use several off tanks with 1 of them assigned to each add.

When tanking the Firesworn, your tanks should keep them within 15 yards of Garr, because otherwise they will get enraged and move back to him, which will make controlling the fight very difficult. Note, that with the death of every add Garr’s damage will increase, so keeping the Firesworn banished as long as possible is imperative for the smoothness of the fight.

The raid should be positioned as far as possible due to several reasons. One of Garr’s abilities is Antimagic Pulse, dispelling one buff from the raid members within 20 yards of him. Furthermore, the Flamesworn will often cast an AoE ability called Eruption. Only the assigned tanks should be hit by that. Lastly, Garr will cast Magma Shackles, which will slow the movement speed of the raid.

Garr fight summary: Keep the adds banished. Tank the non-banished adds within 15 yards of the boss. Stay away and don’t get hit by Eruption. 

5.     Baron Geddon

 The Baron has several noteworthy abilities: Living Bomb, Inferno, Ignite Mana and Armageddon. Living Bomb is probably the most emblematic for this fight. Every once in a while, the boss will target a random raid member and put a bomb on him. After 8 seconds the targeted player will explode, dealing heavy AoE damage and will get hurled into the air. In order to minimize this effect, the ranged and the melee should be clumped into 2 stacked groups.

Once a player becomes the bomb, he should walk away from his group towards the walls. This way he will not the rest of the raid with the AoE damage and will also minimize the falling damage he takes, because the ceiling at the edges of the room is significantly lower. Paladins and mages can use Divine Shield and Ice Block (twice with Cold Snap) to nullify the effect in order to have 0 downtime.

Inferno is a heavy AoE damage centered on the boss. The Baron will channel this ability for 8 seconds, hitting anyone in melee range. Shortly before the cast begins all the melees should join the ranged group and simply wait the channel to end. During the Inferno the healers should spam heal the tank who will remain in melee range of the boss and soak all the damage.

The Baron will also cast Ignite Mana on a random raid member. This ability drains a serious amount of mana every 3 seconds. The raid healers should immediately dispel the affected raid member.

Lastly, when at low HP, the boss will start channeling Armageddon. If the cast finishes, the boss suicides and instantly kills the whole raid. You should try to burn him down before the end of the ability.

Baron Geddon fight summary: Run away if you are the bomb. Dispel the debuffs. If you are melee run away when he starts casting his Inferno AoE ability.

6.     Shazzrah

Shazzrah’s fight is a bit more complicated with several abilities on fixed timers. In order for your raid to be successful everyone should have Deadly Boss Mods and pay extremely close attention to the timers of each of the boss’ abilities.

The boss will cast Arcane Explosion almost immediately after the tank pulls him. Similar tot eh mage’s spell, the boss’ ability deals AoE damage. Ideally, all the ranged PDS and all the healers should stay at maximum range, so only the melees are hit by the boss.

Every 10-20 seconds Shazzrah will buff himself with Deaden Magic, reducing spell damage taken by 50%. Priests and shamans should immediately Dispel / Purge the buff.

Every 10 seconds the boss will cast Shazzrah’s Curse to the whole raid, increasing the damage the group takes by 100%. Mages and druids should be on dispelling duty, prioritizing the tanks and the melees, since they are those who will get hit by the Arcane Explosion.

Counterspell functions again similar to the mage spell: it prevents the counterspelled target from casting spells from the same school for 15 seconds. This happens every 15 seconds. So if you are not careful, you can actually spend the whole fight without being able to cast a spell. Healers in particular should be very much aware of the times the boss is about to cast his Counterspell. Shortly before he does, simply stop casting.

Finally, Shazzrah will use his last, but most dangerous ability: Blink. It occurs every 25 seconds. When he does, he will teleport on top of a random raid member and reset all his aggro. It is imperative to stop healing and dealing damage when this happens so the tank can seamlessly continue doing his job.

Shazzrah fight summary: Have Deadly Boss Mods or similar addon. Pay very close attention to the timers and act to each and every cast accordingly. Be spread around the room. Stop doing anything after the boss casts Blink and before the tank has regained aggro.

7.     Golemagg

This is one of the more tank intensive fight. In order to be successful, you will need 3 or 4 tanks. Golemagg himself is accompanied by 2 adds. Depending on your raid composition and the gear your tanks have you’ll need either one tank tanking the adds to the side or one tank for each add. After the secondary tanks make the pull and start dragging the adds away, the main tank should taunt the boss and position him away from the adds. Another tank should follow the main one and stand ready to step in when necessary.

Golemagg, when hit, has a chance of applying Magma Splash on the tank. This debuff reduces armor and increases the fire damage taken by the target. The off tank should taunt the boss after he has applied several stacks to the main tank. The number of stacks depend again on your tanks’ gear but he will probably be able to live through 5 stacks.

Furthermore, Golemagg will cast Pyroblast on a random raid member. This should simply be outhealed.

Golemagg fight summary: Have several tanks. The main tank and the off tank should swap after several debuffs are applied. The one or two extra tanks should get the adds away from the boss.

8.     Sulfuron

Sulfuron is another tank heavy boss. He comes with four adds (Flamewaker Priests) which need to be killed one by one. The boss himself has two special abilities: Hand of Ragnaros and Inspire. The first one does AoE damage and stun. The second increases the friendly target’s (an add’s) physical damage dealth by 25% and its attack speed by 100% for 10 seconds. This is the reason the main tank should separate the boss from the adds immediately after the pull.

The most crucial ability that the Flamewaker Priests have is Dark Mending, which essentially is a heal. This is why after the boss is pulled four more tanks should pick one add each and separate those adds from the boss. Afterwards, the off tanks should separate one add from the group and lead it away in order for it to be safely killed. Interrupting the heals is of utmost importance. After the first Flamewaker Priest is dead, the second off tank should separate another, which in turn will be dealt with. And so forth until all the adds are dead.

Other abilities that your raid should pay attention to are Immolate and Shadow Word: Pain. They do exactly the same as the warlock’s and the priest’s spells. Your healers should simply dispel those.

Sulfuron fight summary: Have multiple tanks. Kill the adds one by one after separating each from the rest. Interrupt their heals. Dispel the debuffs.

9.     Majordomo

This is a bit weird fight, since the boss himself does not need to die. Your raid should instead focus on his retinue. It consists of four Flamewaker Healers and four Flamewaker Elites. Here apart of having multiple tanks again, you’ll need multiple mages, focused on polymorphing the Flamewaker Healers.

Depending on your raid’s gear you’ll need two or four off tanks for the Elites. The tanks should gather them so the raid can cleave them down. After the Elites are dead, kill the Healers one by one, while the mages keep the rest of their targets polymorphed. The adds themselves do not have any noteworthy abilities. Just cleave the melees down and kill the healers one by one.

Majordomo will require two tanks

Apart from that he has several abilities. Aegis of Ragnaros is a buff on a random add that absorbs 30 000 damage and inflicts 250 damage to melee attackers. The damage from this should be outhealed if your raid’s healers are geared enough. If not, the melees should stop attacking until the shield fades or until the ranged DPS deal 30 000 damage.

The second boss’ ability is Damage Shield that deals 100 arcane damage to anyone who attacks the buffed add. This should simply be outhealed. The last ability is called Magic Reflection. As the name suggests, when an add is buffed with it, the spells against the buffed target have 50% chance of being reflected back to the attacker. In order not to suicide, your spellcasters should wait the buff to wear off before continuing to deal damage.

Lastly, the boss will teleport a raid member into the nearby fire. It usually is the closest target to the boss, oftentimes the main tank. The teleported player should immediately move out of the fire, since it deals heavy damage. If the main tank is teleported, the off tank should taunt the boss and keep him tanked until the main tank is healed and back in position.

Majordomo fight summary: Crowd control the Flamewaker Healers. Cleave the Flamewaker Elites down. Pay close attention about the shields that the adds gain and act accordingly. Don’t stand in the fire.


Being the last boss of the raid, Ragnaros is also the hardest to kill. He is tank intensive, movement intensive and positioning intensive. For this fight you’ll want two tanks with full fire resistance gear (minimum 250).

The raid should be spread where there should be ten yards between each player. This is so because the boss occasionally casts Hand of Ragnaros on a random player. The bility deals moderate amount of fire damage, knocks back the target and stuns them for two seconds. If there is another player within ten yards of the target he will be affected too. And the one close to the second target. And so on and so forth.

Additionally, Ragnaros will cast Wrath of Ragnaros. It will knock back everyone within 25 yards from the boss inflicting 1000 fire damage. A few seconds before the cast goes off, the off tank and all the melees should run away.

The main tank should always stand in melee range however. If there isn’t anyone in melee range, Ragnaros will cast Magma Blast on random raid members dealing moderate fire damage until there is someone within melee range again. So, when the main tank gets knocked away by the Wrath of Ragnaros, the off tank should immediately go in, so there is someone within melee range of the boss.

From time to time, the boss will also use his Lava Splash ability. It deals damage to anyone who stands close to the lava around the boss’ platform. Your healers and ranged DPS should be mindful of the lava splashes and try to position themselves as far from the lava as possible. If you have a decent fire resistance gear you will most of the time resist this ability, alt least partially. 

When three minutes have passed, Ragnaros will submerge and fire elementals (Sons of Flame) will emerge and zerg the raid. They have the Lava Shield ability. It burns the mana of everyone within 10 yards and deals damage for each point of mana burned. So, when the Sons emerge, all the spellcasters and healers should move away from them and let the melee kill them.

Furthermore, the adds are susceptible to slows and banish, so do your best to crowd control and kill them before they reach your mana users. When a single add is left, the raid should start repositioning like in the beginning of the fight because Ragnaros will emerge from the lava immediately after the last Son is dead. From then on, continue the fight in the already described way.

Ragnaros fight summary: Tanks should have lots of fire resistance gear. The raid should be spread at ten yards from each other. There should be always a tank in melee range of the boss. When the main tank is knocked off, the off tank should immediately go in melee range of the boss. Spellcasters and healers should avoid being close to the Sons of Flame.


Molten Core is the first test to the successfulness of your guild or premade group. Throughout the raid communication and timing are of a paramount importance.

If you follow our guide and have some proper gear, clearing MC should be rapid and fun. Furthermore, with luck some of your raid can get out of it with quests for their BiS legendary items. Having Thunderfury or Sulfaras will ensure that you won’t need another weapon of that type through the whole Vanilla. However, the drops are very rare. This is why many guilds who are further into their progression in the later raids will continue farming Molten Core for those named legendary weapons. 

If you, however, experience troubles with MC or any other raid, by all means turn to us for help. Here at we offer raid boosting done by professional players and in a timely fashion.