Raid Attunements in WoW Classic



Raid Attunements in WoW Classic



In order to start raiding in Vanilla WoW, you’ll need to do several often lengthy prequests, which allow you to actually enter the various endgame raids and dungeons. The attunements that this guide will shed light upon are those for UBRS, Onyxia, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and Naxxramas. Some of these attunements are easy and pretty straight forward. Others consist of lengthy quest chains spanning several instances. 

Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS)

To be able to enter UBRS, first you have to enter Lower Blackrock Spire (LBRS). From the mobs there, you’ll have to loot an Unadorned Seal of Ascension. After doing so, go to Vaelan. He is located in Hordemar City, the area after the start of the dungeons. When there, go up the ramp to the left. The ramp will lead you onto a platform and Vaelan is located on its edge. 

At first, he will be clad as a hostile orc, no matter your faction, and will turn friendly once you approach him. To get the quest from him, you need to have the unadorned seal in your inventory. After taking the quest, you’ll have to loot various crystals, dropped from the bosses in LBRS. When you complete this part, Vaelan will send you to Dustwallow Marsh, where you’ll need to subdue the dragon Emberstrife. The dragon will then craft the ring called Seal of Ascension for you, which is the actual key to UBRS. 

Molten Core (MC)

The “Attunement to the Core” quest starts at Lothos Riftwalker. He is located at the quick entrance to MC and when you complete his task, you will be able to get teleported to the raid just by speaking to him. Otherwise, you’ll have to run all the length of Blackrock Depths (BRD) in order to reach the actual raid entrance. 

The quest is by no means complicated. All you have to do is loot a Core Fragment. In order to do so, you’ll have to run almost the whole BRD dungeon in order to reach the Molten Core bridge.

However, we here offer another faster solution. Go to the room of Lord Incendius. You can either kill him or wait him do his turn around the anvil and jump into the lava to the left. Continue moving there until you reach a ledge.  Follow it around the cavern due north. 

At the end there is an island with four guards. Climb atop the edge of the island out of aggro range of the mobs there. Heal up and either use some kind of invisibility or brace yourselves and kill the elementals. 

Go the second visible island and use the ramp there to get onto the bridge. Use stealth or invisibility again or kill the elementals if you can. The so much needed Core fragment is at the far side of the bridge. 

Blackwing Lair (BWL)

Without this attunement you’ll have to run the whole way through UBRS in order to get to BWL. To avoid that, go to the ramp where the entrances to BWL and UBRS are. You’ll see a mob named Scarshield Quartermaster. Kill him and you’ll get a letter giving you the attunement quest. 

To complete it, venture into UBRS and kill the last boss there, General Drakkisath. Afterwards, go to the entrance of BWL on the ramp outside UBRS and interact with the Orb of Ascension. Congratulations! Now you can enter the raid just by clicking the said orb. 


Naxxramas (Naxx)

This is the single attunement that require reputation. The reputation needed is the one with the faction of Argent Dawn. You will be given the quest “The Dread Citadel – Naxxramas” when you reach honored with the faction. The difference between completing it when honored, revered or exalted is the price for the attunement. 

  • Honored: 60 gold, 5 Arcane Crystals, 2 Nexus Crystals and 1 Righteous Orb.

  • Revered:  30 gold, 2 Arcane Crystals, and 1 Nexus Crystal.

  • Exalted: free of charge.   


Onyxia (Ony)

This is the lengthiest and oftentimes frustrating attunement, which on the top of that has different quest chains for the Horde and the Alliance. The ultimate goal is to receive the neck called Drakefire Amulet, which serves as a pass to the dragon’s cave. 


  • Go to Morgan’s Vigil in the Burning Steppes. And accept the first quest named “Dragonkin Menace”. It requires you to kill several dragons throughout the zone.

  • The second quest is “The True Master”. It will make you run around and talk to different NPCs in Redridge Mountains and Stormwind.

  • “Marshal Windsor”is the third quest. To do it, you’ll have to venture into BRD’s prison area and find the said marshal. Accept his quest and go back to Morgan’s Vigil.

  • At this point the quests seemingly stop. To remedy this, go back to BRD and loot a Crumpled Up Note from the mobs there. The note starts a quest with the same name as the item. 

  • Bring the note to Marshal Windsor and he’ll send you deeper into BRD to kill Golem Lord Argelmach and General Angerforge. Loot those two and go back to Marshal Windsor.

  • After presenting Marshal Windsor with the loot he’ll give you the quest “Jail Break”. “Simply” escort him out of his cell and close to the instance’s entrance. 

  • After turning Jail Break in at Morgan’s Vigil, accept Stormwind Randezvous. Go to Stormwind and talk to Squire Rowe. 

  • Go to the entrance of the city and find Reginald Windsor in order to complete “The Grand Masquerade”. 

  • The next step will take you to Winterspring to talk to Haleh. She is located in a cave in Mazthoril. She will give you the final quest “Drakefire Amulet”. To complete it, you’ll need to kill General Drakkisath in UBRS. Afterwards, go back to Heleh and receive your Drakefire Amulet, which also serves as a key to the instance.  



  • Go to Kargath in Badlands. There you’ll find Warlord Goretooth who will give you the first quest of the chain named “Warlord’s Command”. To complete it you’ll have to kill 3 bosses in LBRS: Highlord Omokk, Overlord Wyrmthalak and War Master Voone. When done, go back to Kargath to complete the quest. 

  • The second quest is “Eitrigg’s Wisdom”. Go to Orgrimmar and speak to Eitrigg, who is located in Thrall’s Chamber. 

  • “For the Horde!” is the next step. To complete it, kill Warchief Rend Blackhand in LBRS and loot his head. Go back to Thrall. Then listen to the story he has to tell you. 

  • “The Champion of the Horde” requires you to go to Desolace and locate Rexxar, who usually patrols along the road there. 

  • Accept “Mistress of Deception” and go to Sorrow Hill in Western Plaguelands. Talk to Myranda the Hag there. 

  • Myranda will send you to UBRS to collect 20 eyes from the dragonkin there. When done, go back to her. 

  • Find Emberstrife in Dustwallow marsh and talk to him using your Amulet of Draconic Subversion. Accept the 3 quest he will give you, which you can complete in any order you like. 

  • “The Test of Skulls: Chronalis” requires you to kill Chronalis, who is at the entrance of Caverns of Time in Tanaris. Loot his skull.

  • “The Test of Skulls: Scryer” asks you to find Scryer in WInterspring, close to Haleh in Mazthoril. Loot his skull too.

  • “The Test of Skulls: Somnus” will send you to Swamp of Sorrows to kill Somnos. He is located south of the Sunken Temple .

  • Turn the previous 3 quests in and accept “The Test of Skulls: Axtroz”. Go to Grim Batol in Wetlands and kill Axtroz for his skull too. Return to Emberstrife once more. He will then send you again to Rexxar in Desolace. Get the Dull Drakefire Amulet from Rexxar and head to UBRS.

  • The final quest “Blood of the Black Dragon” asks you to kill General Drakkisath in UBRS and return to Rexxar to turn it in. He will then give you the actual Drakefire Amulet and you will be able to enter Onyxia’s Lair. 



There you have it: the complete and oftentimes puzzling list of all the quests that make you eligible to enter the WoW Classic raids. We hope that you enjoyed reading our guide and wish you best of luck in the above-mentioned raids. offers completion of all the attunements above, done in a professional manner and timely fashion.