Warlock Class Guide for World of Warcraft Classic



Warlock Class Guide for World of Warcraft Classic


Warlocks are the masters of all things demonic. In the Warcraft lore they are masters of the dark magic with powers granted to them by Kil’jaeden, a powerful ex-draenei and a demon lord. You’ve probably killed him in one of the WoW expansions: he was present in Legion and in The Burning Crusade. 

Apart from that, in the WoW game world itself, warlocks are one of the playable classes. They are damage dealing spell casters in control of demons who act as their pets, in a way similar to the interaction the hunters have with their own companions. 

In terms of the DPS capabilities of the class, the warlocks are doing well, without being as broken as the mages. However, in PvE warlocks scale very well with gear. In later phases of Vanilla WoW, like Naxxramas and AQ40, you can even see the warlocks dominating the damage meters in some fights. Before that, they are almost great. 

In Naxx they are really great. Furthermore, having a pet to tank your damage and the amazing self-sustaining capabilities, make for a flawless levelling experience. Furthermore, you rarely will have to rest due to spells like Life Drain, Mana Drain and Life Tap.  

In raids and dungeon groups the warlocks bring not only above average damage, but also some solid utility:

  • They can buff the damage of the mages by using Curse of Elements

  • They can Soulstone a healer, so he can return to life after dying in an encounter

  • They can Banish elementals, similar to the mage’s Polymorph in fights like Garr in Molten Core

  • They can buff the stamina of their group with the imp’s Blood Pact

  • They can create Healthstones for extra survivability of the tanks

  • They can summon absent party or raid members… 

Did we miss something? Most probably we did. But the PvE aspect will be discussed later as now we’ll briefly go over the PvP one.  

If you play on a PvP server, you’ll have to fend for yourself while levelling. You’ll get ganked with a 100% certainty. However, as a warlock you can easily be the ganker. In open world PvP and 1v1 scenarios the class is exceptional. 

Its various interactions with its different pets, combined with crowd control and self-sustain abilities are great. In a battleground setting, you can simply DoT everyone in sight and if some adventurous soul tries his luck by attacking you, simply destroy him and continue DoT-ing the rest. 

Races and Factions

Both factions have good choices for warlocks. Typically, if you are PvE oriented player, consider playing Alliance. They have access to the paladin blessings, such as Blessing of Kings and Blessing of Salvation. The second one is especially powerful since it reduces the treat you generate, so you can go ham with your damage. 

Furthermore, the warlocks have no talents whatsoever, which reduce their thread but instead have several, which increase their critical chance and overall damage. This is why the Alliance will be better for PvE. It is a common knowledge that the Horde in general is better off in PvP, due to their racial abilities. The same goes with the warlocks. So, let’s see what each race and faction can offer.  


The humans’ racial traits are fairly useless for your class. The 5% increases spirit and the swords and maces specializations have exactly zero merits for warlocks. You don’t even benefit, by the stealth detection racial of the humans, since you already have Paranoia from your pet. The only thing that humans have that is useful for any class is the Diplomacy, which increases your reputation gains by 10%.


The gnomes have the Expansive Mind racial, which increases your total intellect by 5%. We have already discussed its capabilities in our mage guide, so feel free to swing by and check it. Furthermore, the gnomes have Escape Artist, which removes all movement impairing effects and has only 1 minute cooldown. 


The orcs have Command, which increases your pet’s damage by 5%. This can have value with some builds. It can also come in handy while levelling or solo farming. In raids, however, your pet will typically stand by your side, since many of the bosses have AoE mechanics, what will likely kill it. The other somewhat useful racial is Hardiness, which reduces the chance you’ll be stunned by 25%.


This is probably the most emblematic race/class combination, as it was even on the official WoW Classic Trailer on YouTube. Apart from looking cool, the undead warlock has the unique ability called Will of the Forsaken. It means that you can have 2 trinkets in PvP. The Cannibalize racial trait will also help you while levelling. 

So, after checking out the different possibilities, we can see that you should play a gnome or an undead. Both have their merits for PvP and PvE. 

Warlock pets

As we already have spoken so much about the class’ pets, let’s now see what each of them does and when each of them should be used. Unlike hunters, as a warlock you are stuck with a set number of pets. You don’t tame them – you summon them from the dark heart of the Nether. Therefore, they don’t need any upkeep, like the hunter pets do. You don’t feed them or take care of them – they feed on newbies, gnome tears and fat epics. However, in order to summon your companion, you’ll need a Soul Shard, acquired via the Drain Soul spell. 

The only exception from the rule is the Imp. Furthermore, to train your pets, you’ll need to visit a demon trainer. In general they are found in capital cities, and stand close to your own warlock trainer. From them, you’ll buy Grimoires, which will teach your pet its new abilities and their new ranks.   


The imp is the first pet you’ll get. If you sacrifice it, using the demonology talent Demonic Sacrifice, you’ll get the Burning Wish buff, which increases your fire spell damage by 15%. Furthermore, in the demonology talent tree there is a talent called Improved Imp. At max rank it buffs all your imp’s abilities by 30%. 

  • Firebolt. It deals 90-ish damage when you reach the level cap of 60 and has 2 seconds casting time. If you pick the Improved Firebolt talent from the destruction tree, the casting time will be 1 second. 

  • Blood Pact. It increases the stamina of your party by 42 at maximum level. However, be mindful that not the whole raid benefits from it but only the 5 men group you are in. Making it desirable buff in a tanks group. 

  • Fire Shield. After being attacked, you’ll get this buff. It puts a shield on you, which remains for 3 minutes and deals a minor amount of fire damage to those who hit you with physical attacks. This is again useful in a tank group, since it will slightly buff the threat generation of you tanks.  

  • Phase Shift. This is your imp’s “Talk to the hand” ability. It makes your pet invulnerable, but it cannot cast Firebolts. Since those are really minor buff to your damage, you should keep Phase Shift up at all times in a raid or dungeon group, so your party benefits the most and your pet is out of harm’s way. 


Contrary to the imp, the voidwalker is quite healthy and tanky. It can actually hold your threat after a fashion, of course if you don’t actively try to overaggro. If you sacrifice it, using the demonology talent Demonic Sacrifice, you’ll get the Fel Stamina effect, which will regenerate 3% of your health every 4 seconds for a 30 minutes period.  The talent Improved Voidwalker will further increase the pet’s threat generation by 30% and therefore make it very useful for leveling and solo farming. 

The abilities this demon has are the following: 

  • Torment. It kind of taunts its target. Unlike the warrior’s Taunt, Torment does not force the attacker to hit your pet. It increases the chance that your enemies will attack the pet. 

  • Sacrifice. This is why you should mainly have a voidwalker following you around in the open world. When used, you sacrifice your pet and gain an absorption shield, which at level 60 prevents almost 2k damage from happening to you. On a PvP server, this is very useful versus aggressive representatives of the opposite faction. 

  • Consume Shadows. This is a self-sustain spell, that can be used only out of combat. It heals the demon for almost 2k over 10 seconds at 60 level. 

  • Suffering. This is your pet’s AoE taunt ability, which similar to Torment, increases the chance that your pet will be hit instead of you, but in AoE. 


This is the demon with the most DPS output. Even when out of mana, her melee swings hit harder than your other melee pets. If you sacrifice it, using the demonology talent Demonic Sacrifice, you’ll get the Touch of Shadow buff, which increases the shadow damage you deal by 15% for 30 minutes. 

The improved Succubus talent from the demonology tree, increases the effectiveness of all her abilities by 30%. Additionally, the succubus offers some interesting utility and game play options. 

Let’s see what exactly: 

  • Lash of Pain. As a true dominatrix of the shadow world she has a whip. With it she deals 100-ish damage at level 60. It is instant and has 12 seconds cooldown. 

  • Soothing Kiss. It works in a pretty similar way to the priest’s Fade. It reduces the chance that enemies will attack her and instead attack someone else, most likely you. 

  • Lesser Invisibility. This can be only used when out of combat and it, please be surprised, makes her invisible. When she attacks, the invisibility is broken. 

  • Seduction. The succubus will charm its target for 15 seconds, making anyone drool in place and unable to act in any way. Any damage will break the effect. This ability has huge potential in a 1v1 PvP situation.
    When someone attacks you, your pet materializes out of thin air (being invisible beforehand). She seduces the attacker. You cast Curse of Elements on him and it doesn’t break the charm, since it doesn’t deal damage. Cast Soul Fire, Immolate, and if you are destruction, Conflagrate and Shadowburn. Congrats: you just killed someone in a couple of seconds. 


This is the last pet that you’ll learn to summon. If you sacrifice it, using the demonology talent Demonic Sacrifice, you’ll get the Fel Energy effect, which regenerates mana every 4 seconds equal to 2% of your mana. Since you already have tools like Life Tap and Drain Mana, this is a bit awkward, but anyhow here it is. Additionally, the Felhunter is also quite useful in PvP. Its abilities are:

  • Devour Magic. It acts almost like the priest’s Dispel Magic, but is still a better version of it. The spell either removes one buff from your opponent, or dispels a debuff from a friendly target. If the pet succeeds in this, it is healed for 619 at 60 level. 

  •  Tainted Blood. When attacked, the felhunter will reduce the melee attack power of its foe by 40 at 60 level. This stacks 5 times. At first glance, being able to reduce someone’s attack power by 200 is ridiculously overpowered. However, remember that your opponents will likely attack you and not your pet. So there’s that. 

  • Spell Lock. Another useful ability versus other spell casters. It silences its target for 3 seconds. However, if you manage to interrupt a spell in progress, your opponent won’t be able to cast spells from that school of magic for 8 seconds. 

  • Paranoia. It increases the stealth detection of all party members within 30 yards of the felhunter. If by some weird chance you are playing a human and couple the Paranoia with your Perception racial trait, the stealth ability of the rogue and druid becomes virtually nonexistent for 20 seconds. 

As we saw, all pets have their unique ways of being useful. Depending on the situation, on your talents, preferences and playstyle, you can utilize the demons you can summon if a various ways. We recommend, however, that in PvE groups you use an imp; while levelling or solo farming – a voidwalker; in PvP either a felhunter or a succubus. 

Specializations and talents

The warlock has 3 talent trees: 

  • demonology

  • affliction

  • destruction

  • The first one buffs your summoned demon and you in various ways, as we have already seen in the above paragraphs. 

  • The second one focuses on DoT effects and even gives you a few extra ones

  • The third one is all about hard casts and fire damage, which in the first phases of the game world won’t be very useful, due to most of the raid bosses being immune to fire. Let’s now discuss the different possible combinations between these talents. 

Maximum PvE DPS (9/21/21)

This is the primary raiding build for warlocks in WoW Classic. It buffs your damage in various ways and gets the best from all the 3 talent trees. From affliction, you aim for Improved Life Tap. From demonology you’ll need Demonic Sacrifice. From destruction you should get Ruin. 

The way you should play this build is to sacrifice a succubus. With the 15% shadow damage increase and with the 100% bonus critical damage from Ruin, your Shadow Bolts can hit for an interesting amount of damage. 

Fun fact: with Life Tap you deal shadow damage to yourself and since the Touch of Shadow buffs your shadow damage by 15%, it also buffs the Life Tap. 

Alternative PvE DPS (30/0/21)

This build dives into the affliction tree and everything else equal, it should deal the same DPS as the previous one. With the 30/0/21 talents combination, you’ll aim for Shadow Mastery in affliction and Ruin in destruction. 

However, it depends on your raid composition. Due to the limited debuff slots, you might not be able to fully utilize the build, because the slots for your Corruption and Siphon Life might be reserved for somebody else. 

However, if you are allowed to take the debuff slots, you’ll deal roughly as much damage as the 9/21/21 build. Due to the above mentioned, recommend the Demonic Sacrifice/Ruin build over this one, since there is less fuss around it. 

Starter PvP (20/31/0)

This is the most common build for warlocks in battlegrounds. Here, you’ll get Nightfall from the affliction tree and Soul Link and Master Demonologist from the demonology tree. This build is focused on survival and it indeed makes you extremely hard to kill.  Soul Link will transfer 30%of the damage you take to your pet. Master Demonologist is best used with a Felhunter, since it will give you 60 to all resistances. 

Couple this with the warlock’s innate crowd control and damage capabilities and you’ll see where this is going. With this build apart from being extremely hard to get killed, you can simply DoT everything in sight and ask for some more afterwards. The simplicity of the game play makes it ideal for someone who just starts doing battlegrounds and it is also not very dependent on gear.

Single target PvP (8/31/12)

This talents combination is better for single target burst damage. Here, you’ll get mostly the same demonology talents, Shadowburn from destruction and Improved Corruption and 3% hit from affliction. The playstyle is different from the 20/31/0 build, and it focuses more on hard casting Shadow Bolts while also having the execute potential of Shadowburn. This is better than the previous one if you are in a premade, where the rest of your group can keep your tergets away from you. 

Levelling specs

Actually here you have two viable paths for development. You can either go full affliction with a bit of demonology or the other way around. The thing is that even after buffing your blue man with talents such as Improved Voidwalker, his tanking capabilities won’t be great. So we’d recommend levelling as deep affliction, since you’ll get more self-sustain due to the Improved Drain Life and Siphon Life. 

With this build you’ll also kill the mobs faster and more efficiently. This, however, doesn’t make levelling as a demonologist bad. On the contrary: it is also very good, with more survivability instead of self-sustain. With the demonology, you’ll farm slower but you’ll be more durable, especially on a PvP server. 

Warlock class quests

As you may have already noticed, in all our guides, we discuss all of the class quests. The different classes have different quests, with some unique lore flavor to them. Rogues get to know poisons, warriors receive nice weapons, mages learn how to turn you into a pig, etc. 

The warlocks also have their own class quests, which mainly revolve around their summoned demons and the acquisition of new ones. Additionally, your mount is also considered a demon. Meaning that you don’t just buy it from the vendor as the rest of the plebs. You do cool quests to obtain it and save not a bad amount of gold. 


This is your 40 level mount. When you hit 40, the warlock trainers in the major cities will give you the quest Summon Felsteed. It will send you to Ratchet in search for Strahad Farsan. Simply speak to the NPC, listen to his story and then speak with it again. Congrats – you just saved 100 gold!


This is the warlock’s 60 level epic mount with a 100% ground speed increase. When you reach the level cap of 60, your class trainers in either Stormwins or Orgrimmar will give you the first quest of the chain. It will send you to speak to Mor’zul Bloodbringer at the Altar of Storms in the Burning Steppes. Your faction doesn’t matter and you’ll always be sent there. 

  • Rage of Blood. Mor’zul will ask you to travel to Winterspring and collect 30 Raging Beast’s Blood from the owlkin there.  Upon gathering them, return to the quest giver and turn it in. 

  • Lord Banehollow. This quest starts at Gorzeeki Wildeyes, to whom you gave the raging blood samples. Before going on the errand, make sure you have 150 gold with you! Gorzeeki will sell you a Shadowy Potion, which will make you friendly with the demons in Jaedenar in Felwood. So, you’ll have to go there, locate Banehollow and speak to him. 

  • Ulathek the Traitor. The Lord will task you with finding Ulathek and bringing back his heart. The traitor is in the eastern part of the Shadow Hold. 

  • Xorothian Stardust. Banehollow asks you to purchase the dust from Ur’dan, who is nearby, and bring it to Gorzeeki in the Burning Steppes. The dust costs 150 gold and this was the reason to warn you to have at least this amount in your bags. 

After completing those, Gorzeeki will give you another set of quests, which require mostly items purchasable from the AH or farmable if you have the correct professions. 

  • Wheel of the Black March. You’ll need to bring 25 Dark Iron ores and 6 Large Brilliant Shards. 

  • Bell of Dethmoora. Bring back 10 Elixirs of Shadow Power. For making those, you’ll need 30 Ghost Mushrooms and 10 Crystal Vials. Otherwise just buy them off the AH.

  • Doomsday Candle. 35 Black Dragonscale. 

  • 8. Arcanite. After completing the various components, Gorzeeki will ask you for another 3 Arcanite Bars. 

When you are finally done with gathering stuff, you’ll need to start going to dungeons. The first one is Scholomance.

  • Imp Delivery. Gorzeeki sends you in Scholo with an Imp in a Jar in your inventory. Once in the instance, go to Ras Frostwhisper’s room and to the alchemy lab situated there. Use the provided item and J’eevee will appear and make a parchment for you. Take the parchment back to Gorzeeki.

  • Dreadsteed of Xoroth. This is the final quest. To complete it, buy the following items from Gorzeeki: J’eevee’s Jar (150 gold), Xorothian Glyphs (50 gold) and Black Lodestone (50 gold). You can also team up with another warlock who already has them, or even split the cost with him. Then go to Dire Maul West. After you’ve cleared it and defeated Immol’thar, you can actually start the event for summoning your mount. 


The bell, the whistle and the candle get into the action here. Each of them offers unique bonuses. The bell restores 150 health and mana to all the warlocks in the party. The wheel absorbs 100 damage from each attack that your party members suffer. The candle deals 250 AoE damage per second. 


Recharging one of these requires to a Black Lodestone, which is activated by feeding a Soul Shard to it. So make sure you got many shards. If all the 3 parts of the ritual become inactive, you’ll fail the event and will have to restart it.


To start the event, use the J’eevee’s jar on the pedestal in the center of the room. J’eevee will put the candle, the wheel and the bell on their respective places and a summoning circle will appear with 9 runes on it. Each rune will get lit up on even intervals and with it a wave of demons will appear. 

Defeat the demons and use the 3 helping items if needed. After all 9 waves are gone, drink up and rebuff. Then use the Xorothian Glyph to summon a Xorothian Dreadsteed. When it is at 50% health a mini boss named Lord Hel’nurath will appear. Defeat him and then the dreadsteed. Then a Dreadsteed Spirit will appear. Speak to it and you’ll get your Summon Dreadsteed spell and your epic mount.

After discussing the most interesting part, let’s see what the rest of the class quests are and how to complete them. A thing to note here, is that the undead and the orcs have different class quests apart from the one for the felhunter, while the humans and the gnomes have the same.

Level 10 – Voidwalker

Undead. Go to Undercity and speak with Carendin Halgar. He will ask you to bring him Egalin’s Grimoire. It is located in a tower surrounded by Scarlet Crusade NPCs. It is located west of the road to Silverpine Forest, just before it enters the zone. 

Upon bringing the grimoire, you’ll have to use the Runes of Summoning in the ritual circle nearby. You’ll have to defeat the summoned voidwalker and upon completion, you’ll be able to summon it as a pet. 

Orc. Go to Orgrimmar and speak to your warlock trainer. He will send you to a cave in Durotar, just east from the Orgrimamr’s entrance. You’ll have to retrieve the Tablet of Verga from there. The similar to the undead, you’ll summon a voidwalker, defeat him and learn how to summon him afterwards. 

Human/gnome. Your class trainer will send you to Elwynn Forest to retrieve Surena’s Choker. Surena Caledon is located in the easternmost farm in the south part of the zone. Kill her, loot the item and go back. Summon the demon, defeat him and learn your new ability.

Level 20 – Succubus

Undead. Your trainer will send you to kill and loot the hearts of two NPCs: Dalin Forgewright and Comar Villard. The first one is in the southernmost part of Silverpine Forest. The second one is in the northernmost part of Wetlands. 

Once you have both hearts, return to your trainer, use the summoning circle and defeat the succubus that’ll appear. Speak with your trainer again to learn your new spell and to receive your Small Soul Pouch.

Orc. This will primarily make you wander around and talk to a bunch of NPCs. First, you’ll need to got to the Crossroads. Then to the southernmost part of Stonetalon Mountains. Then to camp Taurajo. There finally you’ll get Dogran’s Pendant with wchich you’ll return to your trainer. Again summon the succubus, kill her, etc. 

Human/Gnome. Your trainer in Stormwind will send you to the Barrens to speak with Takar the Seer. He is located close to the fork of the road that leads westwards to Mulgore. In turn he will ask you to go to the northwestern part of Ashenvale and retrieve  Heartswood from a Dark Strand Excavator. Upon completion, hearthstone back to Stormwind and talk to your class trainer. 

Level 30 – Felhunter

This quest is more or less the same for both factions. The only thing that differs is which trainer will give you the starting quest. He will send you to Ratchet to speak with Strahad Farsan. After a bit of talking with sevel other NPCs, you will be asked you to bring 2 books to your trainer. 

The first one is located on the western shore of Hillsbrad Foothils amond a group of murlocs. The second book is in Thousand Needles, in a cave called Stonehoof Hold and located in to the east of the Great Lift. Upon completion, you’ll need to farm 3 Rods of Channeling. 

They are dropped by Dragonmaw orcs in the southern mountains in Wetlands. When you get the rods, go back to your trainer, summon the felhunter and defeat it. You’ll also get a 16 slot Soul Shard bag.

Level 50 – Infernal

At 50 level go to Felwood and speak with Niby the Almighty. He is located near the road right in the middle of the zone. His imp will give you the follow up quest, named Flawless Fel Essence. It requires you to bring an essence from Azshara, Jaedenar and the Dark Portal.

 Their drop rate isn’t great but farming them is a good amount of experience. You’ll get them from the respective demons in the mentioned zones. When you bring the 3 items back to the imp, he’ll give you Fel Fire. With it you’ll summon an infernal and defeat it. The infernal itself is located a bit to the northeast from the quest giver at the southern foothills. 

When done, you’ll receive Shard of the Green Flame, wich is an offhand boosting your fire spell damage. You’ll also be able to summon an Infernal yourself. To do so, you’ll need an Infernal Stone, purchased from the reagent vendors in major cities. 

When you summon the infernal, it will fall as a meteor from the sky and stun all enemies in the impact zone for 2 seconds. Afterwards, it will attack all enemies and will deal AoE damage. The warlock can control it for 5 minutes and if it is still alive afterwards, you’ll have to use Enslave Demon on it in order not to become its victim. 

Level 60 – Doomguard

Go to Blasted Lands and speak to Daio the Decrepit. He is in the northern part of the Tainted Scar. He’ll ask you to bring him 15 Satyr Blood. They are dropped by the satyrs in Dire Maul. When you are done, he will send you to the Darkwhisper Gorge in Winterspring. There, you’ll have to retrieve 5 Tears of the Hederine, dropped by the hederine mobs there. 

Upon completion, Daio will give you a Glowing Crystal Prison and ask you to use it on the Doomguard Commanders nearby. Sacrifice your voidwalker before you start channeling just to make sure you’ll be able to finish the cast. Bring the imprisoned doomguard back to Daio and get your own ability to summon one. He will also give you an offhand with a bit of stamina of stamina and health regen on it.

If you don’t fancy long quest chains, you can simply farm your way into it by getting a Grimoire of Doom from the elite demons in the Blasted Lands. To summon the doomguard, you’ll need a Demonic Figurine, obtained from the reagent vendors. Additionally, you’ll need a full party of 5 people who should click on the summoning portal just like when summoning a party member. However there’s a catch. A random party member gets sacrificed at the end of the ritual.

 So, feel free to troll your party members whenever possible, by asking them to click on the summoning portal. After the demon appears, you’ll have to immediately enslave it, since it will be hostile. His abilities are: 

  • Cripple (100% attack speed slow and 50% movement speed slow)

  • Rain of Fire (the same as the warlock spell)

  • Rend (the same as the warrior ability). However, these spells deal significantly more damage than their counterparts

Warlock gear and best in slot

In Vanilla WoW all the classes have access to their tier sets, dropped from dungeons and raids. In the 5 men dungeons and UBRS, you’ll get your T0 and T0.5. The latter is obtained after having the whole dungeon set and after completing a bunch of secondary quests. T1 is your first raid set, which drops entirely in Molten Core

T2 is acquired from Blackwing Lair. However, the helmet and the pants are dropped respectively by Onyxia and Ragnaros. T2.5 is from Ahn’Qiraj and T3 from Naxxramas. The latter will be released in the future phases of WoW Classic. 

Speaking of sets, you should be mindful that those are not always BiS for warlocks and for the rest of the classes for that matter. Therefore, let’s examine what the warlock sets provide in terms of set bonuses.

  • T0 & T0.5 – Dreadmist & Deathmist raiment. The first set bonus, just like all the other T0 class sets, gives you 200 bonus armor. The 2 pieces bonus boosts your spell damage by 23 and the 8 set bonus gives you 8 to all resistances. These are mediocre at best. However, the 6 set bonus is somewhat interesting.

    When struck in combat, there is a chance that your attacker will get feared for 2 seconds. The T0.5 set bonuses are the same, but in reversed order, e.g. you get first the resistances and the armor last. Furthermore, it only requires you to have 4 pieces in order to get the chance of fearing your attacker. Additionally, both the T0 and T0.5 have very high stamina. Therefore, you may use it in PvP

  • T1- Felheart raiment. The 3 pieces set bonus boosts the damage and healing of your Drain Life and Drain Mana spells. The 5 pieces set bonus buffs your pet with 15 bonus stamina and 100 to all resistances. If you have a felhunter with you, it will almost be immune to spells with this set bonus. The 8 pieces reduce the mana costs of your shadow spells by 15%

  • T2 – Nemesis raiment. The first 3 pieces will give you 23 damage and healing. The 5 pieces set bonus is an upgraded version of T1. With it, your pet’s stamina will be increased by 20 and its resistances by 130. If you get the full set, your threat will be reduced by 20%. This, coupled with a paladin’s Blessing of Salvation means that in PvE it will eb almost impossible to overaggro

  • T2.5 – Doomcaller’s Attire. The 3 pieces set bonus increases the damage of your immolate spell by 5% and the full set will reduce the mana of your Shadow Bolt by 15%

  • T3 – Plagueheart raiment. The first set bonus gives your Shadow Bolts a chance to heal you for 300-ish health. The 4 pieces bonus increases the damage done by your Corruption spell by 12%. The 6 pieces will reduce your overall threat by 25, both on your spell criticals and on your DoTs. The last set bonus reduces the health cost of your Life Tap by 12%.

  • BiS weapon.  This would be Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian, just like for any other spell casting class. It is obtainable from Naxx and has healthy stats and damage on it. Of course, this weapon is very hard to get, but once you get it not only your damage will rise, but you’ll also buff your party members’ spell damage and healin by 33 if they stay within 30 yards from you 


The warlock is one of the classes, which need a considerable ramp up. You’ll rarely see them topping the damage meters, especially in the first couple of phases in WoW Classic. Later on, however, they become a force to be reckoned with. 

Furthermore, the class’ farming and leveling capabilities are very good and in this regard it is very high up in the tier lists. In PvP the warlocks shine too, with tons of crowd control, self-sustain and damage. Lastly, the class’ mounts are considerably cheaper than the normal ones and you get the level 40 mount is basically for free. 

To get a warlock going, you don’t have to level it, farm gold, doing any PvE or PvP. We here at mboosting.com can do it for you. All our services are provided by professional WoW players and are completed in a timely fashion.