Warrior Class Guide for World of Warcraft Classic




Warrior Class Guide for World of Warcraft Classic


Let’s start with a few questions. Do you like tanking? If not, how about dealing damage then? Or maybe you are really mad to yourself for some reason and you want the worst possible levelling experience in WoW Classic? Let us tell you something. You can get all of these and some more by playing a warrior. 

The warrior class combines the fantasy of being a huge immortal armored behemoth and the one of the berserker wielding a huge weapon and dominating the battlefield. Additionally, the class excels at both these aspects. For the sake of the balance or probably just for sh*ts and giggles the Blizzard Entertainments devs decided to “reward” the warrior with the most abysmal levelling experience in Vanilla WoW. However, when you reach the level cap of 60, you become a force to be reckoned with both in PvP and in PvE

The warrior is the preferred main tank in raids and dungeon groups, due to the class’ mitigation abilities and high threat generation. In PvP the Arms warrior is a very dangerous opponent, especially if backed up by a pocket healer. Lastly, the Fury specialization is one of the top performing DPS specs in the current game world, especially on the Horde side due to the Windfury totem, granting you extra attacks. Speaking of factions, let’s check out what is available and find out the best combination. 

Races and Factions

Every race has the option of being a warrior. This is probably one of the very few things that has remained unchanged, even in the retail version of the game Battle for Azeroth after so many years. In BFA even the allied races have warriors. 

The first Alliance race we’ll take a look at are the night elves. The most notable racial traits are Shadowmeld and Quickness. The first one lets you stealth but the stealth is broken if you move. Not useful for warriors but it is the unique flavor of the race. Quickness provides you with 1% bonus dodge chance. This is somewhat useful for tanking but since it’s just a minor upgrade to your survivability, we’ll move to the next race. 

Gnomes have Escape Artist, which essentially removes roots and slows on a 1 minute cooldown, making the gnome warrior the best alliance PvP warrior. The class’ only gap closer after you Charge is Intercept. Therefore, Escape Artist makes the gnomes less prone to kiting and that’s why our PvP gurus at mboosting.com will go for a gnome warrior for PvP purposes, if they play Alliance.

The most notable dwarven racial trait is Stoneform. It removes all bleeds and poisons and diseases on you and increases your armor by 10%. This is not completely useless racial trait but isn’t an overpowered one either. It can be somewhat useful for both PvP and PvE situations but isn’t by any means something that you cannot go without, making it above average but not amazing.

Of the Alliance, the humans have probably the best racial traits for PvE. Sword and Mace specializations racials increase the corresponding weapon skill by 5 and it goes both for one handed and two handed swords and maces. 

At first glance, 5 weapon skill isn’t much but it gives you almost 3% hit chance versus a level 60 opponent. This is very good both for tanking and DPS because you will miss less, meaning more damage and/or more threat. Furthermore, the humans have the Diplomacy racial, increasing the rate they gain reputations by 10%. Lastly, when used, Perception dramatically increases your stealth detection for 20 seconds on a 3 minutes cooldown. This can be somewhat useful in PvP.

Of the Alliance we’d go for a human if we focus mainly on PvE and for a gnome if we want to PvP heavily. 

As the Alliance have the best mages, so the Horde have the best warriors 

The orcs have Axe specialization, Hardiness and Blood Fury. The first one gives you 5 bonus to your one handed and two handed axes skill, which works in the same way the humans’ racial does. Blood Fury increases your attack power by 25% for 15 seconds and reduces the healing you receive by 50% for 25 seconds. This broken DPS cooldown has only 2 minutes cooldown. Hardiness increases the chance to resist stuns by 25%. Now, if you combine this with the Hardiness talent from the protection tree, you’ll net a total of 40% chance to resist stuns. This is extremely good for both PvE and PvP. 

Trolls have Berserking

This racial trait increases your attack speed by 10% – 25%, depending on your current health pool. If you use it at full health you’ll get 10% stack speed but if you use it at low HP you’ll get the full 25% attack speed increase. This ability lasts 10seconds and is on a 3 minutes cooldown. 

Now imagine that you get low on health, pop up Berserking and your friendly shamans use Bloodlust. The total attack speed increase will be 55%. Now combine this with Windfury totem and you’ll see how the trolls warriors can deal tremendous amounts of damage in raids and dungeons. Additionally, if you are tanking, the same 55% attack speed will generate so much threat that your fellow DPS-ers can simply break their keyboards in the race to becoming number 1 in the damage meter.

Taurens are perhaps the best tanks due to their Endurance racial. It gives them 5% bonus health and that’s exactly what a tank needs. Furthermore, the taurens’ Warstomp is an AoE stun on a 2 minutes cooldown, making the race not bad for PvP either. Speaking about PvP, sue to their sheer size, the tauren have s slight melee attack range increase, which was fixed in later expansions but it lasted through the whole Vanilla WoW content

The undead have Will of the Forsaken and Cannibalize. The first one acts as a PvP trinket, allowing you to essentially have 2 real trinkets in PvP. The second one allows you to feed on killed humanoids and is useful while levelling. Other than that, the undead do not offer any game changer racial traits.

To sum up, if we played a Horde warrior we’d pick an orc or a troll for dealing damage and a tauren for tanking. Of the PvP aspect undead and orcs are the best there is. 

Specializations, talents and rotations

Of all the classes the warriors scale best with gear. Furthermore, they are the only real tanks. Of course, the paladins and druids can also serve the role but never as good as a warrior, due to their lack of defensive cooldowns. The paladins don’t even have a taunt ability in WoW Classic. Not only are the warriors the best tanks, but they are also the top performing DPS from the Horde side. 

Furthermore, the class has its unique flavor under the form of its three different stances. The Battle stance allows you to use Charge, Overpower and Thunderclap. Other than that it doesn’t offer any unique bonuses. The Defensive stance reduces the damage you take and the damage you deal by 10% while also increasing your threat generation. Also, you need to be in Defensive stance in order to use Taunt, Disarm and Shield Wall. 

Normally, this is the stance you’ll use while tanking. Berserker Stance increases you chance to critically hit by 3% but also increases the damage you take by 10%. This is the required stance if you want to use Whirlwind, Intercept and Pummel. This is also the stance that you’ll be using while dealing damage.

After clarifying all this, let’s see what talents fit your playstyle and which talent combinations are best for a given situation.

Deep Protection Tank PvE (11/0/40)

This will be your standard tanking build in the early game phases of WoW Classic. If you are the main tank of your guild, you’ll probably use a similar build to this one during the whole gaming experience. This talents combination revolves around maximum survivability. Also, it provides you with the most iconic and important talents of the prot warrior, such as Shield Slam and Last Stand. Additionally, the One-Handed Weapon Specialization talent essentially negates the 10% less damage that you deal in Defensive stance. 

Furthermore, you’ll get Tactical Mastery and Anger Management from the Arms tree, which will help you with you stance dance and rage retention. There is, however, a variation of this build. Instead of taking Anticipation, you can put 5 points into Cruelty from the Fury tree, effectively sacrificing 10 defense rating for 5% increased critical strike chance. However, consider that in order not to be critically hit by bosses, you’ll need 440 defense rating. Furthermore, each point of defense increases the chance to dodge and parry by 0.04%. So, if you are defense capped or almost there, go for Cruelty. Otherwise, use Anticipation. 

Rotation: Use Defensive stance. Use Enrage. Walk up to your target and start putting Sunder Armor on it. Don’t charge with the idea of swapping stances, because you have 1.5 seconds global cooldown, which cannot be reduced by any means. After having 5 Sunders spam Heroic Strike and Shield Slam when you can. You can use Charge for AoE tanking however. Charge in and use Thunderclap. Immediately switch to Defensive stance, Enrage and use Demoralizing Shout. Put a Sunder on each target and use whatever else you have in order to keep your threat up. 

Fury Off-tank PvE (0/31/20)

This is a hybrid build that you can use either when you are oftentimes asked to off-tank or when your healers are very well geared and the content you are dealing with is far beyond the progress phase. Firstly, you can just DPS with this build and serve as an off-tank in situations where multiple tanks are needed, such as in some raid boss fights in Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair, Blackwing Lair, etc. Additionally, you can simply tank by dealing tremendous amounts of damage and equipping a shield only when defensive cooldowns need to be used. 

With this build you’ll take talents like Death Wish, Bloodthirst and Flurry, all of which increase your damage and consequently your threat. This is definitely more fun than the Deep Prot build but you should use it with caution, depending on the situation and on your healers’ ability to support you. 

Rotation: Charge in. Make your group wait with dealing damage for a couple of seconds. Put 5 Sunders on your target. Pop all your DPS cooldowns and start dealing damage. Your raid can start DPS-ing too.


Standard PvE Fury DPS (17/34/0)

This is similar to the off-tanking spec but with more damage and less tanking. Actually, no tanking at all. These talents focus on dual wielding one-handed weapons and taking all the damage increasing talents from the Fury tree. Those are combined with rage retention and more damage enhancing talents from the arms tree, such as Improved Rend, Anger Management, Impale and Deep Wounds. This way you get the damage from bleeds that is emblematic for the Arms warriors and you combine it with the very high throughput of the Fury tree. This will be the build you’ll be using all the time, assuming you have 2 good one-handed weapons. 

Rotation: Charge in. Smash stuff. Don’t overaggro. If you do, stop dealing damage, equip a shield, use Shield Wall and pray that your tank’s Taunt won’t get resisted. If you are Alliance you can also shout to your paladins to put Blessing of Protection on you. Speaking of Alliance, you’ll have Blessing of Salvation on you in raids, which makes overaggroing hard but you should still watch your threat at all times. 

Two-handed PvE Slam DPS (19/32/0)

This spec is usable when you cannot get two one-handed weapons but find a good two-handed one. With this talent combination you’ll get all the important talents from the Fury and Arms trees but you’ll also reduce the cast time of your Slam ability by 0.5 seconds and increase the damage you deal with two handers by 2%. 

Despite reducing the Slam casting time, it still has a minor cast time, meaning that if you move, you’ll cancel the ability and lose DPS. Therefore, you’ll need a bit getting-used-to this playstyle but it can be very rewarding in terms of damage output. 

Rotation: Same as the standard fury build, but you spam Slam.

Arms PvP (31/20/0)

This build makes the warriors very dangerous opponents in PvP. Mortal Strike deals huge amount of damage and on top of that reduces the healing your target receives by 50% for 10 seconds. You’ll also take Sword Specialization witch gives you a 5% chance to get an extra attack with your sword, giving you a near on-shot potential. Piercing Howl reduces the movement speed of all the enemies around you by 50% for 6 seconds, allowing you to better stick to your target. Lastly, The Improved Hamstring talent enhances that ability, adding a 15% chance to root your target in place so you can stick to it even better.

Rotation: Charge. Hamstring. Use Enrage or Berserker rage after you swap to Berserker Stance. Mortal Strike. Since the Mortal Strike has a cooldcown, use any other damaging ability such as Rend, Heroic Strike or Whirlwind. If your target dodges, swap to Battle stance and use Overpower. If you are fighting a caster, remember that Pummel can only be used in Berserker stance. You can also use Intercept to interrupt casting or to simply stun your opponent for 3 seconds. It is also your only gap closer, so use it with care since it, too, has a cooldown. 


Arms Levelling (31/20/0)

This is very similar to the PvP build and these are the talents that you’ll have upon reaching level 60. However, instead of taking Swords Specialization, you take Axes, increasing your critical strike chance with axes by 5%, due to you having the Whirlwind Axe from your warrior class quest. Furthermore, especially if you play on a PvP server, lots of open world PvP will happen while levelling. So, having talents that help you being successful in PvP is crucial. 

Warrior Class Quests

Similar to the rest of the classes, the warrior has several class quests. Some of them are skipppable. Some of them are mandatory. We suggest that you do the quests for Defensive and Berserker stance and also getting the Whirlwind axe. The first quest starts at level 10 and more come with the every 10 levels after that. 

Defensive stance Orc / Troll / Tauren

  1. Veteran Uzzek. At level 10 you’ll receive this quest from your class trainer. He will ask you to go to the Barrens and speak with Uzzek. He is located close to the road on the border between the Barrens and Durotar. 

  2. Path of Defense. Uzzek will send you into Durotar and ask you to kill Lightning Hides and Thunder Lizards. You’ll have to loot 5 singed Scale from them. Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with Defensive stance and additionally with Sunder Armor and Taunt. 

Defensive stance Undead

  1. Speak with Dillinger. Your warrior trainer will send you to Deathguard Dillinger, to the west of the Brill graveyard. 

  2. Ulag the Cleaver. You’ll have to activate the trigger near the mausoleum north of Dillinger and Ulag will appear. Kill him. You’ll get Defensive stance, Sunder armor and Taunt abilities.

Defensive stance Human

  1. A Warrior’s Training. It start from Lyria Du lac in Goldshire and you’ll have to go to the Pig & Whistle inn in the Oldtown of Stormwind. 

  2. Bartleby the Drunk. Harry Bulguard in the inn will task you with fighting Bartleby and retrieving his mug. 

  3. Bartleby’s mug. Once you are victorious over him, he’ll ask you to speak with Harry again. Afterwards, you’ll get the Defensive stance, Sunder armor and Taunt.

Defensive stance Dwarf / Gnome

  1. Muren Stormpike. Granis Swiftaxe in Kharanos will ask you to go to Ironforge and speak with Muren Stormpike in the Military Quarter.

  2. Vejrek. Muren will send you south from Brenwall Village to kill Vejrek and bring him his head. Once done, you’ll get Defensive stance, Sunder armor and Taunt.

Defensive stance Night elf

  1. Elanaria. Kyra Windblade in Dolanaar will send you to Darnassus to speak with Elanaria.

  2. Vorlus Vilehoof. Elanaria will ask you to kill Volrus Vilehoof. He is located on the top of the mountain west of Dolanaar. Loot his horn and return to Elanaria. She will grant you Defensive stance, Sunder armor and Taunt upon completing it. 

Brutal armor

This will be your level 20 quest chain. Honestly, it isn’t as important as it seems at first glance. After completing several chains, you’ll be rewarded with a few pieces of armor that are kind of nice. However, they are by no means game changers. The thing is, that you can get items of similar quality from 20-25 level dungeons, such as Deadmines, Blackfathom Deeps, Shadowfang Keep, etc. If you want to do it, go ahead, but we’d just skip it and focus on the essentials instead.

Berserker stance and Whirlwind axe

This is the second quest chain whose completion is very important. You need both the stance and the weapon, which you’ll probably change at some point in your early to mid 50 levels. So, let’s see how to obtain it.

  1. The Islander. You will pick it from your warrior trainer at level 30. Then you’ll havo to go to a tiny island east of the Barrens and speak with Klannoc Macleod. 

  2. The Affray. Macleod will ask you to be victorious in his challenge. This is an arena style quest, where enemies come one after the other. The final boss is Big Will. He is a bit more difficult, since he is 33 level. To win versus him, you’ll need your Retaliation up and most likely a health potion. After you defeat Big Will, turn the quest in and you’ll get Berserker Stance and Intercept. However….

  3. The Windwatcer. When it seems that you are done here, Klannoc Macleod will send you to speak with Bath’rah the Windwatcher. He is located in Hillsbrad Foothills. Venture north into Alterac following the river and you’ll find him east of it. 

  4. Essence of the Exile. To complete it, you’ll need to gather a bunch of resources. Firstly, go to Stranglethorn Vale and kill some trolls. They’ll drop Bloodscalp Tusks, of which you’ll need 30. Afterwards, pay a visit to the Auction House.
    Buy 8 Liferoots, 8 Thundering Charms, 8 Burning Charms and 8 Cresting Charms. Combine the charms at the cauldron at Bath’rah’s camp and you’ll get Essence of the Exile, the last item required to complete the quest. If you cannot buy the charms, go in Arathi Highlands and farm them. They drop from the elementals there. 

  5. Cyclonian. After finishing the Essence, the NPC will give you another quest. However, if you pick it right away, Bath’rah will speak shortly and summon a 40 level elite mob who you’ll have to kill. So, bring a couple of friends or a high level one and start the quest afterwards. After killing Cyclonian, loot him and get his Whirlwind heart. 

  6. Whirlwind Weapon. Upon completion of the previous quest, speak with Bath’rah again and he’ll offer you a choice between 3 weapons: Whirlwind Axe, Whirlwind Sword and Whirlwind Warhammer. We strongly suggest that you pick the axe, together with the talent Axe Specialization. In your early to mid 30 levels this weapon is the best in the game. Later on there are several that are kind of almost similar, but as we’ve already said, you’ll probably carry your Whirlwind weapon around for a long time. 

Warrior Tier Sets and Gear

Similar to the mage class sets, all tiers a warrior can have are Battlegear of something. Most of them and most of the singular pieces of the tier sets are for tanks, together with most of the set bonuses. And if you are a DPS warrior, you should be looking for separate pieces of armor, a.k.a. any off-sets. The thing is though, that if you are not tanking, you can easily need on mail and leather DPS items, which the other classes do not need. This makes your gearing process more flexible than the one of the tanks.

T 0 & T 0.5

These dungeon sets aren’t something amazing. Truth be told, T 0.5 (Battlegear of Heroism) is somewhat OK-ish. The stats on it are balanced it gives some additional stuff like hit and crit rating. On the other hand the only stat that is somehow missing on T 0 (Battlegear of Valor) is Intellect. Because spirit for warriors is very essential, Kappa. 


T 1

Battlegear of Might is the warrior tiet 1 set and it is obtained wholly in Molten Core. It is designed mainly for tanking, as are most of the warrior raid sets. The set bonuses are also oriented towards tanking. The first one increases the block value of your shield by 30, which also synergizes well with Shield Slam. The 5 pieces bonus gives you 20% chance to generate 1 rage after you take damage of any source. The last bonus boosts the threat of Sunder Armor by 15%. All in all this set is oriented towards the survivability of a tank. 

T 2

Battlegear of Wrath drops in Blackwing Lair, while the pants drop from Ragnaros in MC and the helmet from Onyxia. The set bonuses are useful for damage dealing warriors, too, but the items themselves give only defensive stats, such as Defense rating, Block and Parry, which again makes them very good for mitigation. The 3 pieces set bonus increases the attack power granted by Battle Shut by 30. The 5 set bonus gives you 20% chance after using an offensive ability, requiring rage, to reduce the rage of your next ability by 5. Lastly, if you cquire the full set, you’ll have 4% more chance to parry an attack after yoy block. 

T 2.5

The Conqueror’s Battlegear has probably the weirdest set bonuses. Otherwise, the stats on the items are incredibly good. The secondary stats are a mix of hit and Defense ratings. The 3 pieces set bonus decreases the rage cost of your shouts by 35%. The 5 set bonus increases the damage and the slow amount of your Thunderclap ability by 50%. The last one can probably be useful in PvP, but sacrificing DPS stats like critical strike rating for this set bonus is not wise at all.

T 3

Drednaught’s Battlegear is dropped in Naxxramas. It is the only set that includes a ring though! It again is oriented towards tanking (no surprises there) and has massive stats and incredible set bonuses. The 2 pieces set bonus increases the damage of your Revenge ability by 75, which makes your threat generation to skyrocket. The 4 pieces bonus improves your chance to hit with Taunt and Challenging shout by 5%. The 6 pieces give you 5% chance to hit with Sunder Armor, Heroic Strike, Revenge and Shield Slam. If you have the full set, the last bonus will increase the healing you receive by 160 after you fall below 20% HP. 

Warrior BiS Weapons

For dual wielding fury warrior the best in slot main hand weapons available at the moment are Deathbringer and Vis’kag the Bloodletter, both dropped by Onyxia. In your off-hand you should have Brutality Blade, which is dropped by Garr in Molten Core. The best two-handed weapons are Bonereaver’s Edge if you are human and Spinal Reaper if you are an orc. 

For the rest the weapon doesn’t really matter. Both those two handers are dropped by Ragnaros in Molten Core. For a tank, you’ll want a combination between Eskandar’s Right Claw and Drillborer Disk. The former is dropped by Magmadar and the latter by Garr, both in MC. 

Talking about weapons, we simply cannot skip mentioning Thunderfury, Blessed Blasde of the Windseeker and Sulfaras, hand of Ragnaros. The Thunderfury is the best one-handed weapon in this game world and chances are you’ll still be using it even in the early phases of The Burning Crusade game expansion. Sulfaras is also an amazing weapon and if you are a warrior and manage to obtain it, feel free to spec into Mace Specialization and wreak havoc in Battlegrounds. 


In World of Warcraft Classic the warrior class is the best tank and one of the best damage dealers. The PvP abilities of the class are also formidable, without however being unbalanced and broken. The only downside of the class is its levelling experience. 

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