What is the best DPS in WoW Classic?




What is the best DPS in WoW Classic?




Before delving deeper into the matter of the top ranking DPS at level 60  in Vanilla WoW, let’s make something clear: it is a game. You should have fun playing it, no matter if you play a top tier damage dealer or one which is widely considered by the community as a not-so-useful one. 


All the classes and specialisations have their merits. However, some are indeed better at what they do, namely DPS. Thus, we at mboosting.com want to share our opinion about what we consider best and in which situation it actually is the best.



Here, the focus will be on game content such as raid groups, no matter if it is a fully fledged raid (Molten Core, Onyxia, etc.) or a dungeon raid (UBRS, LBRS, etc.). In PvE the top DPS will be either a mage or a warrior / rogue, depending on your faction. The Horde will typically have their warriors and rogues on the top of the damage meters, due to the Windfury Totem. Rogues are so high in this ranking, assuming they play combat swords. If they are specialised in the assassination tree, they will still benefit from Windfury Totem but not to such a high degree. 


Since the Alliance doesn’t have that, the mages and warlocks will be the top DPS, all other things equal. Furthermore, the Alliance spell casters benefit from Blessing of Salvation, which allows them to break both their keyboard and the damage meters. 


This buff is extremely important for the warlocks, since they do not have any threat reducing talents, but instead have only those which improve their hit and critical chance. Thus, while the Horde warlocks have to stop DPS for a second or two, the Alliance one can go full bananas. 


Of the pure DPS classes the hunter comes last in damage. Even with Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers equipped they will do well, but will mostly not top the damage meters. However, they bring useful utility with their Tranquilizing Shot and Truest Aura. The latter boosts overall DPS in their group and the tranq shot is extremely important while fighting bosses such as Magmadar


The hybrid classes usually truly shine while healing


This goes for all the druids, shamans, paladins and priests out there. Some of them, however, have their uses in PvE as damage dealers.  The feral druids, similar to hunters, won’t top the damage meters. However they are by no means useless. The feral DPS is OK-ish especially with Wolfshead Helm and Manual Crowd Pummeler equipped. 


Alongside their mediocre damage, however, they bring a group wide 3% critical chance increase for physical damage dealers. The ferals also offer utility like Innervate and Rebirth. However, these they don’t benefit from Windfury Totem and in general their utility role can easily be filled by a restoration druid. 


Another somewhat useful hybrid class is the shadow priest. In raids this spec is taken solely because its Shadow Weaving debuff, which essentially boosts the shadow damage of the warlocks by 15% when fully stacked. However, as a shadow priest, you’ll go OOM very quickly and your damage will be mediocre at best. 


The utility that such a priest brings is easily replaceable by his / her healing counterparts. However, there is a spec that we here at mboosting.com call the utility priest. The spec is 31/0/20. This way you get Power Infusion from the discipline tree and Shadow Weaving from the shadow tree. This possibility makes the deep shadow priest not a desired class in raids. 


The only unique ability that a retribution paladin brings to a raid is Sanctity Aura


It increases the holy damage done by party members by 10%. However, the only ones who would benefit from such a buff are other retribution paladins and a protection paladin for 10% more threat. However, having a protection paladin in a raid is usually a rarity. Furthermore, the rets simply don’t deal enough damage and since they don’t bring any meaningful utility, they are usually absent in raids. 


Balance druids will go out of mana probably at the same time a shadow priest would. This is why the feral spec is better is we talk about damage dealing druids: the cat’s energy is an infinite resource. Furthermore, their damage is negligible, and the only utility they bring is  a 3% buff to the spell casters’ damage. 


So, instead of having a balance druid in the raid, why not just take another mage or warlock? Apart of their Moonkin Aura, the utility that the boomkin brings is the same as that of his restoration colleagues. And in order to fare somewhat-not-terrible, they need to go deep balance and cannot duplicate the way a DPS priest can combine his talents. 


The DPS shamans are also on the bottom of the damage meters. The elemental will deplete his mana rapidly, making him useless. The enhancement simply won’t deal enough damage. Neither specialisation brings more utility than a restoration shaman, who is also the best raid healer int eh game. 


So, to sum our discussion, we made a tier list and the DPS rankings are as listed below:


  • S tier

    • Warrior and rogue for the Horde

    • Mage and warlock for the Alliance

  • A tier

    • Warrior and rogue for the Alliance

    • Mage and warlock for the horde

  • B tier

    • Hunter

    • Feral druid

  • C tier

    • Shadow priest

  • D tier

    • Retribution paladin 

    • Enhancement & Elemental shamans 

    • Balance druid



In PvP the best DPS is not the one which tops the damage meters, but the one with the most control, burst and survivability. Therefore the best PvP damage dealers are the shadow priests, the subtlety rogues and the frost mages. The shadow priest has 15% physical damage reduction, provided by his Shadowform and even more utility, depending on the priest racials, e.g. Fear Ward, Desperate Prayer, Devouring Plague, Will of the Forsaken, etc. 


Furthermore, spamming rank 1 Shadow Word Pain across the battleground will ensure some nifty Blackout procs. Apart from that, the shadow priest can simply exit Shadowform and heal himself when needed. Since the PvP battles typically aren’t very long, the shadow priest’s  usual mana problems are irrelevant. Finally, this spec has an AoE fear (Physic Scream), 5 seconds of Silence and one of the very few offensive dispels in the game. 


The subtlety rogues are in the top performing PvP damage dealers due to the fact that with a reasonable cool downs management they can one shot you, without being totally useless afterwards. Ambush, Vanish, Ambush and if you, by some miracle, are still alive, they can use Preparation and do it all over again. 


Mages will find themselves in the top tier not only for PvE but for PvP too. As a frost mage you have tremendous AoE crowd control, relatively OK survival skills and tons of damage. Having both Ice Barrier and Mana Shield active, combined with Ice Block make the frost mage very durable. If need be he can use Cold Snap and do it all over again. 


With the talents Frostbite and Impoved Blizzard a single frost mage can control half the battleground with rank 1 Blizzard. This combined with AoE abilities such as Frost Nova and Cone of Cold makes the frost mage the ultimate AoE crowd controlling machine. If this is not enough, with this spec you will most likely also have Improved Counterspell and, of course, Polymorph.  


Warlocks with the affliction specialisation can easily turn their opponents into Onyxia in Phase 2. They have very good survivability and do amazingly in 1v1 situations. However, their crowd control abilities are Fear and Death Coil. 


Despite their damage output and their survivability, they don’t have any AoE crowd controlling abilities, so in battlegrounds the warlocks fall behind in over all utility. In the open world PvP, however, they are extremely good. In these cases, all the 3 specialisations are viable: destruction gives you a near one shot potential and demonology makes you almost unkillable. 


Elemental shamans are also very good in PvP. Similar to the shadow priests, their mana issues do not matter in such situations. They are mobile due to their Ghost Wolf Form and pack a very interesting nearly one shot potential with their Elemental Fury and Elemental Mastery talents. 

Furthermore, the shamans in general have the only other offensive dispel apart from the priests. As an elemental shaman, you can also aid healing if needed. The reason that they are not on the top of our list is that, similar to warlocks, their AoE crowd control is somewhat limited, albeit better than the warlocks. The shamans rooting and slowing totems are useful, but the area that they cover is very limited. 


We saw that the warrior was either S or A tier when it comes to PvE. However, in PvP warriors are probably the easiest class to kite. Apart from Charge and Intercept they have no other gap closers and all the ranged damage dealers can just toy with them. 


Furthermore, as a warrior you have no self sustain, meaning that for you to be effective, you’ll need a healer. However, if such a healer is in fact present, the warrior becomes a force to be reckoned with. If that’s not enough, the Arms specialisation adds the debuff from Mortal Strike on their opponents.


Hunters, similar to PvE are neither very bad in PvP, nor are they amazing at it. Surely, in the open world a hunter is a very dangerous opponent. But in an organised setting, such as a battleground, the only special utility a hunter brings is his traps. 


Don’t get us wrong: the traps are very useful, but they are the only true AoE utility, easily bettered by a mage both in scale and in effectiveness. However, the survival specialisation boosts the class’ survivability via cooddowns such as Deterrence. Furthermore, a survival hunter can put his opponents to sleep with his Wyvern Sting. 


Lastly, the class has access to Viper Sting, effectively draining tons of your opponent’s mana. Thus, due to the sole survival cool down, combined with the single target nature of the class’ stings and with the average damage output, the hunter is again in the middle of the ranks.


The only reason the feral and balance druids are not in the bottom of the PvP damage dealers is the fact that they are the best flag carriers in battlegrounds. In a PvP setting, the utility offered by DPS druids under the form of Rebirth and Innervate is negligible. Their DPS will always be far worse both than the rest of the spell casting classes and the rest of the rogues. 


Enhancement shamans and retribution paladins are the meme specs in PvP. They rely on procs such as Windfury and Seal of Command. The fight can go in two directions. One: proc, proc, proc, your opponent is dead. Two: no proc, no proc, no proc, you are dead. Apart from the RNG nature of these two specs, they do not offer any other unique utility, which cannot be offered by the holy paladins and the elemental shamans, for example. Lastly, the damage of both specialisations is very low, no matter the procs.


  • S tier

    • Mage

    • Shadow Priest

    • Rogue

  • A tier

    • Warlock

    • Elemental Shaman

  • B tier

    • Warrior

    • Hunter

  • C tier

    • Feral Druid

    • Balance Druid

  • D tier

    • Enhancement shaman

    • Retribution paladin




After analysing what the different classes offer in terms of both PvP and PvE we can say that playing a mage is a solid choice. You will be frost up until Naxxramas and your PvE build can easily fit a PvP situation and vice versa. Not only that but in a pre raid situation in a dungeon, the mage’s AoE damage is probably the best, too.  


Even when you spec fire in the last phase of Vanilla WoW, you will be so geared that your damage will be disgustingly high, no matter of your spec. The things to avoid are retribution paladin and enhancement shaman. They fare badly in both PvE and PvP in terms of damage and utility and if you are playing the class, consider respecting if you insist on being useful in PvP.


If you encounter problems with gearing your character, with gaining PvP ranks, or simply with levelling, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer World of Warcraft Classic boosting services done by professional players and completed in a timely fashion.