What is our best advice to new World of Warcraft players?






Every beginning is hard. Especially if you are not familiar with what you are doing. The same goes for World of Warcraft. You just bought the retail version of Battle for Azeroth. Congratulations! The game runs smoothly, the community is mature and the gaming experience is polished almost to perfection. If you played on a private WoW server, you’ll have the know-how and the experience and you’ll probably manage in the game world. 


On the other hand, if you come from retail or have never before played the game and are just about to log into World of Warcraft Classic, you are in for a surprise. And to remedy that, we are going to give you a piece of mind, based on our experience with Vanilla WoW


Our advice


Our best advice to the new WoW players out there depends on their expectations from the game. Are you a hard core raider? Do you live for owning the opposite faction in PvP? Do you enjoy the levelling and exploration experiences? Or is your kick something else? Before delving deeper in to the matter, we would like to share some general guidance:


  • You have to enjoy what you are doing. Like everything else in life, all is better if you like what you do and how you do it. However, be mindful that behind the pixels on your screen usually sit another person, just like you. So, act accordingly: don’t be rude and don’t troll too much.

  • Help others. Building a good reputation or simply helping others for the sake of helping others. If you pass someone struggling with an especially strong mob, help him. If you have some spare conjured mage water before you log off, give it to someone. And so on, and so forth. 

  • Be informed. Read guides, like the ones we have here on mboosting.com. If you don’t know something, ask your guild or in the general chat. Someone will help you, since this is how Vanilla WoW usually works. 


The start


Choose your faction and your realm. There is plenty of information online about the populations of the Vanilla WoW realms and the faction (im)balance. Most of the realms are somewhat balanced in terms of Alliance / Horde faction ratio. There are some, however, where one or the other faction is predominant. The tendency is that the PvP servers have more Horde players and the PvE servers have more Alliance players. 


There are also some RP (roleplaying) servers, where the focus is on the immersion in your role and in the Warcraft lore. Also, there are combinations between PvP and RP and PvE and RP. When you settle on a realm, choose your faction. If you live by the slogan “Strength and Honour” and you like dominating others then by all means choose Horde. If you, however, don’t like living in a hut with a spiked roof instead of in a well planned city of stone, then the Alliance is for you. 


Afterwards, choose a class. In World of Warcraft the classes are generally divided into three roles: damage dealers, tanks and healers. The damage dealers are specialised in, you guessed it right, dealing damage and killing stuff. The tanks, thanks to the mechanics of the game itself, are the durable behemoths who force their enemies to hit them instead of others. The healers aid their allies by keeping them alive. Pick the role that will fit you best and that you will enjoy the most. 


Be mindful, however, that most of the classes can fill several roles, e.g. a warrior can be a tank and a damage dealer, a shaman can be a healer and a damage dealer, etc. There are those classes that can fill one role only but do it in a different way, e.g. as a mage you can either be specialised in the frost, in the fire or in he arcane schools of magic and all you do is dealing damage but in a different way. 


Installing AddOns


If you have already played World of Warcraft in any form, you’ll most likely be familiar with the AddOns, what they do and how to install them. If you are totally new, we’ll give you a short overview.  An AddOn is a third party program, which you install in you WoW directory on you PC. The these programs help you in various way: questing, PvP, PvE, economy, etc. 


To install and AddOn:


  • Download it

  • Locate the downloaded file

  • Go to the World of Warcraft folder on your PC

  • Find the folder AddOns (usually a subfolder of the Interface)

  • Move the downloaded file into the AddOns folder

  • Relog, so the AddOn can start running when you log into the game again 


The levelling experience


If you are new to Vanilla WoW, questing and getting to level 60 will be your first collision with the WoW game world. If you come from retail, note that the available quests are not shown on your minimap and that the zones do not scale. So, you’ll have to explore the zones in order to find available quests, suitable for your level. While levelling up, it is of paramount importance to read the quest in your quest log, because if you don’t use any addons to help you out, the quest objectives won’t be shown on your map. 


Sometimes, you’ll even stop questing for a while in a given zone, due to its exponentially rising difficulty and return a few levels later. For example, you can go to Stranglethorn Vale at 32 level, do the quests you can there, then come back around 38 level and finally around 44. This is not an isolated case - most of the zones work like that. And questing through them is tightly linked to the exploration and the whole gaming experience. 


Useful AddOns:

  • Questie. It shows you where you can find available quests and where to turn in the completed ones.

  • SellValue. It displays the amount of money you will receive if you sell a given item to a vendor.


PvE (Player versus Environment)


This category includes all non player entities in the game. They are everything from the level 1 skeletons in Trisfal Glades, to the mobs in the dungeons, to the final boss in Vanilla WoW, Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas. 


To be honest, most of your time in this game world will be spent battling non player entities. If you like farming raw materials for your professions, you’ll find them in the PvE environment. If you prefer running dungeons and raids, it is again PvE. To be good at this, you need to throughly explore your class and where to go, what to do and how to do it. 


Generally, being good at PvE in Vanilla WoW is measured by the gear that you have. If after a couple of months you are still wearing blue items, instead of end game epics, then you should find a better guild and start killing them bosses in the raids. 


Useful AddOns:

  • Deadly Boss Mods: it warns you about the incoming boss’ abilities, so you can be prepared and act accordingly. 

  • AtlasLoot Enhanced: it shows you what items drop from each dungeon or raid boss


PvP (Player vs Player)


If you come from a MOBA game or if you just prefer dominating the battlefield and proving your worth versus others, by all means consider dedicating yourself to PvP. 


In WoW Classic, the PvP system is coming later. The system itself will rank you according to your performance in a similar to the army way. If you don’t care bout ranks and just want to prove yourself better than the others, you’ll enjoy the open world PvP. Especially on a PvP realm, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to measure your skill in battle against members of the opposite faction. Sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you’ll lose. 


If you are patient enough, the Battlegrounds system will come later into the game. Similar to the raids and dungeons tailored for the PvE players, the battlegrounds live up to their name. If you find likeminded people, for example from your guild, and group with them for Battlegrounds you can have a very similar experience to the PvE players. 


Useful AddOns:

  • Enemy Cast Bar: it shows you the spells your enemy is casting, so you can react accordingly. 




As a conclusion, we can only say, that our advice depends on your expectations. The only few constants are: have fun, learn rapidly, ask if you don’t know and always be friendly and helpful. The rest will come by itself. If you have any troubles with levelling, acquiring gear or with PvP grind, you can alway turn to us. Here at mboosting.com you will find solutions to your in game problems, always brought to you by professional players and in a timely fashion.