What is Vanilla WoW?





World of Warcraft was released by Blizzard Entertainment in November 2004 and it spanned two years up until the release of The Burning Crusade in November 2006, which was then followed by Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm expansions. Due to the massive popularity of the World of Warcraft classic on numerous private servers, Blizzard released an official version of their Vanilla Servers with the  game world in its original state.

WoW Classic was not only very different from the present retail version of World of Warcraft (Battle for Azeroth) but during those years the game itself changed and evolved considerably. Not only talent trees changed but also the classes themselves, the game play and the content. Do you remember the time when Blessing of Kings was the 31st point talent on the bottom of the Retribution tree? Here at mboosting.com we remember! Let’s go through the basics.


In Vanilla WoW you could choose between the following classes:

  • Warrior: THE tank. Also, an amazing damage dealer. Awful at levelling.

  • Priest: THE healer. A good burn potential in 1v1 situation at shadow spec. 

  • Mage: Amazing at everything, including at producing prodigious amounts of water.

  • Warlock: Like the mage but less damage and more survivability. Almost unkillable in 1v1.

  • Rogue: As in retail – very good DPS and extremely annoying at PvP.

  • Druid: Not amazing at anything but awful at nothing as well. Has the only combat res.

  • Paladin (exclusive for the Alliance): Buffs. Buffs. Buffs.

  • Shaman (exclusive for the Horde): THE raid healer. Also: bloodlust !!!

  • Hunter: Can kite and will kite. Pulls bosses. Soloes everything. 

In Vanilla WoW it is very important to carefully choose your class and focus on developing your hero according to your needs and wishes. This is so, because of the tedious and often lengthy process of levelling and gearing a character. So, we recommend you to pick one and focus on it. If you make an alt or multiple ones, you’ll probably end up not getting 100% of either of them at least until the very late game. So, think twice and get those levels afterwards.


As everything in life (the real one, not in game) the levelling depends solely on you. The level cap in Vanilla WoW is 60 and Jokerd on his mage got to 60 in only a couple of days. If you are into AoE grinding 20 hours a day, by all means try this. However, Classic WoW is much about exploration and immersion, rather than speed and efficiency. Therefore, if you are not paying your bills thanks to your Twitch stream, but via a 9-to-5 job, you’ll most likely need a lot more time to reach level 60. And if you do level slowly, by all means explore the different zones, sometimes only for a handful of quests in some of them. Develop your professions, even cooking, fishing and first aid. 

Of course, the levelling speed oftentimes will depend on the class you are playing. Just ask all the warriors who are trying to do quests alone. After crying a bit on your shoulder, they will explain you how awful the leveling experience can be. On the other hand, a class like the mage can pull big and AoE the mobs down. 

At higher levels as a mage you will rarely even need to drink in order to replenish your mana. For smoother process, we recommend grouping. You can do all the quests with a mate of yours and gain speed at the cost of shared experience from killing mobs. You can make a dungeon group and farm the same instance over and over again, until the experience given becomes irrelevant and you move to the next dungeon. However, beware that in WoW Classic there is no dungeon finder tool, so your characters should physically enter the instance.


In Vanilla you will most likely be poor. By retail standards you will be worse than a beggar to be honest. However, we’ll give you a few tips on making and saving gold.

The first sinkhole will be learning your skills. In Classic WoW every spell or ability has multiple ranks, each of which has to be learned from a trainer for money. For example, as a warlock, you’ll start with Shadowbolt rank 1. After a couple of levels you’ll learn rank 2, which deals more damage. 

During mid game those new spell ranks start costing some real money. Pre 60 and at 60 level, the new skills cost considerable amount of gold. So, we recommend you not learning all skill levels. For example, as a warrior you can learn only the abilities for damage and save gold from not learning your tanking abilities. Or as a priest, you can learn only the skills appropriate for the shadow specialization and skip most of the healing skills. And so forth. 

The real paying, however comes at level 40, when you will get your first mount. If you are a warlock or a paladin, you’ll get a mount for free from your trainer. If you are a druid or a shaman, you can just use Ghost Wolf Form or Travel form, respectively and not buy a mount. But otherwise you’ll be in for a surprise. As unlikely as it may seem, some people will get mounts even in their later 40s (levels not years of course). 

Another thing you should avoid is respeccing very often. The costs become exponentially higher with every respect. And for someone who is not sure if he will be able to amass 90 gold for a mount at level 40, respeccing is as useful as garlic is to a vampire. So plan carefully your build before even getting talents at level 10. 

Get alchemy and herbalism

Once everyone starts raiding, the market for consumables will explode. The crafting professions are also ok. For example, with tailoring you can sell bags. With blacksmith you can sell crafted epics, however at a later stage of the game. With enchanting… Erm, with enchanting you will probably be broke most of the time. Even pairing it with tailoring, you will not craft enough items to level your enchanting by disenchanting them and using the shards. 

Also, unlike retail, in Vanilla vellums do not exist. So, as an enchanter you’ll either spend a small fortune levelling your profession and buying stuff from the AH, or endlessly farm instances, hoping to win an item and use it to level your enchanting. Do not get us wrong. Enchanting is very good. It is just expensive to level up. 

Otherwise, for gold making purposes at 60 level, Tyr’s hand and Hearthglen are the places to be. The elites there drop around 30 silver each. For Vanilla this is a massive amount of money from a single mob. If we at mboosting.com spent our time doing something useful in real life instead of farming at these two spots, by now we’d have Phd degrees and teach at Harvard. 

The almighty Auction House. Home of the gold goblins and bane of the casual players. In the beginning there was only darkness and two single shining specs of light: the AHs in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. However, with the development of the game such establishments appeared in all the major cities. So, if you fancy peace and quiet, go visit the night elves in Darnassus or the friendly taurens in Thunderbluff. 


In the beginning there was darkness here too. There were no battlegrounds. The same is happening now with the second official launch of Vanilla. The PvP system will be added in phase 2 or 3, together with Blackwing Lair and Dire Maul. Meaning that several months will pass before battlegrounds open. Meaning that even if you are a PvP guru in the open world PvP now and have several hundred honorable kills, it won’t matter apart from boosting your self-confidence. 

Once the battlegrounds are released, the Vanilla PvP system will step up. It consists of 13 ranks. Each rank is earned by killing members of the opposite faction both in BGs and in the open world. At higher ranks the rewards under the form of gear become rather lucrative. At rank 13, you’ll get weapons, which are very good, especially for physical damage dealers. 


Vanilla differs from retail like the sun differs from the moon. All the aspects of the game are different: 

  • PvE

  • PvP

  • Economy

  • Levelling

We did our best to describe what you can expect from the game. For those, who wander about all the nostalgia that grips every veteran’s heart when he hears the words “Molten Core”, wait for our article discussing this issue. As always, you’ll find all relevant articles on our website. 

For those who are interested in professional and timely help with achieving their in game goals, contact us at mboosting.com and we’ll solve your problems.