What is WoW Classic Boosting




What is World of Warcraft Classic boosting and what services Mboosting.com will offer?

In this article we will offer a detailed list of all the services you can find on our website Mboosting.com. Since World of Warcraft Classic is quite a massive game with a lot of aspects to play, our team will do our best in order to provide best quality services for all of it modes – PvE, PvP and all different kind of farming.

Starting with the PvE aspect, we will offer Vanilla WoW leveling, dungeons and Raids boosting.

Leveling boost

A simple service that will get your character from any level to a level you desire. We will ensure that the order will be executed as fast as humanly possible, so your toon will be at the desired level ASAP. All our boosters are people with a lot of experience in game that know which would be the fastest ways for speed leveling of a character – quests completion in the right zones, doing specific dungeons on specific level and everything required to complete your leveling request extremely fast. Besides that we will offer the option of Express leveling, where we will assign 2 boosters playing on your account so the leveling uptime will be 24/7 and the leveling process will be done EXTREMELY fast.

Dungeons boosting

We will offer you the chance of completion of every dungeon in game – either while you are leveling your Character, or the endgame dungeons. A full list of dungeon options for different factions – alliance and horde will be listed close to the game release date – 27.09.2019. For the leveling dungeons, we will offer the option of speed clears, where a 60 level character joins you and clears the dungeon for you as soon as possible. 

We will offer self-play and piloted options so we will make the runs as comfortable as possible for you. Self-play option will give you the chance to play your self and piloted option will provide a player from our team that will play on your account and do the run for you. Both options will be available both for leveling dungeons and end-game dungeons. We will offer our services in every server and region, as well as for both factions in game. 

Raids boosting

Our team will offer a raids completion with or without different loot obtaining options. We will have a pre-set time for raid clears on different servers and for both factions on all regions. We will offer selfplay and piloted option for all raids maximizing the speed and efficiency of raid completion. During different stages of game release, the available raids will be different and we will regularly update our raiding lists. We will offer a different priority loot options – for Set items, for Offset items, for weapons and for Rings and Necks. Based on the options you choose, the loot you will get will be different. If none of the options is selected, you will only get loot that is not needed by anyone else in the raid.

Gold – Mboosting.com will offer two types of gold related services – gold sell and gold farm.

Gold sell will simply give you a requested by you amount of gold right away. In some rare cases or for huge amount of gold requests, we might need a bit of time in order to obtain the gold from our suppliers, but in most of the cases we will have available stock on all regions and all servers for both alliance and horde. For more information about current availability and stocks, you will have to contact our live support staff.

Gold farm- much more affordable service, where a player from our team will log on your account and start farming gold for you, until he obtains the pre-set amount requested by you. Depending on the amount of gold requested, the time for completion on the order will be different. For more information, you can always ask our live support staff.

Reputation farm

In this section we will list all the reputation available for farm during the current stage of vanilla wow, since the reputations that can be obtained will be different, based on the current content patch. We will only offer reputations that do require farm, but not gold so we wont offer reputations farm for home cities for example.

We will offer a wide variety of reputations with different possible reward of gear such as PvP reputations, specific factions in different zones or reputations required for attunements. We will offer a wide flexibility of reputation amount meaning that you can buy any amount requested by you in order to achieve your in game goal. Time for execution might vary depending on the difficulty of the reputation and requested tasks to be done. PvP reputations will also obtain you a huge amount of honorable kills while we farm for them.

PvP boosting

Once World PvP and battle grounds are implemented in game, we will offer the option for obtaining pre-set amounts of honorable kills for you, as well as obtaining a guaranteed rank. Have in mind that this is extremely slow process and it also depends on the amount of ranks ordered as well as the rank itself. Gear of the character will also affect the speed, since if you are under-geared it will be harder to obtain honorable kills. As on leveling services, we will offer express farm which will provide 2 people farming honorable kills on your account 24/7. The service will be available on all regions and all servers, for both factions. While doing honor farm for you, you will get a lot of reputation towards different PvP factions.

Attunements and quests completion:

There are simply quests in game that take a lot of time or are extremely hard and require specific setup in order to complete. Mboosting.com team is here for you. We will make sure to complete every quest requested by you as soon as humanly possible, no matter how hard it is. The other quite important part of the quality gaming experience while playing Vanilla WoW are the raids, but most of them require specific attunements. Those attunements might take days of playtime and completion of a wide variety of dungeons, reputation farm or obtaining specific items that require a lot of gold. Our team can handle this for you, so you can simply enter the desired by you raids.

Promo packs and exotic offers

In this section you will have our hot deals such as leveling bundles, reputation bundles and hot selling deals. On the other hand, here you will find some of the hardest to be obtained things in game like random drop mounts, reputation required mounts, specific recipes and you name it.

Mboosting.com guarantees the quality of all the services listed on the website. We will make sure that your account information is completely safe, that every order will be executed by a professional and trusted by our team player and that while an order is ongoing you will have access to 24/7 live support on the website as well as direct, real time chat with your booster. You can always ask us anything and we will gladly help you.