WoW Classic Horde Levelling Guide


WoW Classic Horde Levelling Guide



The levelling process in Vanilla WoW is lengthy and at times it can even be frustrating. The zones do not scale as in retail. Lastly, the available quests are not shown on your mini map. So in order to ease your grind to 60, we’ll share our opinion as to where and in what order to do the quests on your Horde character, as well as where the major quest hubs are in the various zones. 

Horde levelling zones in Vanilla WoW


Depending on your race, you’ll start in either Durotar, Mulgore or Trsfal Glades. If you don’t want to level up in your race’s starting zone, you can, for example, as an undead take the zeppelin to Orgrimmar and do the quests in Durotar, or move to Mulgore as a troll and do the taurens’quests.

Durotar. As an orc or a troll, you’ll start your adventures in the Valley of Trials. Similar to all starting zones, the quests there are easy and self-explanatory. After doing those, go east towards the shore to the Sen’jin Village. Help the trolls there and when done, move northwards along the road towards Razor Hill. Do whatever quests you can find there and the final ones will take you to lvl 10. 


This zone is where you’ll start as a tauren. The first couple of quests are given from the NPCs at the Red Cloud Mesa. All of them focus on exploring and adventuring in the southersnmost parts of Mulgore. After completing the quests there, follow the road towards Bloodhoof Village. There the quest givers will send you to do their bidding around the lake and afterwards to the northern part of the zone and to the various caverns in the mountains to the east and west. 

Trisfal Glades

If you fancy headbanging instead of dancing, then you will probably play an undead. As such, the first place you spawn in will be Deathknell. After venturing into various crypts and killing some bats and zombies, you’ll be sent forward towards Brill to the east. 

On your way there pick up the quests along the road next to the farmsteads. Afterwards, continue to Brill and finish the quests there. Lastly, move to the northwest towards the sea and to the tasks at Agamand Mills and those in the farmsteads close to the shore.   


After completing all the quests in the starting zones, you’ll typically be somewhere around 10th – 12th level. Then we recommend that you go to the Barrens. Even if you are an undead, you’d better take the zeppelin and go there, since the quests are numerous and some of them include dungeon quests for Wailing Caverns. 

Furthermore, the Barrens border with the next levelling zones in our guide. Lastly, you’ll enjoy the meme machine that the infamous “Barrens chat” is. 

If you did the quests in Durotar, you’ll enter the zone from the east. The quests start right after you enter the zone. After completing those couple of tasks, move along the road to the south west and go to the Crossroads. If you come from Mulgore, the first point of interest is Camp Taurajo. When you are done there, move to the Crossroads. From then on, the path is identical. 

After completing the quests from the Crossroads, move to the east towards Ratchet. Finish the tasks there. Then go to the Wailing Caverns and finish all the quests you got. The next step is going to the Sludge Fen in the north east part of the zone. When you are done there, move to the north west corner of the Barrens. Lastly, visit the Northwatch Hold, south of Ratchet, on the coast.  


After being done in the Barrens, move to Stonetalon Mountains. The first quest hub is at the Malaka’jin. When done there, go to the northeast towards Sun Rock Retreat. In general, those are the two Horde quest hubs in the zone and the quests there will send you to the eastern and north eastern parts of Stonetalon Mountains. 

After completing the quests in Stonetalon, go to the eastern parts of Ahsenvale and deal with the pesky wood loving elves. The Horde needs wood and other materials in order to achieve superiority! Go to Splinter Tree Post in the eastern parts of Ashenvale and help the fellow NPCs in their struggle against the elves. 


Finish all the high level quests you have left from the Barrens, Stonetalon Mountains and Ashenvale. Then venture south into the Thousand Needles. The quests start as you enter the zone via the Great Lift. Afterwards, go to the major Horde quest hubs which are Whitereach Post, Darkcloud Pinnacle and Freewind Post, all of them conveniently positioned along the road to the Shimmering Flats. After completing the quests there, it is worthy to circle the borders of the zone, where there are quests available in a couple of small camps. 


It is time to see how the Alliance is doing in Stranglethorn Vale and feed yourself on some gnomish flesh and paladin tears. If, however you are playing on a PvE server, you’ll have to make do with whatever other sustenance you can find. With this said, go to Orgrimmar and take the zeppelin to Grom’ Gol Base Camp in STV. Of course, you can also take the boat from Ratchet to Booty Bay. However, the quests there are for a bit higher level, and that’s the reason we recommend you to start in Grom’Gol. 

After being done there, go to the emblematic Nesingwary’s expedition camp by the first norther bend of the river and start killing wildlife. After you complete all the quests from this chain, appropriate for your level, take a turn towards lake Neferity and help the goblins there. 

When you are done there, make your way towards Arathi Highlands. The major horde quest hub is in Hammerfall. Complete the quests there and they will take you to 36th – 37th level. 


Firstly, go to Dustwallow Marsh. When you enter from the Barrens, move to the north east towards Brackenal Village. Do whatever quests you can find there and then move back to Stranglethorn.

In STV, finish the rest of the quests given you at the Nesingwary’s Expedition. Then go to Booty Bay. Complete the quests available there, since they are easily done when you are around 40th level. 


At this point move to Tanaris. There are a couple of quest hubs in there. One of them is Gadgetzan. There you’ll get some of the dungeon quests for Zul Farrak, too. Do what you can there and then move along the road to the east where the Steamwheedle port is. Complete the quests there. Afterwards, go to Feralas. The main Horde quest hub is in Camp Mojache. It is located in the eastern part of the zone. To reach it, simply follow the road from Desolace all the way to the east.


Go to Searing Gorge. The major quest hub there is at the Thorium Point. There you’ll also discover the Thorium Brotherhood reputation and can already start grinding it. After completing the quests available there, go to the Hinterlands.  In the Hinterlands, the major quest hub for the Horde is at the Revantusk village. It is located on the shore, in the south eastern corner of the map. 


Go back to Kalimdor and into Felwood. When you enter the zone from Ashenvale, go to the first quest hub, which is the Emerald Sanctuary. The second one is at Jaedenar. To reach it, simply follow the road north. After completing the available quests in Felwood, go south into Un’Goro Crater. 

The first quests in Un’Goro are given to you right after you enter the zone from Tanaris. After completing those, move to the northern part of the zone. In the middle of the northernmost part of the map you’ll find a small path going up into the mountains, just north of the Lakkari Tar Pits. Follow the path and it will lead you to the major quest hub of the zone. 

After completing the Un’goro Crater quests, go back to Eastern Kingdoms. Go back to Searing Gorge and move through the Blackrock Mountain south into the Burning Steppes. It is crucial to go there, since there you’ll start the Molten Core attunement quests and will also get some more quests for the 60th level super dungeon of Blackrock Depths. The major quest hub in the zone is located in a cave north of Ruins of Thaurissan and up the bridge from there. 


It is now time for the final grind to 60. To complete it, first go to the Western Plaguelands. The first quest hub there is The Bulwark. You’ll see it right after you enter the zone from Trisfal Glades. Do the quests there and then move to the island in the middle of the lake, where Scholomance is. There, you not only get extra quests but some of them will for the local dungeon.

When ready, go east into Eastern Plaguelands. The majority of the quests are to the far east, at the Light’s Hope Chapel. There you’ll also receive dungeon quests for Stratholme and will also start grinding reputation with the Argent Dawn. 

Congratulations! You are now level 60!


You can see from our guide that the Classic Wow levelling process is long, tedious and sometimes even frustrating. The zones do not scale with the level and they do in retail and you’ll need to frequently move around the world in order to find quests appropriate for your level. Furthermore, we encourage you to kill as many mobs as possible while levelling up, since it will considerably speed the process up. Lastly, consider grouping up with other players, especially if you are playing a class that struggles with soloing the content. offers exclusive WoW Classic power levelling services, provided by experienced players in exceptional time frames.