Call of Duty: Modern Warfare How to unlock all Operators


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare How to unlock all Operators

Today we will be taking a look at the incredibly interesting and well-made operators for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). They are quite the interesting edition to the game and bring a different feel to the multiplayer experience overall. The interesting part about them is that you have to complete different challenges in order to unlock them all. They replace the already familiar Specialists and Combat Rigs which were introduced in previous games in the franchise.

While they may not have any different abilities that can be used, they offer a lot of customization options and unique dialogue which you can enjoy. It is evident that the developers put a lot of thought into their characters and design. They are all unique and incredibly well made. Infinity Ward introduces quite a lot of customization options in the game including the amazingly interesting and big customization menu for weapons, the same can be said about the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Operators.

Overall their introduction as only cosmetic options was quite well received by the player base with their different executions being the least of what you can get out of them.

There are overall 18 Operators that players can unlock and enjoy. The requirements vary greatly and you will have to do numerous of tasks which span the whole game, including the campaign, co-op missions and multiplayer modes.

Keep in mind though that the instructions we will provide you do not include the All Ghillied Up, Crew Expendable and War Pig Operators as they are only received as a pre-order bonus, which a lot of fans are unhappy with. Now that we have introduced what the Operators are, let us take a look at how you operator unlocks work as well as the Coalition and the Allegiance factions they represent.

First we shall talk about the Coalition and their sub-divisions

  1. SAS:

-          Thorne: This Operator is not hard to acquire as you will only have to complete the Piccadilly mission in the main campaign of the game.

-          Charly: For this Operator you will have to do 25 public multiplayer matches and then you will unlock them.

-          Otter: Here we have to go to the co-op section of the game and complete the Operation Paladin in Western Verdansk. It may not be the hardest one out there but still it does take some proper cooperation to do it.

  1. Warcom:

-          Domino: Here we will transition to the Gunfight mode, in which you will be required to win five matches, in order to unlock this Operator.

-          Golem: Yet again we have to dive into the Co-Op section of the game and for Golem complete the Operation Headhunter in Downtown Verdansk.

-          Wyatt: This Operator will require the completion of yet another main campaign mission called “The Wolf’s Den”.

  1. Demon Dogs:

-          D-Day: In order to get this interesting Operator, you will have to complete the “Hunting Party” campaign mission.

-          Alice: Up next in our co-op mission Operators, for her we will have to complete the Operation Harbringer in Eastern Verdansk.

-          Raines: Now this operator requires a bit of grinding in the multiplayer section of the game. In order to unlock them you will have to get 500 LMG kills. This does take quite a bit of time, especially if you are a casual player but still it is definitely worth it.

Up next is the other Faction that we players have access to and that is the Allegiance faction and their sub-divisions

  1. Spetsnaz:

-          Minotaur: Yet another Operator that has to be grinded in multiplayer but at least this time it takes a lot less kills. Here for Minotaur just get 300 Assault Rifle kills in multiplayer.

-          Bale: We return back to the campaign section with this Operator as you have to complete the Into the Furnace campaign mission.

-          Rodion: With this Operator we have to tackle the co-op section and complete the Operation Just Reward in Downtown Verdansk.

  1. Jackals:

-          Azur: With this operative we have to complete yet another mission in the campaign section and it is called Old Comrades.

-          Grinch: We come back to the multiplayer grind with this Operative as you have to get 100 headshots. The nice thing about this though is while completing the other grind requirements you are sure to get this one as well.

-          Zane: This Operative is easy enough to acquire as you have to complete all of the co-op Operations in Verdansk. While getting the other Operatives, you will have almost completed this one’s requirements.

  1. Chimera:

-          Yegor: You will have to complete the Proxy War campaign mission in order to acquire this Operative.

-          Kreuger: This one is quite fun to do and it shouldn’t take that long to complete as you will only have to execute 25 Finishing Moves to get this Operative.

-          Syd: For this Operative we have to once again venture into the co-op section and kill five Juggernauts during any Operation.


After you acquire them there is still work left to be done as you can earn a lot of different skin variation for these Operatives. The customization in this iteration of the Call of Duty Franchise is quite amazing to say the least. The missions themselves are not that difficult, most of them can be done just by finishing the campaign and the Operations. Only the grindy parts could take some time to acquire.

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