Will Modern Warfare Redeem the Call of Duty Franchise?




Will Modern Warfare Redeem the Call of Duty Franchise?

Today we will be taking a slightly deeper look into the newly released by Activision Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) game. We will be talking about what it offers and if it will actually bring back the player-base which was lost in recent years. As well as, does it carry some of the bad trademarks of Activision publishing.

What we must look at is not only the Multiplayer which is a really big part of the game but the Single Player as well. In recent years the franchise did not die and there were constantly released new iterations but they did not always resonate properly with the audience. 

A lot of the older players which have stuck with Call of Duty for years could not even recognize what the game had become

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as games are supposed to evolve so that they don’t stagnate but still they felt like a whole other game franchise!  Now the developers at Infinity Ward decided to go back to their roots a little bit, while still having the game feel fresh. This is not a reboot per say, because while some of the characters have the same names as the original, the story itself is absolutely different. Which is something quite different compared to what Black Ops has been doing recently.

This game is more like a soft reboot as they decided to use the same idea as when developing the game in the past but implement it in the present. When they were developing the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare they asked themselves what does modern warfare mean in our current time? That same question lead to the game being set in the Middle East as well as Russia, because that was relevant for the time. 

Now though there are other concerns that plague us in our day to day life. We have to think about urban terrorism and so much more, which is implemented in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) storytelling. 

Also in regards to the Multiplayer aspect, this is the thing that has always been tight and constantly good. Although they did experiment a lot with it as there was slower combat at times and extremely quick paced. With this one though, the combat is slightly slower compared to the original Modern Warfare but still has a familiar feel to it. Now let us finish up with the small talk and proceed with a deeper investigation if this game will redeem the whole franchise!

Let us first dig in to the Campaign which is absolutely amazing and definitely deserves its 18+ rating

Let us talk first about previous ones so that you can make a proper comparison between them. Way back in 2007 when the first Modern Warfare game release, the narrative and storytelling was taken straight out of the newspaper headlines. This meant that it was relevant, relatable and absolutely interesting to play through. It had the idea to put you in the shoes of soldiers and experience their struggles, and it did that surprisingly ok. 

The game was thoughtful and while there were a lot of spectacles and explosions it made you think of the brutality of war. The next game in the franchise even took it a step further with the infamous mission “No Russian”. There you experienced something gruesome and scary, because similar things have happened and people that have not experienced such brutality were shown its real face. 

The first two games were incredible in their story telling and world building. That is why people remember them fondly even to this day! Unfortunately though as time went by the franchise went into a different road and more spectacles and mindless fun was the main factor that the developers strived towards. 

While it may be understandable as that sells well, some of us missed the absolutely amazing and interesting personal stories of the characters we played. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) the campaign is structured similarly to previous ones, where you play different characters that could die a scripted death at any time. 

We jump from character to character during missions and we even can play with the iconic Captain Price again. There are other people we play as, like Farah who is a Middle Eastern rebel fighter. She is a genuinely interesting addition to the game and is quite a sympathetic character. 

The plot may have some similarities to the previous game, like the enemies that are Russians and members of Al-Qaeda but don’t let that fool you. They are not that much the focus of the story compared to the narrative itself. The game focuses more on the brutality of war and the thin line between a civilian and an armed enemy. 

The campaign does not focus that much on gore, the main target here is for players to experience disturbing real life scenarios. Some of these scenarios are torture, civilian death and even chemical warfare which are absolutely disturbing.  The story in this game makes you do questionable choices for the greater good and during some missions you will get a vibe like the original Modern Warfare. 

The seriousness is definitely felt by players and the game sort of lives up to the hype. You might be asking yourself why it does not completely live up to it though and we will talk about that as well. The main reason is that it starts committing to the war is horror idea but unfortunately it does not go all in. 

Towards the end of the campaign you might be wondering why some people are forgiven and everything is justified. But don’t let that dissuade you though as the overall experience more that justifies you playing the game.  Overall the story is very good and in this aspect the game definitely redeems past iterations and their subpar storytelling and focus on explosions and quick and meaningless gunfights.

Now let us take a look at the Multiplayer aspect of the game as well

While it may not be as fast paced as the original the difference is not that big. This is the mode that we can always be sure that it will be good even if between games in the franchise it always differs.  

With Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) as always we are not disappointed and are happy to tell you that it is a solid one. The combat feels kind of nostalgic but fresh at the same time. There are two incredibly interesting modes which change the type of combat exponentially. 

Excluding of course the normal Multiplayer modes that can be expected, like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and other typical ones. Ground war for example is an amazing addition which puts us back into large scale battles which some of us have not recently experienced. 

There are even surprisingly enough vehicles that we can utilize. This is an absolutely fun and interesting mode that we can enjoy and is definitely the highlight of the Multiplayer aspect of the game. 

Also there is a mechanic that makes its way back into the series and that is the possibility to mount your weapon on a door frame for example and lean behind corners. It adds a more tactical feel to the game and as previously stated implementations like these keep the gameplay fresh. Compared to the gameplay of Call of Duty games during the last 5 or so years this one is completely different. 

You don’t have to grind out weapons and gadgets as previously stated and you can still do some major damage with basic loadouts. The idea here is to bring back the game to its origins and away from the sci-fi games which Call of Duty is recently. This will in our opinion bring back old players that stopped enjoying the implementations to the game in recent years, as well as bring in new players that are tired from the current formula. 

Also the map design here is amazing and definitely will take some time to learn. This was done by the developers in order to make players explore a bit while playing and find the best paths for approach. 

Overall the game definitely lives up to most of the hype surrounding its release and in our opinion will definitely redeem the franchise. This is some amazing news for us as well, because old timey players really missed this in our daily gaming life. This game will hopefully mean that Infinity Ward will continue improving and making great and interesting games in the future. 

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