What is the better mode Call of Duty Multiplayer or Call of Duty Zombies?



What is the better mode Call of Duty Multiplayer or Call of Duty Zombies?

Today we will be taking a look at something that is extremely hard to answer, but still we will try our best to talk about the pros and cons for both. Which one is the better mode, Call of Duty Multiplayer or Call of Duty Zombies? Overall it depends on what kind of experience you are looking for as both of them are quite different and it is quite hard to compare them.

The Call of Duty franchise has been around for quite a bit of time and there have been many changes implemented during the years, especially keeping mind that it separated between Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Black Ops. While in most recent iterations it can be said that there is nothing of the original gameplay left, which is not necessarily true. Throughout the games the base ideas have always stayed true to the older ones but some changes were implemented to keep the feeling fresh.

Let us first start off with the multiplayer and later take a look at the zombies mode, so that you can make a comparison. Hopefully after this article you will have some sort of an idea what appeals to you the most.

The multiplayer in Call of Duty has always been a staple of a well-made and solid mode ever since the beginning where Infinity Ward started it all, which you can trust will almost always work as intended. Ever since the older games, this mode has gathered the most fans overall. For example Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was one of the most played games for its time. The fluid combat and shooting has always appealed to a lot of people.

The map design over the years has rarely disappointed and be it Modern Warfare or Black Ops there have been some iconic maps that people enjoy to this day. The dedication to detail and fairness has always been attempted and often works out as it should be. In the beginning we didn’t have so much of a customization option for the weapons but with every newer game we were given a bigger choice. The multiplayer strives to give us more of a personal feel with each game. This means that we are allowed much more choice in gear and are able to adjust it to our liking.

The gameplay is always fast paced and those of you with quick reaction times were always rewarded. The chaos that can happen in a Call of Duty match is always amazing and even if it is sometimes frustration we always come back for more. You have to always be on your feet and expect an enemy from every side.

The fastest gun most often than not wins the engagement

This is what a lot of us enjoy and always look for in Call of Duty. If a person is looking for some quick and fun combat these are the games. Even if sometimes with newer editions, the developers add some new and random stuff like wall running, the combat always stays as chaotic as always. That does not mean that this game is not team based though!  A good team with proper communication at all times will almost always achieve victory. There is a lot of coordination that needs to happen during a ranked game for example and you have to rely on your teammates.

Now let us take a look at the ranked scene. It has always been encouraged by the devs as they want to keep the games alive even after launch. That is why when they release a game in the Call of Duty series, it always has to have extremely solid and good multiplayer.

It cannot be expected to have a proper ranked scene if there are some extremely overpowered guns and strategies, especially if the map design is bad. Something to be expected is that with most of the games, there are no over powered guns or abilities for long. They always try to patch out such things as quickly as possible.

Overall the multiplayer mode is something that we can always rely on and enjoy

Even if they do try out things that do not always resonate well with the players. A lot of us still remember fondly the old titles and maps of the franchise. Highrise, Nuketown, Dome, Crash and many others are still maps that people enjoy playing. It seems that the developers have been doing something right as it very possible that you will be able to find a full lobby if you decide to play any of the older Call of Duty games. Their simplicity and just pure fun is something that we often want to go back and experience again.

Thankfully there are a lot of other people that think the same way

This just goes to show how fun it can be to just enter into a match and shoot at the enemies. We talked a lot about the good things but there are still some issues with it. At this point it often gets tiresome, as the franchise has been around for so long that even if they try to freshen it up, it does not always work.

It is understandable that the developers would want to add new and interesting stuff in order to keep players engaged, but it does not always work out. We have been playing these kinds of FPS shooters for so long that unless it is something revolutionary, we will enjoy mostly what we played when we were younger. For a lot of us the nostalgia is what makes us come back over and over again.

Now let us look into the Zombies mode and what that is! The mode itself was originally called “Nazi Zombies” and appeared for the first time in Call of Duty: World at War.

Ever since its success with this game, Treyarch have proceeded with adding it to each following Call of Duty they made. It became so popular that the Zombies mode now has its own lore which is separate from the other games. In this mode you team up with typically three other players and one exception to that is “Grief” where there are seven others besides you.

With all these maps you have to survive and complete a specific objective in order to complete it

There is no limit to how many waves you can play on, only keep in mind that with each following wave, the zombies become stronger. The only other way for the game to end, except completing the requirement for the map is if all of you get killed by the zombie hoard. The zombies typically show up from windows, holes, the ground itself and other places. Most of them can be barricaded in order to slow down enemies.

Even if they do destroy them, there is no need to worry as they can be repaired. With each following wave, team play is more and more important and without your allies, a loss is definitely to be expected. This mode is a favorite for a lot of players as they enjoy the survival PVE aspect of.

It is quite different to what players normally expected from Call of Duty as the games always felt realistic and authentic but once it was released the mode has gathered quite the following. Ever since the first game that has introduced Zombies, Treyarch have made twenty seven different maps, throughout all the games that they have been involved with.

There are even a total of 44 playable characters in the games, with some of them not even being named. Lore wise the Zombies mode has quite a bit and it’s even quite interesting. It combines the fun feeling of playing together with friends and surviving with an interesting story to boot.

With this mode each damaged or killed zombie will give you points, which can be used to purchase different guns. Overall it something like a whole other game itself, that is why a lot of people love it. You can think of it as a combination of the single player and multiplayer aspects of Call of Duty. As the game itself made the zombies in an authentic and realistic feeling world compared to the recent battle royale implementation. Unfortunately though we can only experience this amazingly fun mode with games that Treyarch have made.

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