Which Game is better Modern Warfare or Black Ops?




Which Game is better Modern Warfare or Black Ops?

Up next in our Call of Duty articles we will look at the age old question, which of the two franchises in the roster is better?   This is an extremely hard question to answer as while being very close to each other, the games are quite different, especially story wise. Both of these franchises can be considered part of the Call of Duty format where you go around and shoot people but the settings and ideas are fundamentally different. In Modern Warfare we can expect fictional events that could possibly happen and lead to World War 3. While in Black Ops we experience more of the Cold War setting of the past, as well as possible future hidden wars, which are determined by technology advances.

Now so we shall take a deeper dive into both games and how they are different from each other

We are unable to tell you which is better as it all depends on the person playing them, but we will try our best to help you decide by yourself. We will look into the story and the multiplayer aspects and check out where they are doing ok and where they mess up. Now let us start off with the Modern Warfare franchise with its memorable heroes. 

With these games, some of us grew up and nostalgia is always a factor when thinking about them but how much of it is really warranted? Well with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, all of the praise is deserved. The game is set in a world where World War 3 is easily approaching and with this one we are seeing the first steps that we as humans take towards a great war.  A lot of the game play is set in the Middle East and Russia as those were the most talked about places in the news when the game was developed. 

We are put in the shoes of Special Forces soldiers with various backgrounds. With the most iconic ones being the amazingly interesting Soap and Price, which were the back bone of the whole series! We felt like we are in real life situations as that was what they intended. At the time everyone was concerned about the Middle East, because of terrorist attacks and because of that and the wars everyone knew about those locations. 

What we got is the feeling of being there, which is what Modern Warfare strived for at first. That is why this game was revolutionary as it became a staple in the FPS genre. It showed everyone how to do things with interesting combat and amazing story telling. The multiplayer aspect of it is still fondly remembered to this day for its simplicity and at the same time complexity, interestingly enough. 

With the second iteration of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise, everything was improved to say the least in the multiplayer aspect

While this may not be the thoughts of everyone that played it, for a majority of people it became even more enjoyable. The implementation of new weapons and some amazingly interesting and fun maps was a welcome sight for players. 

While the campaign aspect of Modern Warfare 2 tried to stay faithful to the previous one, they implemented some improvements and freshness, as to not feel exactly like the previous one. They changed the location to some that were important at the time of release. The new places we got to experience were Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan and the United States themselves. The story had quite a lot of twists this time around as we even lost some of our favourite heroes in this game. The death of Soap and Ghost, especially hurt as they were amazing and fun to play with. But again the focus was the tension building up between the major countries and the upcoming World War 3. 

We as players got to experience a lot of what normal soldiers feel in similar situations as well as the pain and fear accompanying them.  This game is the last in the Modern Warfare series that was whole heartedly accepted by the player base and sincerely enjoyed. The next one called Modern Warfare 3 is a bit more controversial. The reason for this is because the Call of Duty franchise at that time got too saturated and milked up. There were a lot of people that were tired from the same old, and with this release it showed. 

While it was not a bad game per say and the multiplayer was solid after some tweaks, the formula was already tired and not appreciated. A lot of players also did not enjoy the campaign as it was kind of mediocre compared to the previous ones and was not so complicated. They decided to kind of dumb it down so that it is accessible to a lot more people and age groups. There were no risks compared to Modern Warfare 2 where we had the iconic “No Russian” mission, which up until this day is still discussed. 

Now let us dive into Black Ops and what they did differently. With this series, which was developed by a different studio we were transported to the Cold War of the past, present and Future. With this franchise we were put into the shoes of Covert Ops operatives and their secret and dangerous missions around the world.  We experienced the underhanded methods of war and conflict. 

With the first one we got to see what it was to be placed in the shoes of some people that the country will disavow at a moment’s notice if they get captured. As well as our favourite numbers wizard, Mason. His psychological trauma and experiences in the Gulag are scary and real at times. When we got to the end and found out what has been happening all this time, the revelations were amazing and very well made. 

The multiplayer aspect was as always in the Call of Duty world extremely solid. The maps design was on point most of the time and some locations like Nuketown became beloved all over the gaming world.  With this game also came the iconic Zombies mode with its own different story and gameplay. Overall it was like 2 games in one and definitely it was worth it. Now comes up the second game in in Black Ops world where the time was moved up and we played with the son of Mason, Harper and Salazar. Here we had a couple of flashback missions set in Afghanistan and Panama but overall the game showed the current Cold War situation, that countries in the modern times experience. 

The campaign was enjoyed by a lot of people but unfortunately it did not hit the mark as expected. Black Ops 2 is the moment that this franchise started to dwindle down, because of many aspects but one of the main ones is that the gaming community were slightly tired. That is not to say that the game itself was bad, the story was solid, the multiplayer was the same as always and the Zombies mode was incredibly fun. The reason it is not hyped up like Modern Warfare 2 is that the game itself did not take as many risks as it could. 

Now comes up the next one called Black Ops 3

This game takes the road of the Modern Warfare 3 as it is not at all what it could be. The game is set in the near future where the difference between man and machine is getting slimmer by the day. The idea is again about a secret war between us but here we have futuristic gadgets and weapons that are basically what we can expect to see in ten or so years. The story was good enough while it also takes the safe road and the accessibility by all ages. There was nothing spectacular about it and that is why it was not appreciated as much. 

The multiplayer as always with Black Ops was faster paced with the inclusion of more gadgets. While the Zombie mode introduced new story lines and developed previous ones. Overall sadly both franchises kind of lost it with their respective third games. Hopefully this will help you decide if you were wondering about the games and which ones are better. In our opinion both franchises might be under the Call of Duty name but they are respectively different and it all depends on the person playing them and what they are looking out of a game.

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